Episode 97: Dead or Alive Is More Than Just Sex Appeal


Last week, I talked about the ultra-violent Mortal Kombat reboot, a game I never played before because of all of the violence. Well, there is another popular fighting game I never played before… but for a totally different reason: it’s because of all of the gravity-defying gigantic boobs! Of course, that would be Tecmo’s Dead or Alive series.

I never took any of the Dead or Alive games seriously because, whenever I tried watching videos of any game of the series, they would almost always focus on the girls of the series and their… assets. Okay fine. Most of the videos focus on their boobs! There! I said it! Now, I’m not a prude but, when I was a young impressionable preteen, when I saw my brother playing it on the Dreamcast, all I could see were the boobs bouncing all around the screen. Oh, my brother would say he played it because it was a great fighting game but I always thought he was lying.

I actually did some research regarding the Dead or Alive series a long time ago for another post. While the characters do have interesting backstories for a fighting game… well, who plays fighting games for the story? But, I’m older and more mature now. Maybe there is some truth to my brother’s statement that the game actually has a lot of depth.

I got the latest one, which is Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. It’s the latest one and I have been watching some Youtube videos (that didn’t concentrate on the bouncing boobs!) and it does look interesting.

While I know the game focuses a lot of the females but I didn’t know how much Tecmo invested in them! I’m actually kind of impressed that half of the characters are actually female! That’s a first! I mean, in most fighting games like Street Fighter or Tekken, there are only a few female fighters available. Well, I guess having buxom female fighters is Dead or Alive’s selling point is a good thing for women who want to see more female characters in video games?

I wonder who actually picks the male characters, though

I wonder who actually picks the male characters, though

The first character I picked was Kasumi. I think she’s the main character of the series along with Ayane? Anyway, I just went in and just started mashing buttons. I had no idea how to play the game not the little intricacies the fighting system has. So I just mashed buttons. And I was surprised that I fared much better than I expected. Wow! Is this game incredibly shallow if I could just press random buttons and actually win?

Turns out no. As I progressed further into arcade mode, the computer controlled Hitomi started to counter move after move! Well, I guess I have to switch to Hitomi then! If she had moves that could counter attacks, I guess she’s the best character in the game. I went to training mode just so I could try out Hitomi’s attacks. I was surprised that most of the attacks were just strings of button presses. I’ve mentioned before in my post about Injustice: Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat, I don’t like all the memorizing necessary. But I was interested to see how to do the counter attacks as I thought that’s what Hitomi specialized.

Going through the movelist, I realized that there was just a single button that you needed to press to counter an attack. I mean, any attack! And it wasn’t only Hitomi that could do it! Every character in the game could! That’s genius! That means that practically anyone can counter any attack as long as they know each characters movelist! That also means that no one character can overpower another character because of their attack list, leading to each match feeling really fair! Also, you can’t just mash out attacks as, if you do, it becomes easier to counter!

With this in mind, I started to delve deeper into the game and I actually found this button mashing system pretty fun but deep enough that, as long as I mastered one specific character’s attacks, I could become good at this game! But it wasn’t just the fighting system that I liked! There’s also a whole lot of positioning since you don’t want to get knocked off the stage!

The more I played it, the more I started to love Dead or Alive. I think I missed a lot for not playing the game because I was kind of disgusted at seeing the character’s boobs shoved in my face. But, as much as I love the fighting system, I don’t like how much I would have to spend to unlock everything! There’s so many costumes!

I mean, why are there so many alternate outfits, especially for the girl characters? While a lot of them are intentionally revealing, now that I’m in love with the game, I just got to have them all, no matter how skimpy they are! But, there are a lot of alternate outfits that I don’t have to buy… but I will need to slog through each character in Arcade mode to unlock them. I hate you Tecmo, making me spend my allowance of DLC!

Well, while I’m in love with Dead or Alive as of right now, there is one other popular fighter I have to mention… and it’s actually the most popular fighting game series in the Philippines. Funny how I’ve never talked about it. I’ll remedy that… next week!

What do you think of Dead or Alive? Is it just a game that shows buxom beauties? Or is it actually a decent fighting game? Let me know in the comments section below!

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