I’ll Review Anything: My Brute


I love Street Fighter. I’ve even written some stuff about it. Me! Someone who hasn’t really played any kind of twitch action game until last year! Someone who would look at the buttons of my controller and try to remember which button does what while being shot at in Grand Theft Auto Online. That’s doesn’t mean that I can play all fighting games, however. I tried playing games like Skullgirls, Mortal Kombat (both the old and the new versions) and even Injustice. I never been able to adapt to their pace like I did with Street Fighter. That’s kind of frustrating for me.

When I told one of my friends this, he told me that there was a fighting game where you don’t do anything. You just select your opponent and watch your character fight him/her. I looked at him strangely and, before I could ask him what I was thinking, he answered “Yes. It’s more fun than it sounds.” Well, I just had to check out My Brute, the game he was referring to.

Looks cute enough.

Looks cute enough.

I wouldn’t call My Brute a “fighting game” since you don’t really do any of the fighting. I’m not even sure you can call it a game at all. With My Brute, your character does all of the fighting automatically. Think of it this way: you just pick your character’s opponent, watch them fight and hope you’re character KO’s his/her opponent. That’s it!

Well, that’s not entirely true. You do have some control during the character creation screen. You have control of the character’s name and the option to randomize the look of your Brute. And that’s it. You can’t select your character’s stats, weapons or how they’ll level up. That’s all up to your Brute now.

Simple... a little too simple.

Simple… a little too simple.

Well, so far, I’m not really having that much fun. Maybe things will be better when I send my Brute into battle.

Apparently, you’re only given a limited number of fights per day before you’re Brute has to take a rest. I can understand that from both a storyline aspect (fighting is tiring after all) as well as from a gameplay standpoint (it’d be too easy to level up if you just keep on fighting). I guess there’s an element of strategy involved in a sense. You have to select your opponent wisely to make sure your Brute can win since winning nets you more experience. This will, in turn, make your Brute level up where he/she can get more skills, better stats, more weapons and even pets!

So, I used up my 6 initial fights in around 3 minutes. The fights go by extremely quickly. I have to admit that I was rooting for my Brute (named robinadventures, of course) to beat her rivals. It’s this lack of control of the fights that makes the results totally unpredictable… which I kind of hate. Sometimes, my Brute would do totally smart things, like perform a multi-hit attack. Or jump back and dodge an incoming punch.

You win some... and you hope to win some more!

You win some… and you hope to win some more!

But what I remember most are the stupid things. Sometimes she’ll take out her club, smash her opponents and deal good damage. Then, on her next attack THROW IT! WHY DID YOU THROW IT? YOU DID GOOD DAMAGE WITH IT! JUST SMASH HIM WITH IT! YOU HAD A GOOD THING GOING! NOW YOU’RE DEAD! AND IT’S BECAUSE YOU THREW YOUR CLUB WHEN YOU DIDN’T NEED TO!


Anyway, I also find it unfair that some matches may seem fair at an initial glance. But when you get into the arena, you find out you’re severely outmatched. Your opponent may have better skills or even HAVE A BEAR WITH THEM! WHO THE HECK BRINGS A BEAR TO A ONE-ON-ONE MATCH? HEY REF! ISN’T BRINGING A BEAR AGAINST THE RULES?



His fighting style is "I have a bear and you don't"

His fighting style is “I have a bear and you don’t”

Is My Brute something I’ll continue “playing” in the future? Well, yeah, for now. But I know in a few days, I’ll forget about it and my Brute will languish in her dark cage for all of eternity. The lack of interactivity may seem swell, especially for someone like me. But, ultimately, it’s a game about luck. And I don’t like luck games. If I lose in a game, I want it to be because I wasn’t at my best. Or the other person beat me because of practice and skill and not because he got lucky and GOT A BEAR!

Now, excuse me but I have to strangle my friend for thinking this game is “fun.”

Still, if you gotta play My Brute, I’d really appreciate it if you become my pupil. Just go to http://robinadventures.mybrute.com/ and create you’re character there.


Have you tried My Brute? Did you love it or hate it? Let me know your thoughts by putting them in the comments section below!


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