Episode 11: Ending On A Sour Note


I’ve already gave my feelings with how things that get made into movies and it’s more important that the story is actually good. But even if the story is awesome, a bad ending can sour the entire experience.

Well, since I’m talking about endings of stuff, I better give a SPOILER warning!

I guess the main example I would have to mention would be Mass Effect. I know I’ve already talked to death about the topic so you know I love the games. But the endings… yuck! Basically, you have 3 choices and they all suck! You either sacrifice yourself to become a big space guardian, sacrifice yourself to merge living and robotic life together (which you were actually trying to prevent before) or survive but kill off all robotic life.

And that’s not the only thing that pissed me off! I know Mass Effect was about how your choices affect the future installments but the endings had nothing to do with the choices you made in the previous games! Sure, there are some minor things but, ultimately, it’s the final choice that determined everything! And even then, nothing changed much. Boo!

I actually remember being pretty depressed when I saw Shepard martyr herself to become a galactic protector. I wanted to live a peaceful life with Liara, who I stayed loyal to throughout the three games! I wanted to see what their lives would be like after the war. Not some old man saying that there was peace for a thousand years afterwards!

But that’s not the only game that had a bad ending. Grand Theft Auto IV has two endings and they both suck! Either your cousin gets gunned down, leading to a big battle or your cousin’s wife gets gunned down, leading to a big battle. Yes, I know it’s supposed to be something like “crime doesn’t pay” and such… but I want to see a happy ending!

I mean, after going through all of those missions, surviving near death attacks on trains, I really wanted to see it all pay off in the end. Instead, you have no choice but to see someone in your family die.

Street Fighter IV’s endings generally are bad. They’re not only short but they don’t make much sense as well. I know a fighting game isn’t something you play to see the ending but they should have put a little more effort to them!

39 characters and all their endings are bad

39 characters and all their endings are bad

Actually, I don’t think I would mind a bad ending too much if the entire story was at least good and there are some video games that do have epic stories. And I’ll talk about them next time!

If you have any things that have bad endings, be it video games, tv shows, movies or any of the sort that just had a plain awful ending, please put them in the comments below! I’d like to hear about them (and not really experience it).


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