Episode 54: Trying To Avoid Technology


Last week, I talked about what I want in a PS4 version of Home. While I know it’s a long shot, I really love the darned social interaction “game” despite all of its flaws. But I actually wrote that article two weeks ago because I decided to try something different; I wanted to see if I could “rough” it during Holy Week (which is a big thing where I come from).

I tried to go without using technology for an entire week. That meant not going on the Internet and looking at all of the latest fashion trends or watching videos on YouTube or checking up with my friends on Facebook! That also meant no playing of any video games. Even my beloved red PS3 would have to remain inactive for the entire week! Of course I still could use my phone. I’m not crazy! But I couldn’t use it to text my friends on a whim during this period. And I could still watch TV (Hey! I gotta have realistic targets!).

Well, the first few days wasn’t that much of a problem since we were in Boracay, which is a great beach to go to if you’re in the Philippines! So, from Monday to Wednesday, having no access to any form of technology didn’t bother me. I mean, why bother yourself with the hustle and bustle of city life if you’re in a beach paradise, right?

I do wish we came here when it was less crowded, though!

I do wish we came here when it was less crowded, though!

Those days breezed pass very quickly. I honestly had a lot of fun during this time! I got to look at and meet a lot of new people. I had my chance to try out my new swimsuit, which I’ve been dying to use for the past month. Sorry, no photos of me in it (security purposes) but, take my word for it, I looked really great in it! Eventually, although we were all having fun, I knew we had to go back home. Too much of a good thing and all that…

But, when we came back to the city, I started to have “withdrawal” symptoms. All of a sudden, I was surrounded with all of the modern conveniences I’ve gotten used to! My laptop seemed to be calling out to me, tempting me with the sweet promise of watching funny cat videos and music videos on YouTube. My PlayStation 3 looked very lonely, sitting there in the entertainment center of my room, just wanting some human interaction.

It's mine! All mine!

It’s like it was saying “Play me! Play me!”

I tried my best to distract myself by watching a whole lot of television programs. But it was no use. All I could see was all of the electronic entertainment around me that was going unused. I was getting a little bit frustrated with my decision. I’m not even the type of person that has to check her Facebook every day but, all of a sudden, I really wanted to see what my friends were doing!

This actually led to my downfall, so to speak. I got a text message on Saturday morning from one of my close friends who recently got her own PlayStation 3 for Christmas. I invited her to go on PlayStation Home as well and we’ve been having fun there since summer started. She sent me a text asking me if I saw the new Easter theme in Acorn Meadows Park!

When I read the text, I got so excited I totally forgot I wasn’t supposed to use my PlayStation 3. I immediately booted it up and logged into Home. At the instant I saw the Home logo I realized my mistake! But it was already too late! I was using technology! I think I stood there, stunned for a few seconds, realizing I failed just a day before I was going to make it!

Oh well… maybe next year I’ll succeed.

Anyway, while my failure to actually go through the entire week without touching some form of technology may seem like a bad thing, I like to look at the brighter side. I did see something new on PlayStation Home that I wanted for a long time! And I’ll talk more about that next week!


Have you tried going off technology for an extended period of time? What was it like for you? Let me know in the comments section below!


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