Episode 505: The Chainsaw Demo Convinced Me to Stick to My PlayStation 4 for Resident Evil 4 Remake


Welp, I just played through the Resident Evil 4 Remake Chainsaw Demo and I freaking loved it! I did play the original version on an actual PlayStation 2 a while back when Capcom pumped out the other remakes for the other games in the series. I don’t think it prepared me well enough for the Chainsaw Demo, though. There were a few things which did feel different. The shooting felt much better as you can still move Leon around while your gun is raised. The knife is much more handy since it can parry virtually any attack. I do find it weird Leon can’t use it to parry unarmed enemies but whatever! Parrying with the knife at just the right time to create an opening for a roundhouse kick simply feels good!

What’s really amazing is I downloaded the Chainsaw Demo on my humble PlayStation 4 and it worked beautifully. I half expected Capcom to just phone this entry in since everyone is moving on to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles. I thought I was going to get a good laugh at the demo’s performance and how things would look super blocky or how things would slow down to a crawl during the village attack with all of the enemies trying to get after Leon. So imagine my surprise when things ran very smoothly each and every time I went through the demo! So, this cinched it. I’m going to play Resident Evil 4 Remake on my aging PlayStation 4.

It’s not like I don’t want to upgrade and get a PlayStation 5 yet. It looks like Sony finally got their act together and started producing more PlayStation 5 systems all over the world. No need to sell a kidney anymore to be able to afford one and scalpers are probably shedding a couple of tears because of this. I do want to get one but not right now. I’m actually waiting to get one in June of this year. Why June? It’s because we’re on the brink of summer in the Philippines right now and that’s when summer in the country, and things will start to cool down, begins.

You would think summer would be one of the best times to get a brand new gaming console because of all the summer breaks and all. However, that logic doesn’t really work in the Philippines because of how hot it gets here! I guess we’re all getting soaring temperatures all over the world but, in a tropical country like the Philippines, the heat can get unbearable even indoors! What’s one of the worst enemies of any new gaming console? That would be extreme heat! Why risk my brand new PlayStation 5 getting cooked in the summer heat when I can simply wait for the season to be over?

What I can’t wait for, however, is playing the actual game. The Chainsaw Demo was short, to be sure, but it was still fun. While there weren’t any major changes in the demo when compared to the original game’s story, I’m sure Capcom will have switched things up in the actual game and I’m super eager to find out what those changes are. Besides, I became a huge Resident Evil nut because of the previous Remake entries! You bet I’m thirsty for more Remake action!

Besides, the Chainsaw Demo doesn’t really look all that bad when compared to the PlayStation 5 version. I will admit, after watching some comparison videos showing off the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 versions, it’s pretty clear the PlayStation 5 is superior when it comes to graphical fidelity and frame rates. Capcom really had to get tricky in what textures not make high resolution to keep things chugging along at a generally solid framerate. My time with the Chainsaw Demo wasn’t exactly smooth sailing but it was good enough. You could say it was akin to playing the demo on a PC with minimum specs.

Another reason why I’m getting Resident Evil 4 Remake on my ancient PlayStation 4 instead of waiting is because, and I know this sounds silly, I want it to be the final big game I play on that system. I’ve had the same PlayStation 4 for a very long time. It was one of the things I saved up my own money to get so there is some attachment to it. I’ve really have a lot of sentimentality connected to that black box. I’ve played so many of my favorite games using it. Games like the aforementioned Resident Evil Remake games, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Street Fighter V, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Rock Band, Valkyria Chronicles 4 and so much more. It’s served me well.

Sure, it’s seen better days. Both my controllers have varying issues, from sponge-y feeling directional pads to triggers which don’t seem to go all the way in. I’ve had to do a factory reset on my system a couple of times new and I even had to flat out replace the hard drive as it would keep crashing. Still, it’s been with me throughout all these years, even enduring the Philippine summer heat for some heavy gaming sessions.

I know I’ll be retiring my PlayStation 4 when I do get a PlayStation 5. It’s not like I can help it anyway since most games are going to be coming out on Sony’s latest system anyway. There will be a time in the near future when the PlayStation 4 won’t be getting the latest and greatest games anymore. I’ve even refrained from getting some games, like Elden Ring, since I would prefer to play that game with the latest system and not the one I have right now. So, why not end my PlayStation 4’s service with a bang? Why not make the last real game I’ll play on it be a game I’m highly anticipating? If I’m going to retire it, I might as well end its service on the highest note I can think of.

In a few weeks time, I’ll be going to my local video game store and purchasing myself a copy of Resident Evil 4 Remake for my PlayStation 4. It’s going to be a little bittersweet as it will be the final major game I’ll be getting for it. Still, I can’t think of a better way to retire it but to play probably one of the best games I can play on it.


How are you going to play Resident Evil 4 Remake? Let me know in the comments section below!


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