Episode 412: An Outline for My Resident Evil / Street Fighter Crossover


This is going to be one of the most frivolous posts I’ve ever made and, truthfully, I have no idea if this will bear any fruit. However, the idea just seems to be stuck in my mind for a good, long moment now. It’s been so long already that I’ve decided to try to purge it from my mind and write about it because, perhaps, it only sounds good in my head but looks ridiculous when I try to explain it. I will probably come to a conclusion by the end of this post regarding how great or dumb this idea is but I won’t know until the end. I also have to mention this post will have SPOILERS for Resident Evil Village as this is the basis for my crossover.

So, anyway, Capcom released Resident Evil Village a while ago and, while I know there’s a version available for it on the PlayStation 4, I’m going to tough it out for now. I want to play it in all its glory on the PlayStation 5 as much as possible. I know how impossible it is to get one so it may take a while. However, as I really wanted to see what happens in Capcom’s latest entry in their survival-horror franchise, I have watched some Let’s Plays of gamers enjoying Resident Evil Village. More specifically, I did watch Maximilian’s entire playthrough of the game already.

Throughout the game, protagonist Ethan Winters has to go through numerous horrors in an attempt to rescue his baby daughter, Rosemary. Although it’s revealed Rosemary has been dismembered and her body parts has been distributed to Mother Miranda’s underlings, Ethan is told his child can still be revived through a certain ritual. So he does go to try to collect his baby’s other body parts.

During the game, Ethan actually gets killed by Mother Miranda and, while it might seem like the end of the story, it turns out Ethan Winters, thanks to the events of Resident Evil VII, now has miraculous regenerative powers and comes back to life. Rose also inherited these abilities, which is why Mother Miranda wants to use the baby to instill the essence of her dead daughter in her. Eventually, Ethan, with the help of Chris Redfield, does recover Rosemary but has to sacrifice his own life to do so.

We then flash forward several years into the future. A teenage Rosemary finishes reading the fairy tale being told at the very start of the game and visits her father’s grave. A BSAA agents (I’m assuming) picks her up and jokes about calling her Eveline, the big baddie from Resident Evil VII, hinting that Rosemary has abilities akin to hers. Miffed by the comment, Rosemary threatens the agent and says she has abilities which Chris doesn’t know she has. Rose and the agent drives off while a mysterious figure (who’s probably the deceased Ethan Winters) approaches the vehicle from a distance.

Now, here is the delicious part of the post-credits scene of Resident Evil Village. Rosemary Winters doesn’t call herself Rosemary anymore. She just goes by Rose now. It’s implied Rose also has special abilities as well. Not just her father’s ability to heal himself from serious injury. However, it does look like she’s incredibly powerful as the BSAA also have snipers ready to take her out on a moment’s notice. Another thing I do have to mention is they never really mention when this is happening. While Rose may seem like a teenager in the scene, it could be Rose just ages much more rapidly because of the circumstances of her birth.

So, to recap, Rosemary Winters is now Rose. Rose has unknown powerful abilities which we have yet to see manifest. Now, where did I hear that before? What other Capcom franchise features a female named Rose who has seemingly mystical abilities? Oh, I remember now! Street Fighter!

Now, it might be a super strong coincidence, much like Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne having mother’s who share the same incredibly common first name. I get that. However, I kind of like to think that, somehow, the Rose from Resident Evil Village and the Rose from the Street Fighter franchise are connected somehow. There’s even a part of me which believes the outlandish proposition that both Rose characters are one and the same! This is the basis of my fanfiction story idea.

So, and I’m just spitballing here, the Rose from the Resident Evil franchise, fearing what might happen if anyone exploits her powers, she manages to escape and hide in the small European town of Genoa. She meets some gypsies who help her get full control of her abilities, even training her to channel her powers through things like pieces of cloth. She even learns other skills, such as teleporting and even rudimentary time travel. While this is all happening, the BSAA, unsuccessful at locating Rose, attempt to clone her using the cells they’ve extracted from her. The cloning process works but, instead of reproducing a female with powers, it is a man with abilities much more powerful than Rose’s. The man grows up incredibly fast and eventually uses his powers to actually take over the BSAA. He reforms the agency into a global crime network and, since they work in the shadows, renames it to Shadaloo.

Rose, as they are connected via the mold, detects her clone, now calling himself M. Bison, realizes the danger he poses to the world. She decides to take him out and, while she does emerge victorious from the battle, is severely drained afterwards. While Rose is recovering, Shadaloo uses their old tech to “revive” M. Bison in the same way they cloned him in the first place. Rose is nurtured back to health and M. Bison is eventually revived but he and Shadaloo is taken down by a ragtag group of fighters. Thinking the world is safe, Rose even takes on an apprentice to teach her abilities. It turns out, however, there is a greater danger she could not see. She decides to communicate with her past self to prevent the world’s destruction. Rose decides to communicate with herself while she was Rosemary Winters. Even though her past self isn’t in full control of her abilities, she’s the only one who is at the right place at the right time.

This leads into the events of the next Resident Evil game.

Admittedly, all of this sounds bonkers and I cannot fathom Capcom trying to interconnect the Resident Evil and Street Fighter worlds into one continuity. I know this is all a fantasy I just made up but the very concept of both franchises having some connection to each other does blow my mind, even if it’s wholly in my mind.

I did decide, while writing this, that I won’t go ahead and write an entire fanfiction novella based on this idea. If you wanna run with the idea, go ahead. You have my blessing. Just give me the royalty check when you make a lot of money with my million dollar idea.


Have other fanfiction ideas involving Resident Evil and Street Fighter? Let me know in the comments section below!


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