Episode 451: Why Street Fighter 6 Should Be a “Budget” Title


Well, that was announced earlier than expected!

There was a lot of speculation when Capcom put up a counter on one of their websites saying they were going to reveal something new. At the same time, however, there was little doubt it was going to be Street Fighter 6. All signs pointed to it as the countdown started on the number “6” and the timer was going to end just as the Capcom Cup Finals was ending.

I don’t think anyone was really surprised when they did reveal the teaser trailer for Street Fighter 6 but that didn’t mean we were still excited to get confirmation a new entry in their long-lived fighting game franchise. The teaser didn’t really show much as it just revealed Ryu (in his “Hot Ryu” getup) just about to face off against newcomer Luke. The teaser then promised we’ll get more news in in the summer of this year and that was it.

I can’t help but say I’m a bit miffed, though. Capcom made a huge deal with a countdown and everything and all we got was a measly teaser just over 30 seconds? I wanted to see a whole lot more, obviously! I guess the folks at Capcom knew this would happen, which is probably why they also announced the Capcom Fighting Collection, which will include the entire slate of Darkstalkers games and even some other lesser known Capcom Fighters like Red Earth and Cyberbots. Most, if not all of them, will include the ability to play against others online with rollback netcode! Super cool! No Rival Schools, though. Bummer.

Anyway, while the Capcom Fighters Collection is cool and all, I do want to talk about Street Fighter 6 as it’s obviously the bigger game. I to want to say something which may seem controversial and Capcom will probably won’t do it because it does seem crazy. However, I will go out and say it: Capcom should make Street Fighter 6 a “budget” title. Heck, I even say make it “free to play’ but even I know that’s too insane! The bottom line is that Capcom should really consider selling Street Fighter 6 at a much lower price when they do release it.

Now, this may sound totally bonkers. Street Fighter is one of Capcom’s tentpole franchises. The game has a fairly solid fanbase as well. So why would I even suggest they start selling Street Fighter 6 a budget title or even “free to play” when they know rabid fans such as myself will be willing to but it at a premium price? My answer would be Street Fighter V.

As much as I love Street Fighter V, I have to be honest and say the game wasn’t all that great when it released way back when. It was in a very rough state, to say the least. The roster was a sparse 16 characters. Getting a stable connection to face off against online opponents was bothersome and not all that reliable.

Probably the worst part of Street Fighter V for me was the extremely very pruned down single player experience. Sure, there was the Training mode and even some combo challenges. The really sad thing, however, was the only “official” way to play against the CPU was to get into Story mode. It would’ve been bearable if the AI put up some kind of fight to make things exciting. The problem was Capcom thought it would be too much for some players and made it so the Story mode opponents could be beaten by a baby… literally!

Capcom focused too much on the online portion of Street Fighter V, which wasn’t even super polished, by the way, and just threw in negligible content for single players. That was incredibly dumb and people who paid full price for Street Fighter V was upset! Never mind how balanced things felt nor how the game did feel good when controlling it. When people pay a premium for a brand new game, we do expect more than just a barebones experience. It didn’t matter if they were going to have (paid) content for it down the line. We want a good game when we buy it!

When word got out Street Fighter V didn’t have a lot of content, sales for the game suffered hard. It really took a while, maybe around 2 years before Street Fighter V actually started to sell really well. It took a couple of seasons of content for Capcom to build up the game to a respectable level. Even when Arcade Edition was released, sales didn’t exactly meet expectations but did start to pick up because Street Fighter V felt like whole.

While I do think Capcom has learned their lesson with the way they bungled Street Fighter V, fans are now a whole lot more cautious about the content of their fighting games. That’s all because of Street Fighter V’s sad beginnings and fans may not be too eager to plop down a large chunk of their money with Street Fighter 6. If Capcom launched Street Fighter V in a barebones state, what’s to stop them from doing the same for the next installment? Selling Street Fighter 6 at a discount will definitely alleviate those concerns a whole lot.

However, the bigger reason why I believe Capcom should make Street Fighter 6 a “budget” title is because they can ultimately make more money by doing so. I know it seems counter-intuitive but I don’t really think Street Fighter V really made a lot of money thanks to the game’s sales. Where Capcom made most of its money from the game was with the DLC sales.

Street Fighter V took its time building up its roster because content was released for it slowly for the succeeding years. The new characters could be purchased using the in-game currency but you really had to grind for it. Most people just opted to use real money and pay for the Season Pass each year. I know I did! Moreover, I can’t help but see Capcom making a whole lot of money by selling extra costumes. I mean, they wouldn’t keep on making Chun-Li outfits if they weren’t selling, would they?

However, some people, such as myself, will be a little more hesitant with purchasing extra costumes, even if the price is very low. If I already spent a lot of money on the base game, I’m generally more reluctant to dropping more cash into it for cosmetic changes. This wouldn’t be as much of a concern if the game wasn’t all that pricey, though. I believe this is the case for most fighting game fans. So, Capcom actually can make more money by selling more costumes and extra content if they reduce the price for Street Fighter 6 since more people will be willing to drop smaller amounts of money into it!

I know there’s a snowball’s chance in hell Capcom won’t sell Street Fighter 6 at a premium price at launch. It’s still a huge franchise and fans will gobble it up the instant it’s released. However, I’m thinking there’s generally going to be more money in the long run if they reduce the price.

At least the game automatically has Hot Ryu.

I like clean cut guys but he does look manly.



Are you excited for Street Fighter 6? What do you think Street Fighter 6’s price point should be? Let me know in the comments section below!


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