I’ll Review Anything: McDonalds’ McRib (with Twister Fries)

We try to space out our I’ll Review Anything posts by having one review released per week. This is mostly for logistic reasons: there are going to be weeks wherein we have to delve into the past and review… anything. That’s especially true if there’s nothing new to review. But for the McDonald’s McRib sandwich, I had to make an exception. I have to get this review out today in the middle of the month as this thing is only going to be out until the end of November! And only specific branches are selling it as well! If you really want to try the McRib, you have to hunt it down!

Most people outside the United States have no idea what the McRib is, let alone seen it. So actually having it on Philippine soil is pretty damn exciting for me! I know a lot of Americans love the sandwich because, like here, it’s only available for a limited time. But is it really worth the wait?

Don't call it a comeback... it's never been here before

Don’t call it a comeback… it’s never been here before

The reason why I knew it was here was because of my co-worker. He’s from the United States and he mentioned that he was surprised to see the McRib over here. It’s something that he enjoys when it does become available. Well, I myself had been curious about the sandwich because of the Internet. Some people (like my co-worker) loves the damned thing while others say it’s a sandwich that deserves to be damned. I wondered which side I would fall under. So I went to Glorietta since that’s where he said he saw it.

Even when I saw it on the menu, I was still pretty surprised as I was half-expecting it to be a joke. Like I said, the McRib has never been made available here in the Philippines! I was actually amazed that, even though there was a bunch of people at this McDonald’s branch, I didn’t see anyone else eating it. Was this a bad sign? Or are they just afraid to try something new? Anyway, I got myself a McRib with some Twister Fries on the side, another “seasonal” item.

"New desire"? I'll be the judge of that, McRib box!

“New desire”? I’ll be the judge of that, McRib box!

First, I’ll go review the Twister Fries because, oddly enough, it’s something that people from the United States haven’t seen in McDonald’s! Who’d have thunk it? Anyway, Twister Fries is the Philippines’ McDonald’s version of curly fries. I still have no idea how they make them all twisty. Taking aside the aesthetics, it’s just curly fries. In fact, I have to say it tastes almost exactly like KFC’s take on french fries! The only thing that makes McDonald’s Twister Fries special is the twisty shape. Now, let’s go review the McRib itself.

While I know about the McRib, I don’t really know that much about the sandwich. I’ve heard the jokes how it can’t be a rib sandwich since it doesn’t have a bone and other humorous comments. When I took a look inside the McRib itself to check out the meat, I realized it was just a slab of meat! And it wasn’t even like a rib at all! No, it was ground pork shaped into a meat patty for some absurd reason and slathered in rib sauce. Honestly, not that appealing.

On what planet is this a "rib"?

On what planet is this a “rib”?

But, like the Twister Fries, when it comes to food, taste matters more than appearance. Thank God the McRib actually tastes good. The BBQ sauce that they use is tangy and sweet but not too tangy and sweet. I wouldn’t mind if they gave us the option to get it in a bottle. The “meat” itself actually is… you know what? I don’t really know what it tasted like since the sauce just overpowers the entire thing! Yes, the McRib does taste like BBQ ribs but that’s because of the BBQ sauce and not the meat itself.

Initially, I thought the texture of the McRib meat was pretty off-putting because of my initial expectations. I was expecting it to be a honest-to-goodness rib with the bone taken out instead of this ground pork patty. It doesn’t feel like you’re eating ribs at all. But then again, maybe that was the point. Once I got over that, I found the McRib a pretty enjoyable thing to eat.

All-in-all, the McRib is good but it’s not something I would over every time I go to a McDonald’s. Maybe that’s precisely why it’s only available for only a few weeks in a year. After all, absence makes the heart go fonder and all that. I’d be open to enjoying it while it’s here, though and I do hope McDonald’s will bring back the McRib every year from now on because I know it’s something I’m going to miss when it does leave.

What’s your take on the McRib? Is it actually good? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


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