Episode 34: Fear and Loathing In Los Santos: Part IV


Last time, I talked about improving the look and the performance of my vehicles after moving to Los Santos a few weeks ago. Then I realized that I’ve been lavishing too much attention on Lisa and Bernadette (my cars) and not enough time on me. While I managed to purchase a garage to put a roof over their head, I never bothered to put a roof above my head! Now, I think it’s time to correct that oversight by looking for an actual place to stay. Nights can be cold if you live on the streets, you know?

I guess the thing that made me want to buy my very own living space was because of a stranger. I got an invite on my phone telling me to go to his place. Being curious, I actually took the invite and went it. And the place was spectacular! Well, I guess any place would be fantastic if you’ve only been living inside your tiny car for almost a month. But, in all honesty, I got jealous! It must have cost a fortune but that only game me more incentive to get a place of my own!

Stripper not included?

Stripper not included?

So I drove around the city trying to find an apartment. Apparently, the cost of living in Los Santos is pretty high since I couldn’t find any affordable housing after I blew all my money customizing my cars. So, back to the grindstone! I found a few places to rob as well as go find a few car races to participate in. It’s a good thing that the mysterious organizers of these races will still give me money even though I don’t come in first place! That’s pretty decent of them to do that!

Anyway, I finally earned enough to buy one of the smaller apartments. But what do I do with my old garage? I don’t want to keep moving from my home to my garage just to get my car! That doesn’t make much sense now, does it? Well, I tried going online from the computer in my garage if I could put it back up for sale yet I couldn’t find anyway to do so. Bad luck?

It turns out my bad luck was actually my good fortune. I went to the Dynasty 8 real estate company and I found the place I was about to buy had a measly 2-car garage! I wanted to build up my car family, so to speak and, while I enjoyed the company of Bernadette and Lisa, I wanted more! It turns out that there was a place that was just a little bit more expensive (out of my price range at the time but I can earn the cash pretty quickly) and it came with a 6-car garage. So, off to work I go again!

I'll get this one another time!

I’ll bookmark this page for future reference!

After finally scraping enough cash, I put down all my money in buying the cheapest apartment that could hold 6 cars. And I’m glad I did! Finally, I have my own bed I can curl up in! I could watch some television and laugh as some Impotent Rage episodes. I can finally take a shower (you have no idea how smelly one person can get if they haven’t showered in almost a month)! I can change outfits without having to find a clothing store! And, most importantly, I can finally relax without having to look behind my back to see if anyone was gunning for me!

I’m kind of glad I didn’t get the smaller apartment! I love my new place. It’s just the right size for me. While it would be great if I could afford the bigger place but my time will come in the future. But for now, I’ll just relax a bit in my crib! But just for a little while! After all that hard work of robbing people, getting into drag races, stealing cars for Simeon and getting shot at by random strangers, I think it’s time for me to take a vacation and take in the sights of Los Santos and Blaine County! And that’ll happen next week!

Love my new place!

Love my new place!


Have you purchased your own apartment in Los Santos? Do you enjoy living in it? Let me know what you think by writing in the comments section below!


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