Episode 96: Loving and Hating Mortal Kombat


Last week, I tried playing Injustice: Gods Among Us for the first time. It’s an okay game but I just couldn’t get into because of the controls. Well, the game’s developer, NetherRealm Studios did publish another fighting game. A game that I never did play because, crazy as it sounds, I didn’t want to even watch before! And that game is the Mortal Kombat reboot that was released in 2011!

The reason why I was terrified of Mortal Kombat was, to be honest, was how violent it was! I was 16 when the game was released and my brother got it because he is a big fan of the series. So, as usual, I went to his room to watch him play his new game. And, wow! I was okay with the copious amounts of blood. Then, when he had his Johnny Cage hit his opponent with his X-Ray ultimate attack, I started to get unnerved a bit.

Then he defeated his opponent and Finish Him was pasted across the screen… and he just did an uppercut. I guess he was just teasing me at this point as I think I was visually agitated after the X-Ray. So came the second match and he trounced the computer once again. The Finish Him came up again… and Johnny Cage proceeded to uppercut his defeated opponent’s head off then rip off his torso!

Looking back at it today, I guess I was really naive thinking this was a gruesome game and I wouldn’t get used to the violence. Because, after playing it now, it looks rather silly. I don’t know what happened to me since then but it looks kinda funny now. Maybe I’ve been desensitized to really graphic violence? Anyway, I could now stomach the intensity now and I could actually play the game.

Anyway, for my first time actually playing the game, I chose the character I thought I would like to play as. That character was Kitana. I didn’t know much about the character. But I did know that my favorite female wrestler, AJ Lee dressed up as Kitana that one time during a Halloween episode of Raw. If it’s good enough for AJ, it’s more than good enough for me!

Hey, Chun-Li! What have you been... hey! You're not Chun-Li?

Hey, Chun-Li! What have you been… hey! You’re not Chun-Li?

When I started playing, I experienced deja vu. This was the game that I played right after playing Injustice: Gods Among Us. And it plays very similar! We still got the weird button string combos and the character models look rather unappealing. They weren’t ugly by any means. I mean, Netherrealm Studios probably tried their darndest to make the characters look really lifelike but there’s something just off about them. I think they call this the uncanny valley?

Even if the gameplay was kind of bad, I did love the Story mode. I love the twist where Raiden had to travel back in time and change history so that they could finally defeat Shao Khan. I loved how this affected what happened to the characters as well. I actually liked this story much more than Injustice: Gods Among Us!

But the big question that was on my mind was the fatalities. Like I mentioned, I had no trouble watching the various characters decapitate, flay, dismember and otherwise torture each other into bloody messes. I guess my 16-year old self was just shocked at the “realism” that Mortal Kombat displayed.

But now? Well, I think they’re kinda hilarious! Sure it looks realistic but cartoony at the same time. Not that I would let young, impressionable minds watch them (the game has an M for Mature rating and with good reason). But, if they were in their teens and I think they could handle the level of violence Mortal Kombat has, I’d have no problem letting them have a go at it! It’s not like they’re gonna try them out in real life… would they?

I think Mortal Kombat is actually pretty good. It’s better than Injustice: Gods Among Us anyway. But it’s not something I would like to play all the time. Still, I wonder what Mortal Kombat X has in store for me? Will I actually be shocked at the new X-Rays and Fatalities? Or will I just shrug them off this time?

Guess I’ll find out in April!

Well, since I finally got to play Mortal Kombat, I might as well go for another popular fighting game that I never thought I would like, hoping actually playing the game would change my mind. And I’ll talk about that next time!

How did you react when you first saw a Mortal Kombat game? Let me know in the comments section below!

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