I’ll Review Anything: Disney’s Frozen


Right off the bat, let me start off this review by saying that Disney’s Frozen makes the little girl in my all giddy with unadulterated joy. After watching the film, it made me remember all the times I loved watching the other Disney fairy tale adaptions like The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast and Aladdin and the more recent Tangled. Honestly, I could close this review by just saying, “Anyone who loves watching classic Disney fairy tales should watch this movie, which should be practically everyone” but this review wouldn’t be worth reading then, huh? I’ll even try to make this a SPOILER-FREE review as much as possible so you can read the entire thing!

I actually watched this movie without knowing much about the film. I knew Disney was making a film adaption of The Snow Queen, a fairy tale that I never knew existed. Where I come from, they never even showed any trailers for Frozen nor were there any commercials. So, I went in not knowing what to really expect from the story.

Frozen, like I mentioned is based on The Snow Queen but Disney took a enormous amount of liberties with the story. So, fanboys of the original fairy tale may be upset (if there are hardcore fans of the original story). Disney did the same thing with their other fairy tales; The Little Mermaid, Beauty and The Beast and Tangled come to mind. But Frozen pretty much throws the original story out the window. Maybe that’s why they didn’t call it The Snow Queen?

Anyway, the story is brilliant and charming, much like a lot of their other films of the Disney Renaissance period. But it was also less predictable since there didn’t seem to be a really “bad guy” in Frozen until the last few minutes of the movie. There was also a couple of twists and turns in the film that I never saw coming. For a Disney film, that’s pretty amazing!

The characters are also pretty amazing. First, I have to talk about Elsa and Anna, the two princesses in the story. This is the first Disney fairy tale where is seems like the romance takes a back seat to the love between the two sisters. Elsa and Anna are pretty strong leads and they do a great job carrying the movie. The scenes with them interacting with each other are probably the most powerful part of the film. They also break the mold of just being helpless females for the most part, which, again, is pretty different from other Disney movies of this type.

The supporting cast also do an admirable job when they have to be shown. The prince and the ice vendor are the primary male leads in the film and, while they don’t really do anything exceptional, they do serve important roles in the story. I actually like the sidekicks, Sven the reindeer and Olaf the living snowman. They’re funny but they never overstay their welcome.

Also, Frozen looks fantastic, especially in 3D! The film has some scenes where Elsa creates pointy icicles and they really seem to come out of the screen! I have this unnatural fear of things poking me in my eyes so experiencing these scenes were kinda frightening for me but, strangely, it made me enjoy it more because I could feel some of the fear the characters in the film were experiencing. If I have to complain about something about the look of the movie, it’s that the characters look a lot like the characters from their other 3D animated movie, Tangled. A minor nitpick but, for the first 30 minutes of the film, that was pretty much the only thing I was thinking of.



Another hallmark of the Disney fairy tale are the songs. And they’re several songs that  really touched me! Of course, I see now why people love “Let It Go” so much; that scene where Elsa just “let’s go” with her ice powers while singing this song is my fave from the movie. “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” made tear well up in my eyes. Even just thinking of the scene when the song plays makes me choke up a little even now! My favorite would have to be “For The First Time In Forever.” There’s just an epicness (is that a word?) in the song that just screams Disney fairy tale. What makes the song extra special is that both Elsa and Anna sing their parts of the song from different perspectives. One is excited but the other is afraid.

Unfortunately, the other songs didn’t really catch my attention. “Love Is An Open Door” was just… okay. It’s soooooo sweet, I think I need an insulin shot afterwards. “In Summer” which is sung by Olaf The Snowman is humorous… for the first minute. Then it just feels cliched.  The worst of them would definitely have to be “Fixer Upper,” which is shown just before the last major action set piece of the movie. By this point, I wanted the story to move forward and this song number just made the film grind to a standstill.

I'll stick to iTunes, thank you.

I’ll stick to iTunes, thank you.

Overall, Frozen was a wonderful surprise! It seems like Disney has another big hit on their hands. The first ever Blu-Ray that I ever bought (with my own money) was Tangled. It looks like now I’ll have to save up for Frozen when it comes up on Blu-Ray as well. Frozen is a great film that everyone will probably enjoy.


Did you watch Frozen? What did you think of the movie? Let me know in the comments section below!







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