Episode 101: Looking Past 100


Last week, I talked about Gamergate, a fairly touchy subject to say the least. But I really wanted to discuss something that was really complicated and serious for my 100th episode! After I wrote that piece, I realized… 100 episodes? Okay, technically, I’ve written more than just 100 entries (with the “Emergency” episodes and some reviews) but still… I’ve been at this for an extremely long time! Much longer than I thought I would!

When I started writing here, I was only a college freshman. Now, it’s summer vacation on my last year of college! It seems like eons ago yet, at the same time, it seems like only yesterday. I’ve written about a ton of stuff. From video games, to my hobbies, to feminism and the like. And I think I still have it in me to go a hundred more!



Well, there are weeks when I feel that I don’t have anything to say and I just have to pull something out of my butt! But there are also those months where I’m just overflowing with ideas and I don’t know what to write about. This is precisely why I came up with the “episodic” idea; by telling what people are going to expect next week, it always forces me to think of things to write about in advance. Sometimes it been a boon, sometimes a curse.

The big question is: what now? What are the things I should write about in the future?

Of course, I’m still going to be talking about video games in the near future. I’ve kind of had to slow down on my playing because I’ve been extremely busy at school; all those fighting video games episodes from Episodes 94 all the way to Episode 98 were written all in February, way before finals! But, since it’s summer vacation at the moment, I have all the time to play! Yay! And, as luck would have it, Mortal Kombat X is coming out in a couple of week! I’ll probably suck at it but I actually can’t wait for it!

I can’t leave out wrestling, of course! After this year’s Wrestlemania, I can’t wait for the next WWE pay-per-view! I do wish I could get the WWE Network over here (for just $9.99) but the service just isn’t available in the Philippines! Then again, I probably still wouldn’t watch it since the Internet service is too slow to stream stuff! Still, wrestling!

There’s also going to be slew of movies and new TV shows coming up. The only problem I have with them is that I don’t really care for a lot of them or they aren’t in my wheelhouse. I may be eagerly awaiting Avengers: Age of Ultron. But since I’m not that much of a comic book geek, I can’t really write that much about it. If there’s one thing I know, however, it’s Disney and you can expect me to write a whole lot about that in the future as well!

Collect them all!

Collect them all!

There’s a lot more things that I’m probably looking forward to in the future and the future is incredibly bright! Hopefully, I’ll be around for another 100 or more episodes!

Oh, and speaking of wrestling and TV, I finally finished the 3rd season of Total Divas. And I think it’s time for me to re-rank the Divas on the show! And I’ll be doing that… next time!


What are some things I should write about in the future? Let me know in the comment section below!

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