Calling all gamers: Can’t we just all get along?

In November of last year, Nintendo released the Wii U to the public. Sony announced the specs of their upcoming Playstation 4 console in February of this year. We also know that Microsoft is planning to make a big announcement soon with a press release for their new Xbox 720 (or whatever they’re going to call it) gaming system.

Welcome to another round of the Console Wars, fellow gamers!

And we're not even through with this generation of consoles yet!

And we’re not even through with this generation of consoles yet!

As with all Console Wars before it and all Console Wars to succeed it, we’re expected to take a side. Are you the Nintendo fanboy, ready to defend the Wii U? Will you be the one to proclaim that the Playstation 4 will rule (since all Playstations rule anyway)? Are you biting at the chance to type (in all caps) in message boards how “THE NEXT XBOX WILL ROXOR!!!111” even before anything about it is announced?

Well, just stop it already!

Here’s a very, very, very hypothetical situation to test your “loyalty” to a console. Suppose one morning you wake up with a revolutionary idea. An idea that will change the world… something like the schematics for a flying car that runs on water and can be folded up into your pocket so you don’t have to park it.

Yeah. Exactly like this... but in color.

Exactly like this… but in color.

Now, you sell the plans of your flying, non-polluting car to all the car manufacturers in the world. You’ll probably be an instant gagillionaire. If that’s not a real thing, well, you are one now in this hypothetical situation. Oh, and the car companies will pay you royalties for every flying car that’s purchased. So, you won’t have to work ever again. If you currently don’t have a job, you will never have to now. Essentially, you’ll be rolling in more cash than you can use.

The two girls are optional.

The two girls are optional.

Are you honestly going to tell me that you wouldn’t want to get all possible game consoles out there? I know I would!

My console of choice right now is the Playstation 3. That’s just me. I loved a lot of the games that are exclusively for it. LittleBigPlanet. The Uncharted games. Metal Gear Solid 4. They’re a blast to play. I’m also looking forward to upcoming games like The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls.

This just shows how many games I've also didn't mention

This just shows how many games I’ve also didn’t mention

Still, there are games that I also wanted to play. For the Xbox 360, there’s the Halo and Gears of Wars series  and also Alan Wake. For the Wii, I missed out playing the Mario and Zelda games (again!). I wish it were easy to gather the necessary resources to buy ALL of these consoles and ALL of those games. Not to mention the time needed to actually play them.

We have our favorite consoles and we stick by them because they’re our favorites. But is it really necessary to bash the other ones that we didn’t pick? I know sometimes it’s hard to admit it but, deep down inside us, we want to get them all and want to play them all. The reality for a lot of us is that we can’t.

I know this post will not change the minds of others and a lot will probably stubbornly hold on to the idea that one console sucks and the one that you get (or plan to get) rules over all. But I just hope that you all keep an open mind and understand that, while we made our choice, it doesn’t mean that it’s the one that owns the Console Wars.

Now let’s all get back to debating who’s the better Starfleet Captain: Kirk or Picard?

I can't choose! They're both so manly!

I can’t choose! They’re both so manly!

If you have any comments or suggestions, please put them below. You can also *sigh* post how much your console rules and the other ones sucks as well.

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