Why It’s Good WandaVision is a Weekly Event

So, everyone’s seen WandaVision, right?

I’m very confident that practically everyone reading this right now has seen the first couple of episodes of WandaVision. Yes, I’m even talking about the people who don’t have Disney+ for one reason or another. You know fans who really wanted to see the next installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have managed to find a way to watch both released episodes by hook or by crook. Which is why Disney should really consider bringing Disney+ to all countries, such as the Philippines.

While I loved what I got from the first two episodes of WandaVision and the spin they put on Wanda Maximoff and Vision, there are some opinions that do clash with mine. Weirdly enough, I do understand their criticism. Not many television viewers of today will appreciate the very safe and, frankly, corny humor of old sitcoms so most of the jokes will come off very cringe-y. I also understand why they felt WandaVision came off as very slow since, while we did get a few hints of some very Twilight Zone-esque moments regarding what’s really happening, nothing really substantial happened in those two episodes.

Which is why some people are complaining of Disney and Marvel’s decision to make new episodes of andaVision be released each week. They would rather have them release all episodes at once so they can binge watch the entire nine-episode miniseries. This is what Netflix had done before and I can see the allure. I have been known to binge watch a series or two on Netflix and it’s hard to go back to watching a single episode and then having to wait an entire week for the next one.

However, when it comes to WandaVision, I actually like that it’s only going to have one episode a week instead of having the option to binge watch the entire thing. But before I explain my thinking on the matter, I do have to put up the obligatory SPOILER WARNING now as I will have to reveal a few plot points from WandaVision as well as Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame to try to illustrate my point clearly. So, SPOILER WARNING for them, okay?

So, anyway, the last we saw Wanda Maximoff, she was attending Tony Stark’s funeral. The people who were wiped out after Thanos’ snap have been returned to where they were. Unfortunately, this does not include the ones who weren’t snapped out of existence. This includes the android Vision, who Thanos killed to get the Mind Stone from his head. Fast forward to whenever WandaVision takes place and, strangely enough, we see both Wanda Maximoff and Vision together. Even stranger, both these Marvel superheroes are living the sitcom life, complete with wacky characters and tropes. What’s going on here?

Well, right now, no one really knows. There are theories, of course. This being the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of the House of M storyline is currently the frontrunner. She’s basically creating an alternate reality where she can live a life with Vision. Yet, it’s possible that’s not the complete story as it certainly doesn’t explain all of the other weird things that have happened in the first two episodes of WandaVision.

The first odd pieces of events delves into the hints that SWORD might be involved. Eagle eyed viewers were able to spot the logo at the end of the first episode and also embossed on the red toy helicopter Wanda picks up in the second. Now, SWORD has not been seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet but, in the comics, it’s kind of like SHIELD and their job is to defend the planet against aliens. But maybe Disney will revamp it so the agency also tackled reality warping events, like the one Wanda is suspected of doing. The second one deals with the mysterious beekeeper that Wanda and Vision see getting out of the sewer near the end of the second episode. Now, there isn’t a beekeeper superhero or villain in the Marvel comics as far as I know so, right now, it’s anyone’s guess what’s his deal. However, the instant Wanda sees him, she instinctively rewinds time so the pair avoid see him. It’s possible he might be an AIM agent but people tend to forget he also had a SWORD logo on his suit. So, it’s possible that he’s just a SWORD agent or something like that.

The third weird occurrence is also from the second episode but seen in the middle of it. While talking to Dottie, the supposed busybody of the neighborhood, the radio mysteriously turns on and tries to ask “who’s doing this to you, Wanda?” before the radio explodes. There really isn’t a clue on who’s voice it is so it’s unclear what’s really happening and if someone actually trapped Wanda in this strange alternate reality. It sheds some doubt if this is all Wanda’s doing or if someone is manipulating her to do it as she does seem to have some control over what’s happening in her world.

There’s also the case where the world does seem out of place with reality. Vision goes to work but is unsure what the company does. When Vision’s boss starts choking, the boss’ wife seemingly pleads with Wanda to “stop it” instead of trying to help her husband. Both Wanda and Vision don’t really know how they got there. They both notice the world going to color from black and white. There’s the odd chanting of the townsfolks regarding the charity being “for the children” and Wanda instantly becoming pregnant when they get home. All of this are there to make you feel uneasy as, even under trope-y sitcom rules, there would be some answers to those things above. We don’t get them in WandaVision.

Now, all of these seem to be leading to something, right? All of these events just makes you want to watch all the episodes in succession to see where all of this is leading to, am I right? Well, if that’s the case, then they’ve succeeded in hooking you in! And, honestly, it’s much more exciting this way.

There’s something about encountering all of the inconsistencies throughout WandaVision that makes it rather compelling television. But, since you can’t really see the next episode like you would normally do when binge watching, the excitement does tend to build up. Maybe the questions you were asking will be answered in next week’s episode. Maybe they’ll deepen the mystery even more. We don’t know but you’re excited for it. This wouldn’t happen if all the episodes were available. It’s knowing what will happen next without you imagining what could happen. That kind of thing does build excitement and you want your theories of what’s actually happening to come true… but you’ll have to wait for next week to see if you’re correct. Heck, just trying to figure out what sitcom they’ll be using next is also up for grabs!

This gives you ample time to discuss your theories and ideas with your friends who are also watching WandaVision (and really, who isn’t?). Then they may come up with some really insane guesses or some really insane guesses that turn out to be so brilliant you might buy into them! This couldn’t happen if you all binge watched all the episodes since all you’ll be talking about is how cool this and that was.

Now, I’m not saying that all shows have to be released in a weekly basis. There are always going to be some shows that would benefit from being binge watch. But for something with as much mystery and intrigue like WandaVision, giving us a week to think and come up with our own ideas on what’s happening was the right way to go.

Have you seen WandaVision? What do you think is happening in the show? Let me know in the comments section below!

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