Episode 40: Being a Gajillionaire in Grand Theft Auto Online Sucks


Last week, I talked about my hopes and dreams for 2014. I briefly touched how I was going to play more games thanks to some like Grand Theft Auto Online reigniting my interest in them. However, I’m actually afraid to enter the world of Los Santos now because of recent events.

I guess I have to tell you a story about how it got to this point…

So, I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto’s online world for some time now. I’m just enjoying the things I can within the game. Y’know? The maiming of people. The running over of innocents. Everyday things. Anyway, one time I saw a red dot very close to me. Wow! A bounty that I can actually collect! I quickly drove up and saw that, instead of running away or shooting at me, the guy just stood there!

So, I ran him over! Yahoo! But what actually surprised me was how much money I got for killing him. It amounted in the millions! Wow! It must be my lucky day!

Yes, it felt like I just robbed a bank!

Yes, it felt like I just robbed a bank!

So, what was the first thing I did with this enormous amount of cash? Well, buy stuff, of course! I couldn’t let this thing go to waste! I could finally buy the biggest and fanciest apartment. So, of course, that was the first thing I did! I looked the in-game Dynasty 8 website and saw that the most expensive one was the Eclipse Tower. I immediately drove over there and bought it.

I still had a huge amount of money so I decided to buy a lot more stuff! To make a long story short, I went on a massive shopping spree! I could finally buy everything I wanted! I bought new cars and customized the heck out of them! I went to the clothing stores and just got everything there! I actually got a tattoo, something I always felt was going to be a waste of money but, hey, money isn’t a problem anymore, right?

But, strangely, it felt like I wasn’t even making a dent in the huge chunk of change I had. In fact, it looked like it was getting even bigger! And I wasn’t wrong! It turns out there were random strangers just throwing money at me! It was only after I realized this that I checked online and it turns out there are hackers doing this! And now, I’m actually worried for my account!

I’m afraid that my online Robin will be put in the area dominated by Bad Sports and hackers. Or, even worse, be totally banned! And it’s not like I could totally claim innocence as well since I did use the money to buy the most expensive things! I’m actually frightened now to go online and look at my account since I’m afraid to see my Robin be booted to a life of poverty, stripped of all the money and items she worked so hard to earn!

It’s hard to believe but having more money than you can spend in Los Santos actually sucks! I’m in constant fear now that I’ll eventually not be able to log in. I’m afraid that my account will become a penniless pauper in a blink of an eye. I’m nervous that all of my hard earned work will vanish before my eyes!

As of this writing, I just submitted a ticket to Rockstar Games, confessing to my crimes. I just hope they will be lenient on me and just remove the millions of ill-gotten wealth that I didn’t earn honestly. Rockstar, I hope you read this and just take away the money that was just given to me. I’m a good girl! Really I am! Besides, does this look like the face of a criminal?

Stripper not included?

Well, she does have a face of a criminal… but that’s besides the point!

Anyway, if there’s one thing Grand Theft Auto has taught me, it’s how to drive! But I don’t drive like I do in the game… which I’ll talk about next time!


How have you been affected by the money hack? Let me know your story in the comments section below!


3 thoughts on “Episode 40: Being a Gajillionaire in Grand Theft Auto Online Sucks

  1. find a new game, i did. GTAO is full of griefers and cheaters- maybe it’ll be good once you all are done beta testing it for them.

    • Oh I know the feeling! Getting snuffed out by total strangers who you don’t even see anymore is a really terrible feeling. But it’s one of those games that I can’t seem to quit.

      And now that it seems they fixed the money thing, I’m actually having fun playing again! I honestly feel relieved!

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