Five Inconsequential Questions from WandaVision

One of the things I’ve learned after watching all episodes of WandaVision is that you shouldn’t put your hopes into your own theories. There were a lot of people who were hoping and expecting this would be how Disney will fold in the X-Men and the Fantastic Four from the Fox films into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There were also some who were expecting the appearance of Mephisto as he did appear in the comic to antagonize Wanda Maximoff when the twins were born. At least a few people were expecting Dottie, one of the neighbors to be another witch, specifically the obscure character Arcanna Jones, just to flex their comic book nerd muscle. There were even a few people who were expecting Doctor Strange to make a surprise cameo appearance at the very last episode of WandaVision.

Alas, a lot of these dreams were shattered as none of these predictions came to fruition. At least, not yet, anyway. But at least a lot of theories have been squashed since WandaVision already aired its last episode. However, there were kinda a lot of loose threads left dangling, which I bet is intentional so these questions can lead to more theories for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I’m not going to ask any of these questions, though. I’m a little more curious about the more inconsequential questions Disney left unanswered throughout WandaVision. Let’s get through them, shall we?

Oh, and if it wasn’t obvious, SPOILERS are ahead!

#1 What happened to to the “beekeeper” SWORD agent?

WandaVision did a fantastic job of inserting these little bits of strange and uncomfortable moments throughout the “sitcom” world. There was the uncomfortable choking scene in the first episode, the strange radio broadcast and the color red being so prominent in the black and white world from the second episode and the third episode had Wanda reacting menacingly towards “Geraldine” after the latter mentions the former’s dead twin brother.

There was also one very prominent scene near the end of the second episode before we see Wanda’s baby bump and the world transitioning to color. We got this one creepy scene where Wanda and Vision hear a noise outside. When they investigate, they see a man in a beekeeper outfit crawl out of the sewer and state at the couple. Wanda then seemingly rewinds time to make sure the event doesn’t happen.

We find out later that it’s actually a SWORD agent from the outside trying to get into the Hex barrier Wanda has created. Okay, that’s fine and dandy. But what happened to the “beekeeper” SWORD agent? I assume he was somehow converted into one of the neighbors who populate the world of Westview. But it’s never really shown what became of him. Even at the end, as the citizens of the town confront Wanda for her mind control, we don’t know if he’s one of them. You would think one of the SWORD soldiers and personnel would at least plead with Wanda regarding his whereabouts! Perhaps he’s just one of the people who live on the outskirts of the town so he’s too far away from the action. Heck, maybe he’s the guy setting up the Halloween decorations in a loop when Vision gets closer to the town’s edge in episode 6.

Speaking of SWORD…

#2 What happens to SWORD after WandaVision?

I can’t really blame Captain Hayward for being such a dick in the show. I get Disney was really cranking up the douche factor all throughout the show so viewers can really hate him. Yet, at the same time, can you really blame him for getting super gung-ho when he knows Wanda trapped an entire town of innocent people? Okay, he may be just using it as a cover to exploit the situation to get his “White Vision” project off the ground. Still, I bet to the citizens of Westview, Captain Hayward and SWORD are heroes to trying to set them free. So they must be really confused to see him getting hauled away in handcuffs.

Now, I’m a little hazy as to why Captain Hayward was arrested. However, I’m assuming it’s because he either was tampering with evidence to make it look like Wanda stole Visions body, withholding vital information from Jimmy Woo and the FBI or general corruption, like trying to cover up his trying to activate White Vision. That isn’t my question. My question is what happens to SWORD as an organization?

Think about it. Captain Hayward, the principal leader of SWORD is under arrest. Monica Rambeau is going to be working with the Skrulls and Nick Fury. So, after the events of WandaVision, there’s this big leadership vacuum in this highly specialized government agency. They were special enough to be the only ones surveying the Hex so they’re very important, correct? Are they still going to be active? Will they fold into Nick Fury’s Skrull group? I know this question seems very unimportant but, hey! These are supposed to be inconsequential questions, right?

Speaking of the Hex…

#3 How did Agatha get in the Hex in the first place and so early?

