Episode 7: The Lovely Lasses of Mass Effect


I’ve talked about all of the playable male human characters in the Mass Effect trilogy and how even the male Shepard is lame when compared to the females in the game. Now, I’m gonna expound a bit more on the human females of the series. Unlike the male humans, the female homo sapiens are extremely interesting.

Girl power!

Girl power!

Oh, yeah. Before I forget, SPOILER alert!

Let’s start with Ashley Williams. While her backstory is initially pretty boring (daughter of a war veteran, has a lot of sisters, raised as a tomboy, etc.), what’s great about her is her progression throughout the series. In Mass Effect 1, she just wants to prove that having the Williams name is not a curse. Well, that doesn’t work out well since her entire squad dies during the start of the game! In the second game, she finds out that Shepard has been working for Cerberus (something like a terrorist organization) and starts to distrust Shepard. In the third entry, her hard work finally pays off as she becomes the only other human Spectre ever. Not only that, she loves poetry, adding another dimension to her. She not only a soldier, she’s a thinker, too!

But I really hate the "slutification" done to her in Mass Effect 3.

But I really hate the “slutification” done to her in Mass Effect 3.

Next, we have Miranda Lawson. Essentially a clone of her father, she was bred to be strong, beautiful and extremely well-educated. She realized that her father had evil ambitions and escaped. Still, her father had another clone made so Miranda had to rescue her “sister” as well. She appears to be morally ambiguous like planning to place a mind control device in Shepard during the Lazarus project and kidnapping an injured quarian to get information on a Collector attack but eventually grows to be more level headed as the series goes.

Well, she is modeled after that blonde girl from Chuck.

Well, she is modeled after that blonde girl from Chuck. Yvonne something or other.

We have (my favorite character) in the series. Jack, the “psychotic biotic,” was Subject Zero where she was experimented on to become the most powerful human biotic. She was tortured and escaped during a riot in the laboratory that was performing the tests. She led a hard life after that, having to do some bad things (she even blew up a space station) in order to just survive. She was caught and imprisoned in cryogenic suspension because of her powers and her homicidal attitude. She does mellow out by Mass Effect 3, becoming a teacher of children with biotic powers. In fact, she has an entry saying that she actually cares for all her students (even though she does still badmouth them from time to time).

Body covered in tats and can rock the bald look? She's perfect!

Body covered in tats,swears a lot, loves killing people with psychic powers and can rock the bald look? Someone to bring home to mom!

Since Jack and Miranda both have conflicting personalities, it made sense that they would hate each other. But I know deep down, they both love each other by the end.

Finally, we have the DLC character, the greatest thief in the universe, Kasumi. Her partner (and lover) Keiji was killed as he has information that can throw the entire galaxy into war. In her loyalty mission, you have to go undercover at a party in order to get the greybox, which contains Keiji’s memories. The mission is a blast. Not only that, Kasumi’s displays a sense of cocky confidence even though she is in pain because of her lover’s death.

All-in-all, the stories of the girls of Mass Effect rule which adds a level of richness to the already deep story of Mass Effect. In fact, I would say that Mass Effect’s overall story is better for it and makes it better than most movies out there. Still, I wouldn’t want to see a Mass Effect movie because you know that it will suck. Why I’m saying this will be discussed next time!

If you have any comments regarding the females of Mass Effect or other strong female characters, please add them to the comments section!


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