Five Member Suggestions for the Next Suicide Squad Movie

I am so glad The Suicide Squad is a good movie. At least that’s what most reviewers are giving James Gunn’s take on DC’s black ops team consisting of supervillains. After the first take of Task Force X got chewed out and spit up by critics, I was concerned DC and Warner Bros were going to put the kibosh on the series and, thankfully, the new film does a lot of things right.

However, as expected, some members of the Suicide Squad didn’t make it out alive. That’s not a spoiler as it’s in the name of the film. And with this film doing well critically and kinda good at the box-office, I’m hoping DC will greenlight a new Suicide Squad movie following the blueprint of this movie. That just means they’ll have to pull out some more supervillains to join Amanda Waller’s team! I do have some suggestion regarding who can join Task Force X in the future!

There is some criteria to my selection, though. I couldn’t pick big named baddies like Joker or Parasite as they could be used in the future. I also couldn’t put in totally joke characters like Condiment King and Kite Man (even though James Gunn slant on Polka Dot Man was pure genius) as they would obviously be useless in a dangerous covert operation. I had to pick the villains who seemed suitable to become cannon fodder but still ridiculous enough for most comic book fans to get a laugh. So, without further ado, let’s go through my picks on who can join the Suicide Squad in the future.

Ten-Eyed Man

Watch out! He can see through his fingers!

Ten-Eyed Man is a Batman villain who blames The Dark Knight for his… superpower, apparently. Philip Reardon was a highly trained Special Forces soldier who got a job as a security guard. One night, criminals detonated a bomb at the place he was guarding and was blinded by the blast. The doctor couldn’t repair his eyes so he rewired his optic nerves to Reardon’s fingertips. Now as the Ten-Eyed Man, Reardon attempts to get revenge on Batman for not foiling the criminals who blinded him with the bomb. Makes perfect sense.

While having the power to see through your fingers is a dumb superpower, Ten-Eyed Man is actually a capable fighter because of it. He can look at any direction if he points his fingers at it. This also helps the already skilled marksman become even more deadly and accurate. He’s also a highly trained fighters as he was a former soldier and being able to see all around with his “ten eyes” makes him very capable at hand-to-hand combat. Sure, he can easily be subdued by forcing him to wear gloves or throwing sand at his hands to blind him. He’d still make a good member for the Suicide Squad… as long as he can keep his fingers.

Count Vertigo

Yes, making a person dizzy is an ability!

Count Vertigo actually has a really cool superpower. Born with a hereditary genetic defect in his inner ear, Count Vertigo has created a device that corrects this that shoots sonic waves around him, giving him perfect balance. The device does have other applications as the same sonic waves that corrects his balance can cause the people around him to lose their sense of balance. The device is actually strong enough to disrupt even the guidance systems of missiles! He’s also excellent at hand-to-hand combat and gained even more fighting skills after joining the Suicide Squad.

Yes, Count Vertigo is actually a former member of the Suicide Squad from the comics! He was actually a mainstay for a good while and even was part of Task Force X in the animated Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay animated film. This, paired with his unusual power would make him a perfect fit for a live-action outing.


It’s always useful to have a character who can go boom boom.

Plastique was first a villain for Firestorm and she advocated for Quebec to secede from Canada. Originally, she created a costume that was completely covered with plastic explosives. Thankfully, the costume itself can withstand the explosions the bombs cause. Later on, she developed the ability to actually cause explosions by touching an object with her fingertips.

Honestly, I would love to see Plastique in something like the Suicide Squad as her abilities are actually very useful. However, they should use the snarky pyromaniac version we got during the Task Force X episode of Justice League Unlimited. Oh, and she should have the really gaudy costume like the one she had in the comics!


Ooh! I’m good at athletic events! I’ll turn to a life of crime.

As the name suggests, Sportsmaster is a sports themed supervillain. He is good at every kind of sporting event including, but not limited to, baseball, hockey, basketball, lacrosse and golf. As he is excellent at all kinds of athletic events, Sportsmaster is in top physical condition. However, he is also equipped with a ton of trick gadgets such as exploding baseballs, basketballs filled with knockout gas, baseball bats with hidden rockets and… cleats.

Strangely enough, Sportsmaster seems to get a lot of respect when it comes to making the jump out of the comics. He was one of the most difficult foes to defeat in Young Justice and in Stargirl. They always make his out to be this almost unstoppable enemy as he can take out multiple superheroes at the same time. I would say Sportsmaster can be used in the Suicide Squad as either a joke character or a potential badass figure and it’ll work out no matter how they depict him.

Captain Nazi

Well, the name just says it all, doesn’t it?

As he was originally a villain for DC’s Captain Marvel/Shazam, Captain Nazi actually is one of the most powerful bad guys on this list. Like the hero he fights, Captain Nazi has super strength and speed, can fly and is near invulnerable to most conventional attacks. I would even say he would be too powerful for the Suicide Squad as he’s basically like Superman but evil.

So why would I want him to be a part of Task Force X? Well, it’s because of the name! I think it would be kind of funny if some of the members of the Suicide Squad would be unwilling to work with him because of his name! They may be bad guys but they don’t want to be known to be associated with a guy named Captain Nazi! Oh, I guess there are going to be some people to take offense to including a character with that kind of name in a superhero movie and threaten to boycott the film. But that’s a risk I’m willing to take!

BONUS: Clock King

Because why not include some brains in the Suicide Squad?

I know it would be boring to even attempt to put in a more subdued character like the Clock King in an action movie like the Suicide Squad or any superhero movie for that matter. However, as Clock King’s power, if you can call it that, generally revolves around keeping to a precise schedule, he would make a perfect character to introduce during the planning stage of a mission… only for everything to go awry because of one reason or another, causing the Clock King to lose his mind.

In other words, he would be perfect for some comedy relief when all the best laid plans crumble.

Who else do you think should be in the next Suicide Squad movie? Let me know in the comments section below!

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