I’ll Review Anything: Big Better Burgers’ Bacon Blue Cheese Burger

We’re smack dab in the middle of October and it’s now time for the 3rd installment of I’ll Review Anythings Burger Month! Today, I’ll be reviewing Big Better Burgers’ Bacon Blue Cheese Burger. Now, I’ve actually passed this burger stall for a couple of years actually because of, well, the location. Yes, it may seem pretty prudish of me to do so. But it kind of hard to think of a burger stall that’s set up next to a Sisig Hooray and a Kim ‘N’ Chiu would serve pretty tasty hamburgers.

Not exactly what you would call a restaurant, huh?

Not exactly what you would call a restaurant, huh?

Since it was Burger Month and it is something I’ve never tried before, I thought to myself, what the heck? It’s just across from where I was working at the time so it’ll save me a long walk. Now, the only question is: would I kick myself for not listening to my initial instincts of not trusting a place in a cheap looking food court?

Now, all of the burgers I’ve ordered so far had a couple of things in common: bacon and cheese. It’s been a pattern since then, I might as well go for consistency and order something that has both bacon and cheese. Well, it turns out Big Better Burgers has something along those lines called the Bacon Blue Cheese burger. So I got the quarter pound sized. Sadly, the burger doesn’t come with french fries so I had to order some as extra.

What is blue cheese anyway?

What is blue cheese anyway?

I got it to go since the tables were filling up. Yeah, it looks empty in the picture but I took that shot the next day since I forgot to take one on the day I ordered it. Anyway, we had a good place to eat it (back in the office) so it wasn’t a bother. Besides, it wouldn’t be fair to the burger for me to review it if I didn’t really like the place (he said, defending his decision).

So I got my burger and fries and, of course, compared it to the picture in the poster. Once again, I’m not naive enough to think the actual thing would look exactly like what they show in the picture. What I’m looking for is a pretty good facsimile of the picture. And, to be honest, it looked pretty much like the picture for the most part. The only thing I may have a problem with is that the lettuce didn’t look as green and I only got one tomato slice (which was actually a good thing… more on that later).

Not bad at all!

Not bad at all!

But with food, presentation doesn’t matter if the taste sucks. So, the best way to determine if my discrimination against Big Better Burgers was warranted was to actually eat the Bacon Blue Cheese burger. And… it was pretty good! The patty actually tasted… meaty. You sort of know it’s just pure beef and just a few seasoning were added to make sure the taste of the meat comes true. The bacon was crispy and just added that perfect amount of saltiness.

Maybe my taste buds aren’t that educated but I really don’t know how the “blue cheese” here is supposed to differ from regular cheese. As I kept eating, I really couldn’t differentiate this “special” kind of cheese from the regular cheese I could get from the supermarket. It was melted into a gooey mess instead of being a solid slice and that’s the only thing I could think of.

I did have some other problems with the burger. For one, the single tomato (instead of the two that was in the picture) was kind of rubbery and hard. Simply put, the tomato was kind of unripe and its texture just threw me off each time I took a bite of it. Also, they apparently dust the bread with bread crumbs or something of the sort. Normally, I’m okay with that but, on my burger, there was a lot of that dust! The fries were good but not evenly cooked. There were some that were super crispy (good!) and some just limp and soggy (bad!).

Would you like a burger with your bread crumbs?

Would you like a burger with your bread crumbs?

After eating the Bacon Blue Cheese, I would like to apologize to Big Better Burger for judging it just because of it’s location. The meat itseft was pretty good but I just hope the tomato that I get the next time I do order here again (yes, I’ll be going back) would be more juicy. And I also hope there’ll be less dust on the bread, too!

Have you tried eating at Big Better Burger? What did you think of what you ordered there? Please leave your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

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