Episode 104: The 5 Worst Entrance Songs from the WWE’s Main Roster


Last week, I talked about how much better the WWE’s NXT program than either Raw or Smackdown. That got me thinking about the entrance music of the current main roster. Some of them really suck! I mean, if you listen to the earlier songs they would play, they were catchy and hold up even to this day. Hulk Hogan’s “Real American” theme song still sounds as epic as it did when I was a youngster!

But now? A lot of the wrestlers today have entrance songs that are just forgettable. It’s not that there weren’t any terrible songs before (Great Khali “party” song, anyone?), I just feel there are more “bad” theme music these days in the WWE. I can list five of the one I like the least right now.

“Retaliation” for Dean Ambrose

I really like Dean Ambrose. I like the entire “lunatic fringe” gimmick and his crazy, almost reckless, way of attacking his opponents. His theme song… not so much.

Can you say “repetitive?” Retaliation is essentially the same guitar rift played over and over again! It just gets boring after the 2nd loop! Also, what is that sound at the start? Is that supposed to be a motorcycle engine revving up? I don’t get it!

Dean Ambrose deserves a better theme song! Something that suits his personality more. Maybe something more chaotic sounding?

“Beautiful Life” for Brie Bella

I’m glad the Bella Twins are back together. Not because I particularly like them, but at least we won’t hear Brie Bella’s theme song for a while!

Apologies to Brie Bella fans but here theme song is just awful! There are just so many things wrong with this song! First off, the “Brie Mooooooode” at the start of the song is so bad. Then we get this weird dubstep mix that hurts my ears! Then we loop back to the start. Ugh! Beautiful Life isn’t a beautiful song.

“What’s Up” for R-Truth

Now, I actually like R-Truth. I think he’s very entertaining, especially during his “Little Jimmy” phase. His theme song, though? Yawn.

I’m not the biggest fan of rap but I do like the ones that have smart lyrics and clever changing of rhythm. What’s Up has neither of those elements. This has been R-Truth’s theme song for such a long time so I hope to see it change.

Then again, when they did attempt to change his song, we got the terrible “Get Crunk.”

Now I’m not so sure they should change it anymore.

“Swiss Made” for Cesaro (and Tyson Kidd)

Is there anything “swiss” about this song?

I’m a big Cesaro fan! When he partnered with Tyson Kidd, I became a big fan of the tag team! But Swiss Made didn’t suit Cesaro when he was a singles wrestler and as a team.The sirens are also just distracting and doesn’t match the wrestler/s. I’m honestly hoping for a more badass theme song for the Swiss Superman.

“#Emmalution” for Emma

Toot-toot-too-toottoottoottoot. Toot-toot-too-toottoottoot. That’s me humming her song, by the way.

Okay, I just don’t like this song, period. I love the ditzy Emma but I’m not sure she’s still her naive self anymore if the recent episodes of NXT is any proof. But the song does match the “happy” version of the character… but that hasn’t changed my opinion about her theme song. Contrary to the character, this isn’t something you can dance to!

Well, those are the song that I hate from the current main roster. Next week, I’ll do look at the opposite end of the spectrum and name my Top 5 songs from the main WWE roster.

Which songs did I leave out? Let me know in the comments section below!

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