How does Superman shave? Gillette asked notable nerds for their theories.

Remember the first trailer for Man of Steel? The one where he looks like a hobo? If you don’t remember it, here’s the first trailer (the one with Jor-El speaking):

Now, in later trailers, you’ll notice that he doesn’t have his beard anymore. So, how exactly does Superman shave since his whiskers are supposed to be as invincible as he is? Well, Gillette asked four notable geeks, namely comic book aficionado Kevin Smith, Bill Nye The Science Guy, Mayim Bialik from The Big Bang Theory and the Mythbusters (Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman) to give their theories.

Here’s the trailer for the vids:

You can also go to Gillette’s YouTube page to look at all of the videos in question.

Personally, I think he plucks his facial hairs one by one with super strength and super speed.

Man of Steel will be showing in theaters on June 14.

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