I’ll Review Anything: Nintendo Digital Event @ E3 2015

I don’t remember the exact year when Nintendo decided to not give a huge press conference at E3. I always thought it was a bad idea. I understand it’s a cost saving measure; it can get really expensive renting out a huge hall, setting up screens/monitors, etc. But watching a taped video showing us what they have in store doesn’t build up any excitement. Not only that, these Digital Events for the past few years have always been incredibly dry…

…and this year was no different. Nintendo’s 2015 E3 Digital Event was a colossal fail on so many levels. There were a few bright spots but most of the entire thing was boring as heck.

Nintendo’s 2015 E3 Digitial Event started with so much promise, though. The show started with Muppet versions of Satoru Iwata, Reggie Fils-Aime and Shigeru Miyamoto heading out to film the show. I really thought they were going to do really interesting things with it. But, aside from a few sight gags that have no connection with each other (and weren’t funny at the least), the only thing I liked about them being Muppets was that they were Muppets. Hey, I love puppets but they have to at least be entertaining!


They also focus a lot on having the developers talk about the game. Normally, I would be okay with that. It would be nice to get an insider viewpoint on how these games are made. But they can’t have the entire show like this! But that’s what they did! Some of them went a good 5-10 minutes of just talking about the game while showing clips that they showed earlier as a trailer! It makes it look like I’m watching a documentary!

Take the Starfox Zero segment. The game looked good enough as it is and they could’ve closed out it out after the trailer. But they had to get Shigeru Miyamoto (in non-Muppet form) to talk about the creation of the game. Because of that, the Starfox Zero segment felt overly long and looked like they were just trying to fill in time. Like I said, I do appreciate this backstage look into the creation of the game but they gave a little too much info!

But the worst thing about the Nintendo 2015 Digital Event was the lack of a “killer” app. The game with a huge Wow factor that would make me want to go out and buy a Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. The games looked good but nothing spectacular. I just watched the show an hour ago as of this writing and I have to consult the notes I took throughout the Direct Event.

With Microsoft and Sony’s Press Conferences, there were defining moments, such as the backwards compatibility announcement for Xbox One and the Final Fantasy VII Remake and Shenmue Kickstarter for Sony. WIth Nintendo, I have to wrack my brain to think of something. I keep on going back to the Muppets because that’s the only thing I actually remember vividly about the entire event!

Reminds me of The Hangover for some strange reason.

Reminds me of The Hangover for some strange reason.

Overall, Nintendo’s E3 showing this year was a colossal bust. Hopefully, next year, when they have the NX ready, they’ll have a better show. But for now, Nintendo needs to get their act together.

What did you think of Nintendo’s showing for the 2015 E3 event? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

4 thoughts on “I’ll Review Anything: Nintendo Digital Event @ E3 2015

  1. Some comments…

    I think people were disappointed in the lack of notable games (I’ll stay away from “killer app” for now). Let’s look at what Nintendo did in last year’s E3:

    – No press conference, but a video presentation instead (just like this year)
    – Announced the following:
    amiibos were announced
    – Splat

  2. Dammit, wasn’t able to finish my post. Anyway, they announced Amiibos, Splatoon, Xenoblade Chronicles X and Mario Maker.They showed off Bayonetta 2 and ended with a glimpse of a new Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U.

    What’d they show us this year? A Metroid game that’s not a Metroid game, a rehash of the Legend of Zelda: The Four Swords, a Mario&Luigi / Paper Mario crossover that nobody really wanted, Hyrule Warriors Legends that was already leaked prior to the event, more updates about Yoshi’s Wooly World and Super Mario Maker.

    I’d say that, if Nintendo had anything big to say, few would have complained about their chosen format. It was considered a success last year because there were a lot of big announcements.

      • Just trying to point that out in response to your comments at the start re: taped presentation vs actually being there. The worst part, not enough interesting games, is the only relevant part.

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