Five Inconsequential Questions from Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

As good as the movie is, I do realize Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ release put it in a bind. It was released a week after the very excellent John Wick: Chapter 4 and a week before the much anticipated Super Mario Bros. Movie. I would honestly be disappointed if the film didn’t make enough to greenlight a sequel or two. It’s simply that good. It’s basically a mighty fun time in the cinema and I recommend people go see it if they can.

However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a few niggling questions that popped into my head while I was watching it. Even though the film grabbed my suspension of disbelief and didn’t let go for the most part, there were still a few things that left me scratching my head. These questions weren’t big deals but I still feel the need to talk about them. So, let’s go through some inconsequential questions I had after watching Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.

Oh, and just in case you didn’t know, I will be discussing a ton of SPOILERS from now on. So, yeah. SPOILER WARNING!

#1 Why does Edgin still have access to Harper strongholds after leaving?

The entire plot of Honor Among Thieves kicks off when Edgin Darvis and his crew are hired to break into a secured location and steal a few priceless artifacts. Despite the high level of danger, Edgin agrees to the crime as he gets to steal an artifact that has the power to resurrect his dead wife. He feels responsible for her death as he helped take down a Red Wizard of Thay when he was part of the Harpers. The crew specifically needs Edgin because, as a former Harper, he can open the door leading to the stronghold.

But why does Edgin still have access to the Harper stronghold when he essentially quit being part of the group some time ago? I would think the Harpers would’ve revoked his membership as well as his access to places like this precisely so that they couldn’t do things like this. It’s possible he just stopped going to the Harper meetings but I would still think the Harpers would’ve known that he’s not into it anymore because he would be declining missions from them. Heck Xenk himself knew Edgin quit being a Harper when they first met! So why did the Harper still allow him access to places like the aforementioned stronghold?

Speaking of Xenk…

#2 Did Xenk really need to hide the Helm of Disjunction in the Underdark?

Edgin and crew figure out that, in order to break into Forge’s vault, they would need the Helm of Disjunction. After resurrecting the fallen warriors who were in the battle where the Helm was lost, they figure out that a paladin named Xenk Yendar has the magical artifact. Xenk then tells the group he hid the Helm of Disjunction in the Underdark for safekeeping. This leads the party to explore the Underdark to retrieve it.

But did Xenk really have to hide the Helm of Disjunction in the Underdark? Forgive my lack of Dungeons & Dragons knowledge but wouldn’t it be more dangerous to leave such a powerful magical artifact out in the open? I get the Underdark, especially since it looks like the area is inhabited by sentient beings as they are vast cities that could be seen when the party gets there. Wouldn’t leaving a item with such power near where evil sentient beings live be a bad idea?

Speaking of magical items…

#3 Is it normal to have magical necklaces that grants invisibility in store windows?

After leaving the Harpers, Edgin and his new found partner in crime, Holga, turn to performing crimes in order to survive. In one of their more earlier crimes, Edgin and Holga break the window of what seems to be an item or accessory store. One of the accessories they abscond with is a necklace that can turn the wearer invisible. Edgin and Holga give the necklace to Kira, Edgin’s daughter. This allows Edgin and Holga to bring Kira with them during their crimes as Kira will be relatively safe because she’ll be invisible.

But is it really that easy to get a necklace of invisibility? Would Dungeons and Dragons storeowners just have magical items like that hanging from the display windows facing the outside of their shop? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the magical items behind the counter as they would be more valuable? It just seems really weird and irresponsible to have something like an invisibility necklace… visible for anyone to grab, right? I mean, I would suspect magical items of any time to be difficult to find. So why make them so easy to steal?

Speaking of being difficult to find…

#4 How were the Red Wizard assassins able to locate Xenk and the heroes in the Underdark?

Sofina, the main baddie of Honor Among Thieves, figures out that Edgin will try to break into Neverwinter so she sends the elite Red Wizard assassins after them. As the heroes reach the location where the Helm of Disjunction is, the assassins attack but Xenk manages to fend them off. As the assassins are undead, they come back to life and try to kill the heroes again. The attack is only broken up when a fat dragon appears and the party manages to escape the Underdark in the chaos.

But how were the Red Wizard assassins able to find Edgin and Xenk in the first place? I get they’re elite trackers and all that. But they’re skilled enough to not only locate where they are on the surface but also in the Underdark? Also, how were they able to get to their location when Simon had to use the Hither Thither Staff to get there since the bridge was knocked out by Simon? Can they fly, too?

#5 Why isn’t Simon more popular despite being descended from an enigmatic bloodline?

One of the main characters in Honor Among Thieves is Simon Aumar, a low level sorcerer who relies mostly on magical artifacts as most of his spells are rather lame. It is revealed, however, that he’s a known descendant of a great wizard known as Elminster. When Simon tries to use the Helm of Disjunction, it appears as if Elminster himself appears in his dreams, telling him he’s not good enough to use the item. He eventually starts to believe in himself just before they are captured and sent to join the HighSun Games to die.

But as the descendant of Elminster, shouldn’t Simon be more well-known to the general public? Once again, I can’t really say why as I’m not a Dungeons & Dragons superfan. As such, I’m unfamiliar with the lore. However, the movie makes it seem like Elminster was this really powerful wizard during his time. So how come Simon has to resort to thieving when I would assume he comes from a rather elite lineage?

Speaking of characters from the past…

BONUS: Are you tell me the kids from the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon haven’t found a way home?

My only real connection with Dungeons & Dragons was the short lived Saturday morning cartoon where a group of kids are sucked into the magical world and are looking for a way back home. The group makes an appearance during the HighSun games as one of the other parties suckered into participating.

The cartoon was released way back in the ’80s. It’s now 2023. You’re telling me it’s been more that 30 years and they’re still stuck? Hank the Ranger must suck as a party leader!

Have any other inconsequential questions from Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!

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