Emergency Episode: How Did Sony Do During This Year’s E3?


So, I was planning to talk about how the nerdy and geeky may now be considered “cool” and even attractive this week. But something came up. Something really big came up. And that would be Sony’s E3 Press Conference. I may not be a total gamer but I am a huge fan of the Street Fighter games (well, a big fan of Street Fighter IV anyways). And since Street Fighter V is coming out on Sony’s PS4 console and only that console, I had to check out the tech juggernaut’s E3 show.

You mean 9am in the Philippines!

You mean 9am in the Philippines!

Luckily, I didn’t have any classes until late in the afternoon so I got up early and eager to just slog through the live show. But it turns out there was a lot more I have to talk about. I watched the entire thing with my brother streamed live so I could get some idea regarding most of the hype of some of the announcements. I’m glad I did since he was hyped about a lot of stuff!

First off, they started off big with The Last Guardian. I actually forgot this game existed! But I’m glad Sony reminded me that this game is still in production. I loved Ico and Shadow of the Colossus way back when it was released on the PS2. There was something incredibly charming about them and The Last Guardian appears to be no different. I just hope they don’t kill of the creature in the end! I’ll probably bawl my eyes out if it did!

They then showed a totally new game called Horizon: Zero Dawn. From what I could gather from the trailer, human civilization as we know it has collapsed for one reason or another. And somehow, machines are now sentient and the remnants of humanity hunt them for… I don’t know, gameplay purposes? I do think the female hero in the game sounds a little too sassy. It just sounds odd that she would talk using a “modern” accent, vocabulary and jargon. It looks cool enough though!

After that, the showed a short clip of the next Hitman game. I’ve never really played or seen Hitman so I can’t really judge if this is a good thing. It was just a trailer anyway so I can’t really say much about it.

We then got to the reason why I wanted to watch the Sony E3 Press Conference in the first place: Street Fighter V! They revealed two returning characters in the game: Cammy and Birdie! Now, Cammy is an incredibly popular character as she’s a highly controllable fighter in Street Fighter IV… and the sexy body suit doesn’t hurt! But I was kind of surprise to see Birdie… and, boy, did he let himself go! Still, I may actually go with Birdie as, if I remember correctly, he was originally a “charge” type of character! And I love me some charge character! Besides, his “ugly” aesthetic appeals to me in a weird way.

Oh, by the way, Sony and Capcom, I’m totally available to Beta test the game! Maybe you’d like to get a casual/female perspective on how the game plays! Hook me up, why don’t you? I’ll be your best friend!

Anyway, moving on!

We got another glimpse of another new Sony exclusive called No Man’s Land. It’s looks pretty ambitious! Essentially, you’re a space explorer who visits other worlds along with other players in the world. From what I’ve seen, you gather up data on the lifeforms of the planets. The thing that impressed me is the scope! The guy onstage said that each star (and there are a lot of stars) have planets you can explore! It seems too good to be true… and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

Another new IP called Dreams was revealed afterwards. This is a new game from the same developers that brought us LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway. I’m not sure if you can really call Dreams a game. It looks more like a way to create animated movies. I like the idea but, at the same time, I’m frightened at the amount of porn this game will make in the future. I’m not kidding! I’m pretty sure some creative 13-year old already has dastardly plans for Dreams!

They had one more new game to show: Firewatch. You control a park ranger (who sounds strangely like a Patrick Warburton impersonator) who seems to get embroiled with some weird conspiracy. I’m just guessing, though. It may be something to keep an eye out for once they reveal more about the story.

We also got a glimpse of the next Destiny Expansion pack, called The Taken King. I wish I could talk about this more but Destiny doesn’t do it for me. I would think fans are chomping at the bit for this. They also gave us a glimpse of the next Assassin’s Creed game called Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate. And you control a female assassin! Wow! I guess all that talk about not being able to create a separate female assassin got to Ubisoft!

We then turn our attention to Square Enix and a new Final Fantasy game called Worlds of Final Fantasy. It’s probably not part of the main Final Fantasy universe. Looks cute though.

We then got our first “surprise” big name game. It was a remake of Final Fantasy VII. When this game was shown, I heard an incredibly loud scream of joy behind me. It was my brother and he was jumping for joy over this game. I never really got to fully appreciate the “goodness” of Final Fantasy VII as it was before my time and, in all honesty, the graphics don’t hold up. Still, I want to see what all the hullabaloo is about. And, judging from the reaction from around the world, it should be an epic Final Fantasy.

They slowed things down a bit with a collage of four indy-type games by Devolver Games. They all look really old-school. Nothing that will push the PS4… or a PS2 for that matter! But it won’t matter if the games are cool, right?

We then got out second “surprise” game. And who would’ve predicted that people would be an announcement for a Kickstarter project? But it was for an incredibly great game apparently. That game is Shenmue III. I do have some faint memories of my brother playing it though. I don’t remember much, though. But I guess my brother still does as he seemed incredibly hyped for it… as well as a ton of gamers!

Heck, as I’m writing this now, Shenmue III already reached it’s $2 million target! Amazing! Still, if you’re a fan, fund the heck out of it, man!

It seemed like Sony knew it was time to take things down a notch by this time. They breezed through a trailer for Arkham Knight (Scarecrow DLC pack). They plugged Project Morpheus, Sony’s VR thingie. They also plugged their other services, such as PlayStation Music, the Spotify app and PlayStation Vue (their TV service option). Thankfully, they were all lumped into one segment so not a lot of time was focused on them. Still, nice of them to inform us about them.

Sony then went ahead and showed a live gameplay demo for Call of Duty: Black Ops III. It’s just not my thing so… yeah. If you’re a fan, I guess you liked it?

They breezed on ahead with a montage of various games that will be out on the PS4 in the coming months (not many Vita games, Sony?). They quickly segued to Disney Infinity where they focused on the new Star Wars packs. I may be a huge Disney fan but I can’t really get into collecting these figurines. There’s just something that I don’t like about them. Can’t put my finger as to why but my distaste for them is real.

Since they were on the topic of Star Wars, it was their queue to show Star Wars: Battlefront. Not sure if Star Wars fans will like it in all honesty. I don’t think you’ll be able to play some Jedi Knight and that may alienate (pun intended) some gamers.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Sony E3 Press Conference without a look at an Uncharted game. I loved the Uncharted game as it’s probably the most cinematic game out there. Yes, even more so than Metal Gear Solid. Yeah, I said it! And it looks like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End looks like it’ll follow the fantastic trail that its predecessors have blazed for it. It looks fantastic and fun to play! Can’t wait!

Well, that was the end of Sony’s E3 show and it was a doozy! While I probably won’t be able to fully grasp the epicness of some of the reveals (the Shenmue III Kickstarter) but it looks like Sony knocked it out of the park. It’s a foregone conclusion that I’ll be getting a PS4 of my own due to Street Fighter V… but it’s nice to know there’s a whole bunch of games that look great as well!

What’s your take on Sony’s E3 Conference this year? Let me know in the comments section below!

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