Episode 46: The Return to PlayStation Home, Part 1: The Makeover


Last time, I talked about how I get bored easily with casual games. However, for some weird reason, that got me the urge to play a “casual” game of sorts. A game that doesn’t have any set goals or any “gameplay” at all. And it’s something I haven’t played in a long time: PlayStation Home.

I haven’t really been in PlayStation Home for a long time. If I remember correctly, it’s been at least 6 months when I actually logged in. I don’t really have a reason why I haven’t visited it in a while. I guess I just got interested in more things. But I do get nostalgic for the good times and general weirdness of Home. So, what the heck? Let’s all jump right back in!

Hope they did "reimagine" a few new things as well!

Hope they did “reimagine” a few new things as well!

Since I haven’t been on for a long while, I decided to give myself a makeover! My Avatar’s general look has always been the sweet and innocent look because that’s how I was when I started “playing” in Home roughly five (!) years ago. But now, I felt I’ve matured a little bit. In real life, I’ve tried to look a little bit more “sexy” since, well, I am an adult (sort of). So I might as well reflect (and magnify) that side of me online as well!

Now, my problem is I don’t really have any fashion sense. The only thing I know is I like the color red. So, for the past couple of years, I’ve had my online Robin always dress up in red. Red hair. Red top. Red shoes. Red. Red. And more red. I also have a poor eye when it comes to clothing. When I go to the PlayStation Store and try to purchase new outfits, I always think the thing I eventually buy looks good. But, when I try it out, I always find something off about it. Maybe I’m being too critical about myself or maybe I just don’t know what’s sexy and hot.

You decide!

You decide!

Anyway, while I was looking around for good clothing ideas, I met a girl… woman, really, who seemed to know how to dress up her avatar. I commented that she actually looks really good and said that I wished I knew how to make my online persona look that way as well. And I was delighted that she said she’d help me get a makeover!

So, the first thing she said was to get rid of the red hair. It just wasn’t working out. While I silently disagreed, I knew that, if I really wanted a full-fledged makeover, I needed to be willing to compromise and make some changes. So, I got rid of the red hair. She also said that I looked too short and skinny, which made me look like a child. I saw her point immediately and made a few changes here and there. Anyway, long story short, she helped me pick out a new outfit and even helped me get some new fancy (and stylish) boots!

Now my avatar looks like this!

It's a whole new (and hotter) me!

It’s a whole new (and hotter) me!

Well, I honestly like my new hot and sexy look! Maybe it’s the geek in me but my favorite part are the glasses! It even came with something called “beautiful eyes” so I didn’t have to tweak them in any way! But I was just getting started! I wanted to see the new stuff out there that I missed! And I’ll tell you more about that next time!

Have you tried revisiting a game you’ve haven’t been to in a while? What was your experience like? Let me know in the comments section below!

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