To no one’s surprise, it turns out Agnes, the alleged nosy neighbor all throughout WandaVision, was actually Agatha Harkness in disguise. After realizing Wanda managed to mind control an entire town and even create life through her magic, something thought to be impossible, even for highly trained witches, Agatha travels to Westview, identifies Wanda as the culprit and proceeds to pull the strings necessary to get Wanda to trust her as well as coax out more information from the former Avenger, going so far as to kill a dog to to so!

Now, I can see how a witch as powerful and long-lived as Agatha could detect Wanda’s power. However, how was she able to get through the Hex barrier unscathed? I know she’s a witch but does that mean she’s strong enough to even go through something that’s supposed to be as impenetrable as Wanda’s Hex walls? We even saw Monica Rambeau’s very cell structure mutate because of going through the barrier several times.

Additionally, even if Agatha could detect Wanda’s power, I’m still confused as to how she managed to get there so quickly! You have to remember that it’s Agatha, excuse me, Agnes, who’s the first person to talk to Wanda! Assuming that the first episode is the actual first episode Wanda started broadcasting, that means she was there right from the very start! How did she get there from wherever she was in the world in such a short span of time? I get the quick answer is “magic” but I kinda want a deeper explanation than that.

While we’re talking about the broadcasts…

#4 Why is Wanda broadcasting the show in the first place?

I’m pretty sure what WandaVision did with Wanda’s backstory is a retcon but I can go with it. It’s shown in the eight episode that little Wanda Maximoff was a big fan of classic sitcoms from different eras. This was her favorite pastime growing up in Sokovia and it was through watching these that she learned how to speak English and talk without an accent. This is pretty much the explanation as, after she had the “grief breakdown” when reaching the plot of land Vision got them, she remade the world to resemble the shows she grew up watching.

Okay, that makes sense to me. Wanda wanted to have a happy life with Vision and have a family so she retreated to her happy childhood memories by simulating old sitcoms. But why even broadcast them? I get you want to live life like an old timey comedy program when everything was simple. But is there even a need to actually make this remade life into something anyone can see if they have an old television/

I guess it’s there mostly for convenience as it allows Darcy and the others outside the Hex to figure out what’s happening inside the impenetrable town. It did allow them to try to piece together what happened to the citizens in the town and what role they were playing in the show. It still doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense for Wanda to do it in the first place, though.

Speaking of the townsfolk…

#5 Did Jimmy Woo ever locate his Witness Protection person?

Honestly, I think it was incredibly clever how Marvel wrote the reason how SWORD agent Monica Rambeau, FBI Agent Jimmy Woo and astrophysicist Darcy Lewis got together for WandaVision. Darcy basically bonded with Jimmy as they were totally invested in the WandaVision show. And Monica was sent to investigate a missing persons case with Jimmy Woo under unusual circumstances. It turns out that one of the residents of Westview is in the Witness Protection Program and yet no one really remembers whoever he or she is because of the Hex.

Which does beg the question, did Jimmy Woo manage to locate his missing person? I mean, it’s the entire reason why he got dragged into this entire mess in the first place! You would think finding this person would be one of his main priorities after the town was freed from Wanda’s control and he would devote some resources and manpower to ensure his safety.

Yet, at the end, you see Jimmy barking orders to collect evidence for something or other. No mention of his missing man or woman. Yes, it’s unimportant… but that’s what this list is for! Oh, by the way, a big part of me hopes that the missing person just so happens to be a certain Ralph Bohner.

Speaking of a missing person…

BONUS: What happened to White Vision?

Now, this is probably one of the biggest unanswered questions of WandaVision ever. After the Hex version of Vision convinces White Vision to stop fighting, getting into a philosophical thought experiment as to what is what, the former reactivates the latter’s memories. Now complete, White Vision flies away.

Of course everyone is asking where White Vision flew off to. I’m asking that myself! However, this question ultimately doesn’t belong to a list that asks inconsequential questions. This new version of Vision will prove pertinent in the future, I’m assuming. Even so, I really do want to ask the folks at Disney when this new White Vision will pop up.

Have any other unimportant and inconsequential questions you like to ask about WandaVision? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!

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