Episode 35: Fear and Loathing in Los Santos: The Final Chapter


Last week, I wrote about my new apartment in the city of Los Santos. I’ve already been in the city for around a month by this time and, while I have been enjoying my stay, I never really took in any of the sights. I’ve already done a lot of crazy things like “procure” cars, “take out” some people, “fought” a few gangs, parachuted throughout the state, and the like. But I never really bothered exploring the entire state of San Andreas. There’s gotta be a lot more to the area than just commit crimes, right? So, I decided to take out Lisa and just go around the entire Los Santos and the surrounding Blaine County to check out the sights!

It's a big world out there!

It’s a big world out there!

I’ve been in town for so long but I’ve never just relaxed in the carnival area of Vespucci Beach. I love carnival rides so I was looking forward to riding the gigantic Ferris Wheel. It would be great to take selfies of myself from such a high place, right? When I got there, I was really disappointed. Seems that the ride… well, all the rides have been shut down! And there’s no cotton candy? Waaaaaaaahh!

Next, while trying to elude the cops (why did I pick a fight with three construction workers again?), I stumbled onto, of all things, a poolside party! It’s a good thing I was wearing my bikini at the time or I would have felt out of place! Wait… why are some of the girls here topless? I can’t even get naked in my own shower, let alone walk around topless!

Sorry! No topless pics just in case the kids are reading this!

Sorry! No topless pics just in case the kids are reading this!

After partying till dawn, I decided it was time for me to explore Blaine County. I’ve been out here to do some missions but I never really took the time to fully explore the sights of Blaine County. I think it was time for me to do just that. Driving on the freeway with the top down (of the car! Not my top!) was a rush! And I managed to max out my driving ability to boot! I stopped the car in the middle of the freeway to take a few pictures… and then some idiot who was being chased by the police ran into me! Jerk!

Helpful tip: Don't take pictures on the freeway

Helpful tip: Don’t take pictures on the freeway

After being released from the Sandy Shores medical facility, I took the time to check out the sights of the area. I stumbled upon a painted desert. It looked really beautiful actually! I have no idea what this place has to do with aliens and UFOs, though. I still enjoyed running up the hill the residents colored to welcome the aliens and just marveled at the detailed work they did.



But the most beautiful sight I saw was something I came upon by accident. And it wasn’t even a landmark or a specific location. It was the natural way the sunset was peeking behind some mountains off in the distance. I can’t really explain why it looked pretty to me. It’s something I saw almost every day while in San Andreas but, at this moment, it looked amazing.

Maybe because this was the only time I actually had a peaceful minute to appreciate it. I didn’t have to look over my shoulder just in case some crazy person was going to gun me down (they’re all back in Los Santos killing each other). Maybe it was because I finally took the time to appreciate what the world looks like without thinking what kind of mayhem I can create. It’s times like these that makes even me, a career criminal (in the game) take stock in how big the world is… even if it is a virtual world.

Only a double rainbow would make it even more beautiful

Only a double rainbow would make it even more beautiful

Well, it’s time for me to call it a night. I’ll be back again in the world of Grand Theft Auto: Online in the near future. But I’ll play some more games! Yes, I’m actually playing games now since I now have my own PlayStation 3! And I’ll tell you how I got it… next time!


What’s your favorite place to visit in Los Santos or Blaine County? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


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