Burger Month 2022: Supremo Bacon Mushroom Melt

Finally, Burger Month is back! While I do try to make this a yearly thing, I was really looking forward to it this year. It’s not like I’ve been refraining from eating burgers just waiting for this year’s Burger Month to roll around. But I just wanted to find an excuse to sort of splurge and look for some new burger places. That’s because it seems like a good number of them have popped up over here.

In fact, a new burger place had just opened up recently just walking distance from my home. The place is called Supremo burgers. Now, I did a little research and they actually do have branches all over the city already but I’ve never eaten in any of them. So now’s a good time as any to try out what they’re offering.

Almost “hole in the wall” like

I do have to comment on the Supremo branch itself because, well, I kind of like it. It’s not overly large; the inside portion can only fit three groups of four maximum. It’s also kind of hot inside because there wasn’t any air conditioning that I could detect. But I still liked it. It’s kind of quaint in its own way and I do like it’s not trying to be fancy. It’s simplistic and almost rustic and that has its own charm.

Supremo’s menu is pretty straightforward. The sign out front says they sell burgers and sausages and that’s actually pretty much it. They also sell fried chicken sandwiches but, hey! That’s burger-esque, right? What they do offer is a variety of burgers with different fixings.

I opted to get the Supremo Bacon Mushroom Melt as it was the one that had some kind of bacon in it. I was kind of intrigued by the other options (the Supremo Jalapeno Burger especially because I do like spicy stuff on my food). However, I just can’t quit the idea of bacon with my burger. So, of course I went with the Supermo Bacon Mushroom Melt! I also order a side of potato wedges to go with it. It may be called Burger Month but what’s a burger without some kind of fries to go with it?

When I did get my Supremo Bacon Mushroom Melt and side of potato wedges, I will say I was rather impressed by how large the servings looked. It’s not like they were massive but both the burger and the potato wedges looked pretty hefty. The Supremo Bacon Mushroom Melt in particular looked like they piled on the stuff. Not that I’m complaining. More stuff is always better in my opinion.

Told ya they put a ton of stuff on it!

The burger patty itself was good. It wasn’t juicy or anything like that but there was still enough so you can still taste the beef. I will say, however, that it did seem to lack some salt. Even though there wasn’t any juice dripping all over the place, the burger was a little bit messy to eat because of the copious amount of sauce and mayo it had. Thankfully, the sauce, which just seemed like a barbecue sauce to me, was actually pretty good. It was somewhat sweet but it was balanced out by the tanginess. The vegetable accompaniment, which would be the tomatoes, onions and lettuce did feel crisp.

Unfortunately, there were some things I didn’t particularly like. For one, the bacon wasn’t crispy. It didn’t become stringy when I bit into it but there definitely wasn’t any crunch to it. Also, the bun itself was simply too thick and wasn’t toasted. It’s not a big deal since I did eat it when it was freshly cooked but, from my experience, because the bun was still very soft, it will absorb all of the sauce and mayo. This will turn the bread into a paste if that happens. So that just a word of warning for you.

What really impressed me were the potato wedges because Supremo definitely didn’t scrimp out on the serving size yet everything was cooked perfectly. The outside of the potato wedges were nicely fried yet not really coming off a greasy. The outside was also crispy yet the inside still remained nice and fluffy. They were also nicely seasoned as well. The potato wedges do come with a small tub of what I assume is honey mayo and it does pair nicely but, in all honesty, you could eat them by themselves with no problem. If I were to nitpick an issue I had with the potato wedges is that the sizes were very uneven. There was a good amount of really large pieces as well as some really small pieces. Not really a big issue in my eyes as even the big ones were really good.

Not gonna lie. These were really good.

One thing I didn’t mention yet is how affordable everything was. The Supremo Bacon Mushroom Melt and the potato wedges with a very small Coke came to 300 Philippines pesos on the dot. That may sound like a lot of money and it is. However, when you consider the rather huge portion sizes you’re getting, it does seem like a good price. I’ve had my share of McDonald’s Quarter Pounders with a side of large fries and a Coke in the past and the meal I had in Supremo definitely felt more filling, making it worth the bump in price.

All-in-all, I went out of Supremo incredibly impressed with what I ate at Supremo. While it may not be the best tasting burger I’ve ever had, it’s still pretty good and the service size definitely made up for the somewhat underseasoned beef patty. The sauce and mayo do add good flavor to the burger but the amount could cause the bun to get soggy if it isn’t eaten promptly. The potato wedges are incredible as well. I would definitely be going back to Supremo to try out their other burgers and maybe even try their sausages the next time just to spice things up a little.

Have you tried any of Supremo’s burgers or other items? Let me know what was your experience in the comments section below!


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