I’ll Review Anything: Grand Theft Auto: Online


I’ve been living and breathing Grand Theft Auto Online for the past 6 weeks now. I really loved this part of the game, which is amazing since… I don’t normally play games! But there’s just something about Grand Theft Auto Online that I really got into and it’s something I have a hard time putting down once I do start playing it. And this is from someone who actually has to play the Story Mode!

I guess it has to do with the world of Los Santos and the areas surrounding the city. There’s just a whole lot of things to do! I have never played a game before where I can drive a fast car, get in a car chase with the police, rob a convenience store, get into fist fights with strangers, buy clothes, play the stock market and much more! Oh, and those are just the things I can do while exploring the game! I haven’t even played golf or parachute yet! I know there’s a lot more that I haven’t seen yet and I know I’ll be amazed with every other thing that I have yet to discover! But for now, I just love taking selfies of myself within the game!

Ready for the beach!

Well, hell-o beautiful!

And it will take a lot of time to find everything, especially with a world that’s this enormous! I guess I’ve actually only seen around half of the entire state of San Andreas so far. Or probably less than that! The furthest I’ve gone would be somewhere in the middle of Blaine County in order to meet Trevor Phillips. But that’s essentially it. I’m planning to go on a long cross-county trip pretty soon, exploring the vast backwoods of the state, just to see what kind of trouble I can get into.

I also like the feeling of accomplishment when you get to level up your character, both Rank and Stats-wise. Building up your Rank is as easy as robbing stores and getting away from the cops. You can also level up your Rank just by participating in missions, which is pretty cool (especially for someone like me that doesn’t fare that well with most of the missions). But I get a bigger rush when I find out that my character’s ability stats have gone up. They only go up by performing the act a lot of times. Right now, my Robin has the ability of a Pro-Racer and I think that’s a pretty big achievement for me!

I’ve seen my fair share of trouble, by the way, because I’ve entered a lot of races, survival missions, deathmatches, arm wrestling matches and regular missions. I do enjoy most of them to some degree. The races are my favorite. I’m really glad they let you pick what kind of car to drive before getting into a race (since my cars are either hard to maneuver or just too slow) and I’ve managed to win a few races as well. Survival would have to be my favorite… if you can find one. I guess I’m the only one who finds them fun since it’s extremely difficult to get into one.

"Killing time with friends" takes a weird turn in Los Santos

“Killing time with friends” takes a weird turn in Los Santos

It’s also good that it’s so easy to earn money within the game since there’s a lot of things you can buy within the game! I love the heavy amount of modifications you can do with your character. Getting new outfits and modifying my cars are some of my favorite activities in the game. I just wish I played sooner since I’m not available for the GTA Stimulus Package since I started playing the game on the 1st of November! C’mon, Rockstar, can you give a gal a break and make an exception for little ol’ me and give me a stack of cash! I really want to buy an apartment now!

I do have a few gripes with GTA Online, however, and most of them actually are because of the other players! One of them would have to be the “murderous” mentality of a lot of players in the game. I know this is part of the world but I just wish there wouldn’t be so many homicidal maniacs! I sometimes just want to meet a couple of new people without me worrying that they’ll jump me! Oh, and don’t tell me I can just go into Passive mode! You’re not invincible while in Passive mode! One time, I was walking down the street while in Passive mode when I got killed because some jerk intentionally ran me over with their car!

Helpful tip: Don't take pictures on the freeway

Helpful tip: Don’t take pictures on the freeway

Another would be the missions people usually select. You have no idea how many times I’ve raced in the canal area, the perimeter of the prison and the airport when selecting a random race. You can only go through them so many times before they’re just not any fun! Also, my little Robin in the game has some high driving stats right now but, once any other player hits the rear of my car, I will always careen off the road and they just speed off like nothing happened! I don’t think that’s fair!

Also, I wish there were more activities. Yes, I know there’s already a ton of things to do in the game. But, I’ve seen a few of the story missions from Offline mode and I wish they would incorporate them in the game! I would love to participate in a triathlon or pick up hitchhikers. I’d also like to see long drawn out heist missions in the future.

I wish there was another way to communicate with other players in the game other than voice chat. I think the only real way is to have a headset but the people who do have headsets just sound annoying! And their voices are usually much louder than the game’s sound effects! You have no idea how many piercing “Whoooooooo!” screams I’ve heard or how much whining there is while playing online!

Finally, I do wish there was a way to go back to the Online world if searching for a random mission takes too long! There was one time when I opted to look for a Survival mission and it literally took me 8 minutes to get into a match! And I couldn’t just get out of the Google satellite view without quitting the entire game! I hope they do fix this in future updates of the game.

Still, Grand Theft Auto Online is the most fun I’ve had playing a game in a long while! I think Rockstar could have sold it as a standalone game on its own and it still would have worked. One of the best gaming experiences I’ve ever had! If you do get a chance, you can look for picture updates from my Rockstar Games Social Club page! Yes, it’s a shameless plug but I don’t care! I love the game so much I just had to go on record and say how much I love this game right now!

Have you played Grand Theft Auto Online? What do you think of the game? Whatever you think, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!


PS to Rockstar: I’m RobinAdventures so you know where to give the stimulus package (wink, wink).


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