Episode 385: Five Suggestions for the Rumored Final Fantasy VII Remake “Definitive Edition”


Yep, I’m breaking out the greeting because, even though I’ve 100% completed Final Fantasy VII Remake a couple of times already, I’m still super pumped for the possible “Definitive Edition” Square Enix is rumored to be putting together to coincide with the release of next-gen consoles. As good as the game is, I’m still hankering for a lot more. I’m amazed Square Enix hadn’t dumped a ton of DLC content for Final Fantasy VII Remake yet because those would surely sell!

However, since a lot of fans, such as myself, would want an excuse to play the game just one more time, the rumored Definitive Edition shouldn’t just be a re-release of the current game but fine tuned for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X systems as well as high-end PCs. I do want them to include some new content. I know adding new stuff can be costly so I do have some cost-effective (read: cheap) ideas which could be made rather quickly… and here they are!

#1 A “proper” New Game+ Mode

Look, I know Final Fantasy VII Remake has a way to play the from the start on Hard Mode using the Chapter Selection option after you finish the game. That’s great and all, however, because you probably have a super buffed up Cloud and company after completing all 18 chapters and you have your most useful materia leveled up, regular encounters don’t really provide a hearty challenge. That’s my experience anyway. During my first Hard Mode, I didn’t feel like my party faced off against a significant opponent most of the time. The only exception were the Monster of Legend and Top Secret VR challenges. Maybe the new Hell House boss battle felt a little tough but that was only because I was surprised it was spitting out Tonberries!

This is why I wish they would include a “true” New Game+ mode. I know the “traditional” New Game+ would have the characters with all their weapons and skills they’ve acquired during their first playthrough. What I’m proposing would be a little different. During my version of New Game+, you only retain the levels you’ve gained but you’d have to reacquire all your gear and materia! You’ll basically start from scratch! This would definitely make things more challenging!

#2 A way to watch all the cutscenes

Final Fantasy VII Remake is filled to the brim with cutscenes but, even with the sheer number of them, they never interrupt the flow of the game and the story. In fact, a lot of them enhance the overall experience. I will admit, during my 2nd and 3rd playthroughs, I just had to skip some of them because I wanted to get into the battles but there were definitely some, such as the Shinra hologram dome during the tour. That scene is just super awesome and something I just can’t skip!

In fact, that cutscene is so good I saved it onto my PlayStation 4 so I can watch it as much as I want! This does neatly bring me to my next suggestion, which is for Final Fantasy VII Remake to have a built-in movie viewer! This should be very simple to implement as all they’d have to do is access the movies they’ve already put into the game! You, of course, can only watch the cutscene when you’ve stumbled upon them as you play the game so you can’t get any spoilers but, once you do, you should be able to access the cutscene right at the title screen or something.

While we’re on the topic of recording stuff on your PlayStation 4…

#3 Make it so you can record Chapter 18 on your PlayStation 4

I never really use the Share button all that much on my PlayStation 4 as I’ve never felt the urge to put my gaming sessions out in the world. However, it is a neat little function I use once in a while when there is something I want to keep for posterity. This is something I cannot do with the entire Chapter 18 segment of Final Fantasy VII Remake because Square Enix decided to, I dunno, keep the final boss a secret as much as possible. It didn’t work all that well since there are so many videos which do show the entire Chapter 18 already!

So, since it’s already out there, why not take the video blocker out? Why not make it so we can record our gameplay of that chapter currently since everyone has probably already watched it! It seems moot to block the ability to record or take a screenshot of the chapter so it makes sense to just allow us to do so, right? Heck, it doesn’t have to be part of the Definitive Edition! Just put out a patch to enable recording!

#4 A Boss VR option

Who was your favorite boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake? For me, it was, without a doubt, the battle with Hello House in the Corneo Cup. It was crazy unexpected and initially tough when you didn’t know what you were getting into and you would come unprepared for the elemental defenses it would rotate around. Also, it’s just an awesome and outlandish design for a boss while hitting all the right nostalgic notes for longtime fans.

You only take on Hell House using Cloud and Aerith as this is the party you’re dealt with at that specific point of the story. I would certainly love to see how it would feel if we had Tifa and Barret try to take on the craziest boss of the game but we can’t.

That doesn’t mean Square Enix can’t put a mode in where you can try using other characters to take down the bosses in the future! It should be simple to do as something like a VR option to pick which boss and then give you the option to select which party members to take them on! It would also be doubly awesome if you can sort of put them in a gauntlet one after the other in the ultimate challenge for veterans who really crave for something difficult to play!

#5 Costumes. Costumes. Costumes!

I’m putting this as the last item here because, while the previous times I’ve listed there would simply use existing assets and just write up code to make them accessible, this would be actual full-blown DLC which will require a good amount of time to get right. However, why not put in additional costumes for each character! Imagine taking on monsters with Aerith in her gorgeous red dress given to her by Madame M or taking control of Tifa in any of her outfits!

Those costumes are already built in the original code so it shouldn’t be too much trouble for Square Enix to make them “playable” in the actual game. I’m not sure if they can do the same for Cloud in her dress outfits since it would definitely be problematic when he doing things like climbing ladders or jumping over obstacles. I mean, his skirts are all very poofy and they’d snag on something or, even worse, clip into the backgrounds like crazy!

Now, not everyone, such as Barret and the other Avalanche members, do get alternative outfits in the Remake. So why not leverage other Square Enix franchises for their costumes? You can have Biggs, Wedge and Jessie sort of cosplay Seifer, Raijin and Fujin from Final Fantasy VIII or something like that. Give Barret as well as Cloud and Tifa their Advent Children designs!

Like I said, this would require some significant work to be done to get right but I believe it would be worth it, especially if Square Enix would like to really give value to a Definitive Edition.

BONUS #1: More side quests

What’s a Definitive Edition without expanding the base game experience? I would certainly love it if they added a few more new side quests if they do release a Definitive Edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake. I would like to see things like Jessie going through the Shinra warehouse, Barret going to the top while trying to defend the Sector 7 pillar and the cut Tifa quest regarding Don Corneo!

I understand why this was cut as it would’ve made the game bigger and might have delayed the game for much longer. Now, I’m not sure if they actually did the motion capture and the voice recording but just didn’t have enough time and resources to make these portions playable. If they did, however, then they could actually put this in a future iteration of the game!

Bonus #2: Make Red XIII playable

I mean, he’s already in the party as a “guest” character. So why not make him a character you can control in battle? I guess they might not have fully fleshed out his battle mechanics since he appears so late in the game but I think it would be fun to take control of the lab rat dog!


What would you want to see in a Definitive Edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake? Let me know in the comment section below!

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