I’ll Review Anything: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

One of the problems when a movie is risque is that the Philippine movie companies will get cold feet with showing it in the country. One of these movies is Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The movie has has quite a bit of crude humor, sex scenes… and a fully naked Jason Segel showing his penis for all to see.

I loved everything about the movie… even the penis thing (because it was funny and not because I like to look at penises).

The story of Forgetting Sarah Marshall is Peter Bretter (Jason Segel) has been in a long time relationship with Sarah Marshall (played by the incredibly gorgeous and hot Kristen Bell), a successful television actress. One day, Sarah breaks up with Peter, which devastates him. He takes a vacation in Hawaii to try and get over his heartbreak. Unfortunately for Peter, Sarah is also in taking a vacation in the same resort with her new boyfriend, the flamboyant singer, Aldous Snow (played by Russell Brand).

Here’s the full trailer of the movie:

The trailer doesn’t really do the movie justice. The humor and jokes can be extremely juvenile and sophomoric but not to the point that they’re groan-worthy. Also, besides the aforementioned full frontal nudity of Jason Segel, there are a lot of topless scenes of females as well. So, guys, there’s something for everyone!

It doesn’t hurt that the main female cast members, Kristen Bell and Mila Kunis, are incredibly easy on the eyes. Besides that, they both do a great job portraying their respective characters and it makes it easy to fall in love with both of them.

I'd be severely depressed too if Kristen Bell broke up with me.

I’d be severely depressed too if Kristen Bell broke up with me.

Jason Segel does a good job playing Peter, the lovable sad sack of a character. Since Segal wrote the script for the film, he has a great understanding of the character and it shows. Peter is likable and you feel for him when all of the bad things happen to him.

However, it’s Russell Brand’s performance as Aldous Snow that steal every scene he’s in. Apparently, the original script called for the character to be a prolific writer but, after seeing Brand’s audition tape, it was decided to change him into a burned out, cocky rock star… which works incredibly well. Aldous Snow would probably be totally annoying if he was a real person, but, for the movie, you just can’t help but enjoy his antics.

I’m not saying that Forgetting Sarah Marshall is going to be for everyone. As I mentioned, there’s a copious amount of bare female breasts and the penis thing that I mentioned so people that are offended by these kinds of things will hate it immediately. The story isn’t going to be groundbreaking or win awards for Best Screenplay or anything like that. But, taking it as it is, a comedy about breaking up with someone and moving on with your life, it definitely gets the job done.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall shouldn’t be forgotten… see what I did there?

If you can, get the DVD since the extras and bloopers are hilarious as well.

If you can, get it on DVD or Blu-Ray since the extras and bloopers are hilarious as well.

If you have any comments or suggestions of other romantic comedies that were probably not shown here in the Philippines, please mention them below!

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