Episode 469: Five Minor Character Story Arc Predictions for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth


It’s going to be a while before we get to play Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the sequel to Square Enix’s pseudo reboot to Final Fantasy VII. It’s going to be released in the next couple of years so we have a ton to time to speculate what’s going to happen with Cloud and the party. Rebirth is going to take the characters in a similar direction but also veer off course from what happened during the original game.

I’m sure there are already blogs out there putting together their own theories on what’s going to happen with the main characters and even the secondary characters of Remake. With that side already going to be covered, why not focus on the newer characters who weren’t in the original game? So, instead of focusing on what’s going to happen with the more well-known characters, here are my speculations on what’s going to happen to the more minor characters in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

#1 Johnny

Am I the only one who likes Johnny? God, I hope not!

I did some research regarding Johnny before I wrote this and he has a surprisingly large role in the original Final Fantasy VII. Okay, not exactly a big role but he is a character who just seems to pop up whenever a character gets to a new location. He basically has a self-contained story arc but his story isn’t exactly fleshed out. So let me have a go on what’s going to happen to our favorite dense and overconfident comic relief.

Like in the original game, Johnny will appear in some of the towns Cloud and company visit. In Rebirth, however, you do find out he’s still the bumbling idiot he’s always been, bouncing from odd job to odd job. I can also see there being a series of side quests leading to Johnny finding a possible girlfriend and even locating items for his planned proposal. The engagement does goes bust, sadly.

#2 Kyrie

You got some weird fashion sense, Kyrie. I like it!

She’s not exactly the Materia stealing ninja Yuffie but I liked Kyrie just fine. I always have a soft spot for the spunky and mischievous thief-like characters but it was her really oddball style which drew me to her. Anyway, Kyrie wasn’t in the original game but she did play a supporting role in some light novel or something so we do know what happened to her in a way. However, we don’t know what she’s been doing in between those events.

I can definitely see Kyrie popping back into the story when the party arrives at the Gold Saucer. As a pickpocket and a amateur scam artist, it just makes sense for someone like Kyrie to visit the place to test out her skills in such a location. I can see some weird side quest where you have to chase Kyrie through all the zones of Gold Saucer, with her escaping through really creative and fun means.

#3 Chadley

“I’m getting an emotional response!” If it’s in your pants, I don’t think it’s an “emotion” as you call it.

Chadley is totally brand new so there’s nothing to really draw from except from Remake. His story arc in Remake does reveal he’s some kind of robot or cyborg and his interactions with Cloud helped him break free from Hojo’s control. Chadley then says he doesn’t know what’s next for him but I bet it’ll involve him exploring the world, which will eventually lead him to, once again, developing new materia for the party.

However, I would like to see Chadley be more than just another robot and develop a little more throughout this new trilogy so a more involved side quest with him at the center should be included in the next game. I could definitely see Hojo wanting “his property” back so there will be this moment wherein Chadley gets kidnapped by Shinra and Cloud and company launches a rescue attempt. In fact, I actually see this as a non-skippable side quest and be more connected to the main story.

#4 Roche

The guy certainly knows how to make an entrance!

Like Chadley, Roche is a totally brand new character created for Final Fantasy VII Remake. He might be played for laughs because of his, shall we say, boisterous personality. However, I do think he’ll undergo a very severe character overhaul because of him being in SOLDIER, making him more of a tragic character.

I predict Roche will appear several times during Rebirth. You’ll see him sometime at the start, as part of the group giving chase to our heroes. He does catch up to them and still acts relatively the same… until you get him to critical health. At this point, he gets to his “second form” and really goes ballistic, wrecking the party with more powerful attacks. This would be a result of the SOLDIER degradation hinted throughout the game. The party beats him but Roche is now more unhinged than ever.

You battle him once more and it becomes obvious he isn’t the same old Roche as he’s more manic. You then meet him one more time but in a sorry state, possibly in a catatonic state, making him a sad reminder of what might happen to Cloud in the future.

#5 Leslie

From a bummer of a story to a much more uplifting one.

Like Johnny and Kyrie, Leslie actually has a fleshed out story because of all the supplementary material that came out for Final Fantasy VII. It’s a bit of a spoiler but Leslie does get a happy ending as he does find Merle sometime in the future. How he finds her, well, that’ll be explored throughout the next couple of games.

As his story is directly connected to Don Corneo, Leslie will play an important role during the part of the game where we catch up to the Don at Wutai Village. There will probably be this huge mission where Leslie will ask the party to help him get some information from Don Corneo. That information being what happens to the previous brides. By the end of the quest in Rebirth, Leslie will get the information and, this time, be the one to take down Don Corneo. With the info on where his fiancee is, he then goes out to the location… which will be tackled in the last installment of the series.


I know I’m not supposed to be talking about the main characters but my theory on how they’ll handle Zack is just bonkers enough to be true!

It’s strongly hinted Zack and Cloud are following different timelines. It’s also possible, because of that special ending cutscene in Intergrade, Aerith is already dead by the time Zack gets to the church. This then leads Zack on a totally unique quest to find Aerith’s killer, who just so happens to be Sephiroth. During his quest, he meets up with totally new party members, including Yuffie.

Yes, I actually think Yuffie won’t be joining Cloud and company but will hang with Zack instead. In fact, I even think the still unseen Vincent will be part of Zack’s party, which might be a bummer but, the way I see it, Cloud’s group already has a gun wielder in Barrett so diluting him with another gun user like Vincent would be a bad idea. So, yeah. You’ll be controlling two groups in Rebirth. The first will be Cloud’s party from Remake while Zack will get some other characters to join his group. It’s a bonkers theory, I know. If it comes true, though… you’ll have to admit I’m a genius!


How do you see Square Enix handle the more minor characters in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth? Let me know in the comments section below!


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