Episode 105: The 5 Best Entrance Songs From WWE’s Main Roster


Last week, I took a look at the worst entrance theme songs of the wrestlers of the WWE. It only seems fair to now look at the better songs the main roster has to offer!

I do have to mention that this list will only cover the WWE’s current main roster. This means I won’t be including the guys and gals who haven’t been wrestling for some time now. So, as much as I would like to include Hulk Hogan’s “Real American,” I won’t be able to. This also means that the wrestlers from WWE’s developmental show, NXT. This sadly means I won’t be including some of them that I really enjoy, such as “Catch Your Breath,” the incredibly epic entrance of Finn Balor!

Anyway, with those things in mind, let’s go look at the WWE’s best themes song from the point of view of lil’ old me! Now, there is no particular order to these songs because, well, I can’t choose which is my favorite! Let’s start with…

“Stars in the Night” for Paige

My top Diva from my Total Divas re-ranking list breaks into this list as well!

So, what makes Stars in the Night so special? A lot of the time, I tend to like the music just because I like the wrestler it belongs to. This is not my experience with Stars in the Night. I’d still think it would be a good song if it were sung by an unknown band. But by giving the song to Paige works well with the character. I actually love the “scream” at the start of the song!

“Worlds Apart” for Sami Zayn

He just made his main roster debut so it’s okay to put his theme song on this list now, right?

This is a weird one. In a time where all the top wrestlers get rock and heavy metal entrance song, NXT’s top guy Sami Zayn gets this weird peppy and cheerful song? What even stranger is how it works! I’m not really sure what genre Worlds Apart falls under but I really want to hear more songs like it now! Also, since Sami Zayn looks like he’s really into the song, it just makes me like it even more!

“Written in the Stars” for Stardust

Another song with “stars” in them? Guess I really love stars!

I’m a huge Cody Rhodes fan. He’s had a lot of gimmicks throughout his 8 year career in the main roster of the WWE. He’s been a rookie looking for guidance from a former racecar driver. He tagged with the son of a millionaire and then got mentored by another generational wrestler. He’s been a dashing gentleman, a deformed freak, a scholar and a brother. Nowadays, he’s some crazy galactic freak. And I love him.

His song is the perfect match for the new character. Written in the Stars just suits the Stardust character. And it’s one of the most beautiful songs in the WWE right now.

“Live in Fear” for Bray Wyatt

Let’s transition to one of the most foreboding entrance themes in the WWE…

Now, this isn’t a song that I would normally listen to. It’s so filled with gloom and doom! However, it suits the image Bray Wyatt exudes! “Live in Fear” is the perfect entrance theme song for the manic and charismatic New Face of Fear in the WWE. It’s because of this fact that I really enjoy the song. Without the wrestler it’s attached to, I wouldn’t give this a second listen. But, because of Bray Wyatt, I can’t help listening to it repeatedly.

“Flight of the Valkyries (Remix)” for Daniel Bryan

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

I have a soft spot for classical music. I have a soft spot for good remixes. Daniel Bryan’s “Flight of the Valkyries (Remix)” combines both of them into one neat little package! I love the drama this song has. For me, this song is comparable to the drama Randy “Macho Man” Savage’s Pomp and Circumstance delivers. There’s a certain sense of epicness with this song and Daniel Bryan’s charisma makes it perfect.

So that’s it! Those are my favorite songs in the WWE as of right now. It does show that they can pull off a good product. The problem is, it seems like they’ve run out of ideas lately. Well, next week, I have a few suggestions on what the WWE “creative staff” can do to make their shows better!


What’s your favorite entrance theme? Let me know in the comments section below!

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