Fiefo’s List of Five Female Comedian Crushes

Comedy is tough. Trying to think of stuff like funny situations, crazy situations, insane personalities and tie them all together into a coherent story that illicit a laugh from a great number of people is hard. I do believe it’s harder to be thought of as funny when you’re good looking. I wish I could say this from experience but… no. I just think it’s easier to be funny when you’re kinda homely looking because you need some other way to grab the attention of others when there’s someone much, much, much hotter than you that’s stealing all of the spotlight.

But that doesn’t mean there are hot people who are funny. Actually, in this day of age, there are a lot of them. However, as with everything, some appeal to me more than other. So, as this coincidentally is the day of love (for some reason), I decided to put up a list of five of my favorite funny females. Why? Well, I’ve done a list for female comic book characters, lesser known female animated characters and female video game characters. It’s about time I talk about real, living people, right?

Judy Greer

Yes, I know your eyes are up there.

Ha! Nice try, Arrested Development! You can try to make Judy Greer look unattractive all you want. But I know the truth! She might not be pretty in the classical sense as she doesn’t have things like pouty lips and she comes off as pretty pale. However, there is a certain quality to her that does make her look attractive that I can’t really put my finger on.

This is probably why she does get cast in roles like in Arrested Development, where she’s supposed to be this horny homely secretary or being just Scott Lang’s ex-wife in Ant-Man. She’s pretty in her own way but maybe some people just can’t see it like I can.

Tina Fey

She’s pretty, funny and wears glasses? Where do I sign up?

Tina Fey is probably one of the most prolific female former Saturday Night Live cast members today. Not only did she become the head writer for the long-lived sketch show, she also became a successful writer and producer. Tina Fey has been behind some really big hits like Mean Girls, 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, just to name a few.

I wouldn’t call Tina Fey a bombshell but she definitely is very attractive. Some say she’s not too pretty because of the scar on the left side of her cheek, which she got when she was a kid. I actually think it add a lot of personality to her as it does give her a more unique look. She became one of my biggest crushes for a while when I started watching Saturday Night Live. Oddly enough, the thing that really drew me to her were her glasses. She does pull off the sexy nerd look very, very well without even trying.

Ellie Kemper

Speaking of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt…

I’ve always had a soft spot for redheads. I don’t know why but they’ve always automatically got a few more points in attractiveness when a girl has red hair. I’ve also been attracted to the more naturally innocent and naive type of girl. Ellie Kemper has played Erin from The Office and the titular character from Unbreakable Kimmy Schidt, two characters who exude these specific characteristics. Then again, being a redhead is something Ellie Kemper can’t really help, I guess.

There’s simply a certain cute quality to Ellie Kemper and maybe that’s mostly because her most popular roles have her playing that type of character. What makes her cute to me and why I do have a crush on her is because, well, the red hair as well as that rather infectuous smile of hers. Also, I know she has a devious side to her hidden underneath all that niceness. That’s doubly hot.

Riki Lindhome

She sings like an angel! An angel with a filthy mouth but an angel nonetheless!

As a big fan of “Weird Al” Yankovic, I always appreciate comedy in musical form. It must be hard to put together lyrics that can illicit a laugh while also sung in a particular tune. This is what precisely drew me to Garfunkle & Oates, with Riki Lindhome playing the role of Garfunkle. This isn’t the first time I saw Riki Lindhome, though. I’ve seen her appear in guest spots in sitcoms like Titus and the Big Bang Theory. And each and every time, I thought she looked cute.

I guess the biggest reason I have a thing for Riki Lindhome is, besides having this distinct hotness to her, in my opinion, she’s also got a bit of a dirty mind. You can definitely tell that from how crass some of the Garfunkle & Oates songs are. Yes, they might come of as sophomoric but, just because the songs are vulgar, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a sense of poetry and wit to time. A girl who can be pretty and dirty minded as Riki Lindhome is bound to be fun to be with.

Aisling Bea

I just had to include someone most of you probably didn’t know.

As I mentioned when I reviewed Cunk on Earth, I do like watching British comedy shows. This is how I did run across Aisling Bea in the first place. She seems to be a mainstay on comedy panel programs like QI and Big Fat Quiz. It just so happens I’m a big fan of QI but it’s extra special when Aisling Bea is on because I do get to see her pretty face while I do so.

If she seems familiar and you don’t watch British television programming, well, I’m sorry because you probably saw her in Home Sweet Home Alone. If you’re lucky, you might know her from Netflix’s Living with Myself or Hulu’s This Way Up. I still mostly know her from her QI segments. Either way, I think she’s pretty in a more conventional way and she just so happens to be witty and funny. What’s not to like?

BONUS: Anna Kendrick

If I had a significant other, I’m pretty sure I’ll tell them Anna Kendrick is on my list as well.

While everyone else was falling in love with Kristen Stewart and Ashley Green in Twilight, I was more focused on the “normal” girl shifting in the background who didn’t get much screentime. That was Anna Kendrick. I just couldn’t believe the teenage vampire was so attracted to plain ol’ Bella when there was a certified hottie already in the school with him. Apparently, vampires have no taste.

In all seriousness, though, Anna Kendrick is pretty and cute. She also seems really funny and a blast to get along. The only reason why she’s a bonus entry is because she’s not a traditional female comedian. At least, she’s not really known for being a comedian despite being in comedies. Still, she’s pretty hot.

Do you have any comedians who you have crushes on? Let me know who they are in the comments section below!


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