Episode 110: Is Smart Really Sexy Nowadays?


Last week, I talked about the action shows of the 80’s and how they focused on using brute strength most of the time. But times have changed. I’ve noticed television audiences like to watch people use their smarts. We’ve got a lot of shows wherein the focus on geniuses like The Big Bang Theory and Elementary. A lot of movies like Interstellar and Gravity have smart people are the heroes.

But more than that, I think today’s culture is more accepting of smart people than ever before. I think before, when you wore think rimmed glasses, you were considered incredibly unattractive. But now? Geek glasses are in! In fact, some people actually wear glasses with no prescription because it looks good on them! Geek chic is in these days!

Are fake glasses an upfront to people who need them for real? You decide!

Are fake glasses an upfront to people who need them for real? You decide!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Nerdy behavior has become so accepted these days, it’s insane! There are a ton of websites dedicated to nerd and geek behavior (this site is no exception, by the way). So, is smart really the new sexy? Do we now find geniuses as attractive mates? Well, not totally but it’s much better than before!

First, a caveat: if you’re ugly, you’re still going to be ugly! It won’t matter how smart you are! But you can still raise your “general” attractiveness by being smart! Because being smart these days makes people think you have a lot of potential. Which means, in the future, you’ll earn lots of money. And, truth be told, the more money you have, they more attractive you’ll look to the opposite sex. It’s hard to admit it but it’s totally true.

Look at this sexy beast!

Look at this sexy beast!

Also, I think one of the biggest reasons why being smart was not sexy before was the culture of the day. Like I said at the start, television programs in the 80’s and 90’s really gave nerds and geeks a bad name. If you were smart, you were the incredibly weird one. The odd duck. The incredibly creepy person in school/work. If you were a nerd/geek in media, you had no social skills and you were a total outsider.

The perception of nerd and geek culture has shifted, though. Shows like The Big Bang Theory have pushed geek culture to the forefront of the public consciousness. Okay, the show still portrays nerds and geeks as social awkward “almost” human beings but, as they are the focus of the show, you get to know them personally. The Big Bang Theory and other shows depicting smart people did something popular media didn’t do: they humanized nerds and geeks.

Now that we can see smart people as actual… people, it’s become much more easier to accept them as well as the things they like and dislike. It’s much more easy to find someone attractive if you can identify them as an actual human being!

Heck, who knows? Maybe my next boyfriend can be an outright nerd! He has to be good looking, of course! But he should be proud of his nerd/geek “heritage” so to speak. They guy shouldn’t hide it because that’s part of his. And, while we’re on the topic, I might as well talk about the phenomenon regarding people being proud of being a nerd/geek these days! But I’ll do that next week!


Do you think smart is the new sexy? Do you find nerds and/or geeks attractive? Let me know in the comments section below!


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