Episode 452: Six Character Who Should Be in Street Fighter 6


Even though Capcom released a teaser trailer for Street Fighter 6, I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be released within the year. They’ll probably reveal much more stuff than the teaser, which simply showed off the game’s seemingly more realistic look and had Ryu and Luke face off against each other. Oh, there’s also the ugly looking logo they seemingly put together at the last minute.

No news on the mechanics, when it exactly takes place within the Street Fighter timeline or whatnot. However, what I’m really more interested in is who’s going to be in it. There are a few safe bets, though. Mainstays like Chun-Li and Ken Masters are more than likely to be part of the starting roster of Street Fighter 6. Every other character, however, is up in the air.

So, while Capcom is readying the game, I’d like to give my two cents (because that’s how much my ideas are probably worth to Capcom) on who should be in Street Fighter 6’s initial slate of playable characters. To up the challenge, I’ll be only restricting myself to a single character per Street Fighter game as well as not picking the characters who are pretty much a lock to be there. Besides, as there have already been 6 previous Street Fighter games before Street Fighter 6, that makes it a near little coincidental number, don’t you think?

Geki (Street Fighter 1)

Well, I wanted to include a ninja so why not Geki?

I honestly think Geki is a pretty cool character and someone who Capcom never gave him his due. He already has a lot of cool points for being a ninja but it’s his special abilities which is just the icing on the cake. He has a projectile with his shurikens, which he can throw on the ground and while jumping. He also has a pseudo teleport, which is always neat.

As Street Fighter 6 is a totally new game, this would give Capcom a chance to revamp his abilities like with what they did wit Birdie and Eagle. Since he has a claw attached to his arm, let Geku use it as part of his special moves list. There’s so much they can do with this character!

Fei Long (Street Fighter II)


There are a ton of fan favorites to pick out from Street Fighter II’s roster. Some characters, like Guile, Zangief and Sagat, have really good chances to make the jump to Street Fighter 6. In fact, aside from Cammy, most of the “New Challengers” who were added during Super Street Fighter II didn’t make the transition to Street Fighter V. This is why I think I would be pleasantly surprised to see Fei Long join Street Fighter 6’s cast.

In actuality, I don’t particularly like using Fei Long. He’s more of a rushdown character, a style of play I’m just not used to. However, if Luke is sort of the blueprint for Street Fighter 6’s direction, I do think Fei Long’s more in your face style would work like gangbusters here. All they have to do is give him Bruce Lee’s yellow jumpsuit from Game of Death as his default outfit and I’ll be sold.

Sakura (Street Fighter Alpha/Zero)

Oh, she has a good chance to be in Street Fighter 6… but my idea of Sakura is a little bit different from the schoolgirl we all know and love. That’s because I would really want to see Sakura a little bit more grown up by the time Street Fighter 6 rolls around. We do get a glimpse of what she might look like during one of Street Fighter IV’s endings when you see her jogging along a trail with her dog. This is the Sakura I would want to see in Street Fighter 6.

It would make sense to make Sakura just a little bit older as the Ryu we see in the teaser trailer shows a much more grizzled fighter. I would definitely love to see Sakura’s aesthetic change to keep up with this. Make her more sure of her fighting abilities as she’s been keeping up with her training for all these years.

I don’t, however, want to see her massively altered when it comes to her playstyle. Even if she would be a bit older, I would want her to use her version of martial arts fighting. Have her still get her parabolic spinning kick, her rushing uppercut and her fireball which dissipates after traveling some distance. She would still basically be the “not quite a Shoto” she always was.

Effie (Street Fighter III)

You might me asking who the heck is Effie in Street Fighter III as there wasn’t a playable character with that name. Well, she’s actually Necro’s girlfriend. I didn’t say everyone had to be playable in the previous game, did I?

Sing that song, girl!

This is more of a personal choice for me because, ever since I noticed Necro had someone who would appear next to him after winning or losing, I wanted her to be a playable character. There’s just something about Effie’s original design I found so appealing.

What would be really intriguing about making Effie playable is we would have no idea how she would play! Street Fighter III made her more of a damsel in distress so we really don’t know what Gill’s organization did to her. If she becomes playable in Street Fighter 6, that gives Capcom a blank check to go hog wild with Effie’s powers. So she’d essentially be anything they would want her to be!

C. Viper (Street Fighter IV)

Yes, she beat out Juri. Fight me!

When it comes to character design itself, I will say I prefer Juri over C. Viper. There’s just something about a crazy sadist with a glowing eye that beats out the calm and cool spy with a lot of gadgets. However, let’s face it, as cool as Juri is, no one really uses her! It’s about time to let C. Viper, someone who more people actually use into a new Street Fighter game!

That being said, I do hope Capcom only make some minor tweaks to C. Viper’s style. She still should be a more highly technical character and her ability to cancel some moves should be worked into her combo structure to make her play differently. However, I would like to see them add more stuff, like her optic blasts from Marvel vs. Capcom 3 just to give her a little more spice.

Ed (Street Fighter V)

Give him the chance to redeem himself for how much he sucked in Street Fighter V!

I was really excited for Ed. The idea of him being a really simple character to use because all his special moves revolved around pressing two attack buttons at the same time was intriguing. Unfortunately, the way he was executed never really gelled with me and many players. Well, I do think Ed can still be reworked and be made into a good character in Street Fighter 6. Ed still should be played in the same way he does in Street Fighter V. Let him keep the moves he already has but buff them up a little bit.

However, Ed definitely has the most potential when it comes to Street Fighter 6’s story. As the head of Neo-Shadaloo, he could be Luke’s rival. Neo-Shadaloo could be the organization which set up the bomb that killed Luke’s father. He could be just a pawn overall, but I would still like him to play a major part in the new story.


Who would you want to see return in Street Fighter 6? Let me know in the comments section below!


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