Episode 122: Sex, Lies and Video Games


So two week ago, I talked about violence in video games and that I don’t think it translates into creating real life killers for the most part. While virtual brutality will always take center stage regarding video game controversy, there is another “adult” item that video games are tackling that seems to really piss conservatives off. That would be sexual content in video games.

Honestly, sex in video games kind of crept up on the general public. Or, at least, that’s what they think. The older generation still think of video games as little blips on the screen. Homogeneous pixels, if you will. But graphics have definitely come a long way haven’t they? So, whenever they see the bouncing mammary glands of modern video games of, say, Dead or Alive and its volleyball counterpart Dead or Alive Xtreme, they get shocked at how realistic the game looks and… well, how jiggly the female anatomy can be!

Now, for those that only think of video games as childish entertainment, they would look at a game like Dead or Alive as pretty sexist as they only show the female form in all its swimsuit clad glory. But, ultimately, they actually don’t really focus on it. They may scoff at its merit as a video game but I do believe they think of it as generally harmless. It’s sexy but not harmful.

No, what really gets mainstream media’s panties in a twist (pun intended) are games that have sex scenes in them. I vividly remember Fox News getting all uppity when they found out that in Mass Effect, you can have sex! I remember how this one guy was just trying to correct the misconceptions about the entire thing but he was just outnumbered and wasn’t really given any time to talk about it. Nice effort but, hey, it’s Fox News!

It is good that video games developers and publishers have generally not shied away from depicting virtual humans in intimate situations. Besides Mass Effect, we have games like the Witcher series and Heavy Rain made sexual encounters rather tasteful. And I think that’s really important that games actually do show rather restrained sex scenes. They are great examples of games with romantic love scenes rather than the bang-fests Fox News thought they were.

However, I cannot deny there are a ton of games with really smutty sex scenes. These are the games that have nudity and sex because, why the heck not? You’ve got your God of War, BMX XXX and the like. I’m totally fine with the sex scenes in the God of War games; I remember watching them when I like 10 or 11. It was the first time I saw naked virtual boobage… and I was totally fine with it. Shocked, but I was honestly fine with the image of virtual nipples in a video game. Actually, I was more grossed out by the violence of the game! I mean, ripping the head off Helios with your bare hands? But that’s besides the nip, I mean, point…

Kinda uncanny valley-ish by today's standards, I would say.

Kinda uncanny valley-ish by today’s standards, I would say.

I guess the question is if sex and nudity has a place in video games. Of course I would have to say yes! I say that for kinds of video games! From the classy ones found in games like Mass Effect to the even trashy ones like in in games like God of War. But how about the absolutely gross ones where sexual conquest is the goal of the game? To conquer women and treat them like toys to be discarded once you’re done with them?

In all honesty, I’m so against them. I just don’t like the idea of these video games existing and that people actually buy them. It’s a really sick thought to me that some gamers would find entertainment in participating in the sexual abuse of a person. However, with that being said, I will support the right of people purchasing and playing these kinds of games. Just because I may not like it and I probably wouldn’t relish the thought of interacting with that kind of person, I cannot be hypocritical and say these games should be banned as it is just fantasy and, well, games will eventually have to deal with touchy and taboo topics such as the material in question.

I have to be able to accept the dark side of sex in video games even if I don’t like it. I do think it’s totally abhorrent that these games exist in the first place and I don’t even have to grow to like it. But it’s not my place to draw the line because, if I really want games to mature, it’ll have to tackle some touchy subject matter. Games aren’t just for kids anymore. And so I have to accept that they’ll have to talk about even these touchy stuff.

But even if games do touch on mature topics, it’s kind of sad that a lot of gamers still have such immature minds! I’ll delve more into that next week!


What’s your opinion on sex and nudity in video games? Let me know in the comments section below!

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