Episode 21: My Favorite Stories in Games


Last time, I talked about the Silent Hill games and how I loved their stories. Well, most of them anyway. But this got me thinking about some of my other favorite stories in other video games. Actually, there are a lot of them and I don’t really think I can name them all! But, I can name a few off the top of my head right now!

I guess I’ll have to start with the Uncharted series. Each of the three games in the series had epic storylines that can compete head-on with any action film. As a matter of fact, Nathan Drake’s adventures are actually better than some of the more recent things Hollywood has produced. The three Uncharted games have really great plots and you can actually make a great blockbuster if you string the cutscenes and action sequences together. In fact, someone already did!

And, here’s the weird thing… maybe not “weird.” Rather, it’s peculiar that each game in the Uncharted series gets better! Usually, after the massive success of two games, the third game will kinda fall flat. But I honestly think the Uncharted: Drake’s Deception is the best one!

Another game with a story I love is Ico. Well, “story” is kind of stretching it since there really isn’t a story. It’s actually a pretty simple tale. Boy with horns gets imprisoned in a castle. Boy escapes from his cage and finds an albino girl. Boy tries to escape the castle with the albino girl but they are chased by shadow monsters. Pretty simple stuff.

Even if there barely is a story, I loved the way the boy (Ico) and the girl (Yorda) interacted with each other. The way Ico grabs Yorda’s hand just in time when she has to make a jump she can’t make. The way Ico calls out to her when she wanders off. I guess they had to make them interact with them this way since they talk in a language you can’t understand. But it works! I especially love the save system, where you see them both fall asleep on a couch.

Awww. They're both tuckered out.

Awww. They’re both tuckered out.

While Ico tells a pretty “happy” fairy tale kind of a story, Heavy Rain is the exact opposite. It’s the story of four different people who don’t know each other and how they get linked with each other because of a serial murderer known as the Origami Killer. The best thing about Heavy Rain is the story and ending that I got will probably be different from yours! There are points in the story where some of the four main characters can die and they stay dead! No extra lives for you!

My story did have everyone survive. But the serial killer succeeded in killing his victim. While it was an extremely depressing ending, I was drawn to the story and loved how it was told. The thought of having anyone die in the middle of the game was extremely exciting, which made me actually care for the characters (since they can’t come back to like). If you haven’t played this game, please don’t use a walkthrough! It’s better that way.

I also learned how to fold the little birdy thing shown in the game.

I also learned how to fold the little birdy thing shown in the game.

While I do like very serious stories like the one in Heavy Rain, I do like lighthearted ones as well. One in particular is the story of my band (they’re called Robin’s Adventures as well!) in Rock Band 3. Yes, that rhythm-music game actually has a fun story. It starts off with your band being formed and their quest to become famous. However, by the end, it turns out they couldn’t take the stress of being popular. So what’s a band to do?

Well, they board a plane and, during their flight, they get caught in a storm and crash. The world assumes they died. However, they’re now living in seclusion in an island paradise. It’s a very simple story but I was extremely satisfied with it! Go figure!

No living in the dirty city for my all girl band!

No living in the dirty city for my all girl band!

Finally, we come to the most epic game story I’ve seen. It’s the Mass Effect trilogy, of course! I loved these games to death! Yes, I know the original ending was bad and they had to make a new one but there was just this great feeling of accomplishment of having to go through three games with the same character and watching my FemShep interact with her team!

Like Mass Effect, you make a lot of decisions within each game that will affect the story. But what made it special is the fact that your decisions in the first game can affect what happens in the second or even the third installments! Now that’s planning!

Also, this was the only game where I insisted on getting all of the DLC available. And, in my opinion, it was worth it! My favorite definitely is the Citadel DLC. While the “official” ending was kind of lame (My FemShep died for the sake of the universe? Boo!), the party scene in Citadel more than makes up for it! It was hilarious and also kinda melancholy at the same time since I knew it was the last time I’ll be interacting with the entire group.

I really miss these guys!

I really miss these guys!

I know there’s a lot more games with great stories but I can’t think of them right now. I also know there are other games that I haven’t seen yet that have great narratives. Games like The Last of Us or The Walking Dead are still out there. Speaking of those games, you know what they have in common? Well, I’ll talk about that… next time!


What about you? What are your favorite stories in video games? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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