Five Inconsequential Questions from Thor: Love and Thunder

So I’m guessing the whole lot of you have seen Thor: Love and Thunder by now? I mean, looking at the box office numbers, the movie has raked in a lot of money from ticket sales. Like I said in my review, it was a fun movie but they could’ve cooled it with the jokes a bit. A good time for all who would like a good laugh and not take their superhero movies all that seriously.

But, like with any Marvel movie, I always walk out of the theater with just a few questions about what I saw. They might not necessarily be gaping plot holes or directorial decisions. But the types of questions that usually pop into my head fall on the more trivial side. So, here are just five inconsequential questions from Thor: Love and Thunder.

Oh, and since I will be talking about specific events that happened throughout the movie, there will be some big SPOILERS from here on out. You have been warned. Now, on with the inconsequential questions!

#1 What happened to the Guardians of the Galaxy?

Well, so much for the Asgardians of the Galaxy, huh?

At the end of Avengers: Endgame, Thor opts to join the Guardians of the Galaxy instead of remaining on Earth. I hoped this actually set up an adventure with the Guardians with Thor in tow like what they did in Thor: Ragnarok where Marvel’s God of Thunder was stuck with Hulk. What we got instead was a glorified cameo! Basically, Thor split up from the Guardians of the Galaxy to help Lady Sif while the Star Lord and company took on the other emergencies.

Okay, that’s all well and good but what happened to the Guardians of the Galaxy? They went off to help the other worlds that were devastated by Gorr the God Butcher’s… butchering. But you never really got to see their adventures and if they actually helped or not. Heck, Thor didn’t even bother to contact them to see if they needed any help! Oh, it was nice to see them again and how Thor became an integral part of their team. But it would have been nice to see them pop up some other time in the movie just to see if they were doing fine.

Speaking of Gorr…

#2 Why does Gorr’s daughter have laser eyes?

Fun fact: In the comics, it was actually the death of Gorr’s last son that caused him to snap, not his daughter. Okay, not exactly “fun” but it is a fact.

Yep, much more tragic in the comic.

Gorr’s origin from the movie differs only so slightly from the comic. Gorr was a true believer in the movie while, in the comics, he was already a heretic, slowly losing his belief in his gods because of all the tragedies in his life. He also loses his son in the comics but, in the movie, it’s his daughter that is taken from him last. In both the movie and the comic, he does acquire the Necro Sword and kills his god and repurposes his life into hunting down the other gods as punishment for their neglect. The Necro Sword does give Gorr superhuman abilities and fighting skills, making him more than capable of fulfilling his quest. In the movie, Gorr does feel remorse at the end as all he really wanted was for his daughter to be alive and well. He makes his wish to Eternity and it’s granted. As his dying wish, Gorr entrusts Thor to take care of his daughter, Love.

He failed to mention that his daughter now has laser eyes, though.

Seriously, where did this come from? It would’ve made sense if Gorr toss out an eye beam during any of his fights but he never did. Heck, he didn’t even try to fire out one blast! So I guess this isn’t actually an ability of whatever alien race he belongs to. If that’s the case, why would his resurrected daughter have that ability? It’s conceivable he wished that along with her being brought back to life. But it’s so out of left field!

Speaking of the gods…

#3 Did anyone know that Zeus had magical clothes flicking powers?

I’m no Greek god historian or anything… but I don’t recall Zeus ever doing this in any of his stories.

Probably the scene I loved the most is also the most unnecessary one. It’s when Thor, Valkyrie and Jane Foster travel to Omnipotence City in a futile attempt to recruit a sympathetic army strong enough to take on Gorr. Thor, in disguise tries to convince the city’s leader, Zeus, to help him but the leader of the Greek gods decides against it as they’re all safe as long as they stay in Omnipotence City. I say this entire section of the movie isn’t needed as they could’ve written in another way for them to get Zeus’ lightning bolt. However, I still think it deserves to be in the movie because it does have a good action scene and the entire “flick” was hilarious, despite it being spoiled in the trailer.

But, correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t really know of any stories of Zeus flicking off the clothes of humans. I mean, he’s done a lot of mean things, like disguise himself like a swan in order to get with other women other than Hera as well as eating his first wife because she was pregnant and he was afraid the offspring would overthrow him. But he’s never flicked off anyone’s clothing, as far as I know. I mean, Zeus was one horny god! If he had clothes flicking powers, he would have used it all the time!

Oh, since I mentioned Jane Foster…

#4 What was Jane Foster’s “perfect” catchphrase?

I wish I had a catchphrase!

I really liked what they did with Jane Foster here. While it is comics appropriate, the way they had Jane Foster go about taking on the life of a superhero was really endearing. It’s easy to kick all sort of evil butt when you have the power of the God of Thunder. But she’s still the rather dorky Jane Foster underneath all the superhero glitz and glamour. I really found it endearing that, while she genuinely wants to save the world, she’s still likes to think of kiddie things, like developing a catchphrase. In the movie, it’s mentioned she’s been trying to get one to stick, like “Eat this hammer” while walking around Omnipotence City and “Let’s bring the rainbow” when trying to get to the Shadow Realm. But she hasn’t been able to make any of them work…

…That is, until the end, when she’s dying in Thor’s arms. With her finally succumbing to the cancer, Jane whispers in Thor’s ear what she thinks is the catchphrase that would work for her and Thor’s agrees it’s the best one yet. We never do get to hear what Jane Foster said and I guess it’s supposed to remain a mystery and only for Thor to hear. But still, as a viewer, I’m really curious what it could be. Is it really the best? Or is it incredibly silly? We’ll never know… until someone over at Marvel spills the beans.

Speaking of the Shadow Realm…

#5 Why could Thor see in color when visiting the Shadow Realm in Axel’s visions?

The kid’s right, by the way. Axl is a much cooler name than Astrid.

I have to admit the Shadow Realm was a cool place to have an action scene. Being it’s a place devoid of any color, it was a brilliant move to have things like Thor’s lightning being the only moments where anything of hue was apparent. However, Thor and company travelled to the Shadow Realm, I didn’t think it was going to actually be black and white. That’s because they actually showed the Shadow Realm in color early on!

Remember, the only reason why they figured out the children Gorr kidnapped were in the Shadow Realm was because Thor was astral projected to the location by Heimdall’s son, Astrid Axl. He even mentions that it’s like color fears to go there. Even when Gorr tells his (rather amusing) story to the children later on, the entire scene does have color. It’s only when Thor, Jane Foster and Valkyrie arrive there is when it’s all black and white. Why was this the case when every other scene does show some pigmentation? I guess because it’s cool looking and that’s a good enough explanation as any?

BONUS: Will we ever get to see the Asgarian Acting Troupe perform the second art of Thor: Ragnarok?

I’m so glad they survived the events of Thor: Ragnarok!

It’s really nice to see the Asgarian Acting Troupe back in action because their phenomenal acting prowess were a highlight in Thor: Ragnarok. We do see them perform a new dramatic performance based on the events of that movie but we only got to see the first act! When are we going to get the second and third act? I mean, I really wanna see sweded Valkyrie and Hulk, don’t you?

What other inconsequential questions sprung up from your brain after watching Thor: Love and Thunder? Let me know in the comments section below!


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