Five Inconsequential Questions for Shazam!: Fury of the Gods

Well, Shazam!: Fury of the Gods has been out for a while now and it’s taken the world by… mild rainstorms. DC’s newest superhero movie has just been getting okay reviews, including my own, and it has translated into an okay box office. It’ll probably recoup its overall budget and, at the very least, break even but this isn’t the godly box-office returns DC was expecting.

Well, I have seen the film and I have notice more than just a few problems with it. However, that’s not what I want to talk about at this time. Like with most new major movie releases, I like to focus on some of the more inconsequential questions that popped into my head while watching it. So, let’s go through five pretty inconsequential questions I have after watching Shazam!: Fury of the Gods.

Of course, as I will be talking about specifics plot points from the film, I’m putting out the obligatory SPOILER WARNING now. So, you have been warned.

#1 Why did the Daughters of Atlas take two whole years to get to Earth?

So, at the start of Fury of the Gods, they mention that the Shazam Family has been operating as Philadelphia’s resident superhero team for a couple of years now. It’s only around this time when the Daughters of Atlas, consisting of Hespera, Kalypso and Anthea decide to go to our world. They weren’t able to do so previously until Billy Batson, in his superhero form, broke the wizard’s staff in the previous movie. While he did this in order to prevent Dr. Sivana from using its power, doing this inadvertently broke the seal that kept the gods from invading Earth.

But didn’t Billy Batson break the staff a couple of years ago? Why did the Daughters of Atlas wait for such a long time to get to Earth? I get they were pretty much powerless because the wizard and his brothers took all of the god’s powers and locked them in the staff. But why wait for so long? Was it a super long journey? I don’t think it is because I would assume it’s done through interdimensional travel as it looks like they can simply zap their way to and from the godly realm and Earth in an instant. Were they just really making some intricate plan to get their powers back… with all of that planning falling apart because of all their infighting?

Speaking of Anthea…

#2 Why did Anthea have to enroll in the same school as Freddy Freeman?

I do think it was clever of the Daughters of Atlas to try to sus out the Shazam Family by targeting Freddy Freeman and working in the after credits scene from the first film. He’s pretty much the only known individual who’s been in contact with Billy Batson’s superhero form… and Superman as he was seen eating lunch with them at school. Using this information, Althea must’ve gotten the idea that Freddy Freeman knows the magically powered superhero as he is their target. That’s pretty slick writing.

However, what I don’t get is why Althea would have to even enroll in the same school as Freddy Freeman to get close to him. And, no. She’s not pretending to go to the school as she even has a class schedule and all! So, this means the Daughters of Atlas went through all of the trouble to fill out a bunch of paperwork, give Althea a civilian identity just to get close to Freddy Freeman! I love their conviction to the ruse but wouldn’t it be easier to just, I don’t know, follow him around, figure out his likes and dislikes and then talk to him? Why bother with this complicated plan and busywork? Besides, isn’t it ridiculous for a god like Althea to go to school as she would be bored out of her mind because, one, she’s a god. And two, wouldn’t she be incredibly bored dealing with all the kid’s stuff that beneath her as, once again, she’s a god?

Speaking of kid’s stuff…

#3 How did the Shazam Family afford to trick out the Rock of Eternity?

In between the crimes and the crises the Shazam Family take on, they not only turn back to the normal identities as foster kids, they also hang out in the Rock of Eternity. But it vastly different from what it was like in the previous movie. It’s not just some dumb cave with a cavern with a thousand doors that leads to different parts of the universe anymore. No, Billy Batson and family tricked it out with various manner of niceties, like a widescreen TV, a couch, neon light signs, sick sound system and… is that a Mortal Kombat II arcade machine tucked in the back? Nice. Very nice.

Pay no mind to the camera crew in the background!

But I do have to ask how they got all of this stuff? I don’t think they got the money from Mary Bromfield. Even though she has a job now, it’s probably not a high paying one as she didn’t go to college and she does hint she’s helping her adoptive parents with the bills. It’s possible they got all the swag from thankful citizens but that also seems highly unlikely as they’re known as the Philly’s Follies. That’s not a term of endearment as it’s also hinted that they’ve messed up a lot. I also don’t think they stole the stuff since that would not be very heroic of them. So how did they get all of that neat stuff to fill up the Rock of Eternity?

Speaking of Mary’s job…

#4 What is Mary’s job?

As mentioned, a couple of years have passed since the first movie. Back then, Mary Bromfield was trying to get into college. Apparently, that fell through as, after acquiring the powers of Shazam, she appears to have quit that dream to stay in Philadelphia to remain a part of the Shazam Family to keep things together. Her foster parents are struggling financially since they don’t get any more government subsidies since Mary aged out of the foster system. So, to show gratitude, she seems to have taken a job to help them out with their money woes.

I know this is very inconsequential but that’s what this list is all about, isn’t it? I just gotta know what Mary Bromfield’s job is? I mean, they even joke how Wonder Woman might be an accountant or something but, as she didn’t go to college, I highly doubt she has that kind of high paying job. I would assume she goes to work in the service industry like as a fast food clerk but they don’t show her in the outfit. So what is her job?

Speaking of Wonder Woman…

#5 Why does Wonder Woman still have godly powers if all godly magic shouldn’t work on Earth?

So it appears Billy Batson has a huge crush on Wonder Woman. I can’t really blame the kid. I mean, a beautiful woman who is endowed with magical abilities as she is the daughter of Zeus himself. Yes, I actually remember that bit from the first Wonder Woman movie during Ares monologue when encountering Diana. So, apparently, Wonder Woman is, at the very least, part god. This is why she was able to recharge the wizard’s staff and bring Billy Batson back to life at the end of Fury of the Gods.

However, this does fly in the face of the DC Extended Universe continuity now because, as Fury of the Gods notes, the staff’s other purpose was to make sure godly magic wouldn’t work in the human world. So, while Wonder Woman is indeed part god, why would her godly abilities work? It shouldn’t because the staff would prevent her abilities from manifesting. Heck, Ares wouldn’t have been able to use his abilities as well if that were the case! I’m also not sure if the Justice Society’s Doctor Fate from Black Adam would be able to use his helmet as it is also a magic item.

Speaking of the Justice Society…

BONUS: What is Billy Batson doing all the way in that remote area when Emilia Harcourt and John Economos try to recruit him to the Justice Society?

During the mid-credits scene, we see Emilia Harcourt and John Economos walking down a dirt path. It turns out they’re there to recruit the superhero version of Billy Batson into their team. He’s there all by his lonesome, shooting cans with his lightning powers. Thinking she’s talking about the Justice League, Billy accepts, not knowing it’s actually for the Justice Society, the same team featured in Black Adam.

But what the heck is Billy Batson doing there all by his lonesome? After all that talk about staying together and all that, he’s just there alone, shooting at cans in his superhero form? That’s really hypocritical of you, Billy Batson!

What other inconsequential questions popped in your head while watching Shazam!: Fury of the Gods? Let me know in the comments section below!


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