Episode 380: Five Things You Figure Out about Final Fantasy VII Remake When You Play Too Much Final Fantasy VII Remake


Why can’t I quit you, Final Fantasy VII Remake? I know the game’s been out for a long time now and I have played other games since I finished it three times already. I already have 100% since I’ve obtained all the trophies as seen in my PlayStation profile. I’ve even figured out some weird tech on my own, like linking Fire materia to Elemental materia on my weapon then linking another Fire Materia to HP Absorb which will constantly heal myself when attacking.

Since I have played this game a whole lot now, I have started to notice a few odd things. These aren’t really big, game breaking things but rather inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. So, let’s go look at these things to see if these are really odd things or it’s just me playing Square Enix’s masterpiece too much.

Oh, SPOILERS because I’ll be talking about some specific stuff from Final Fantasy VII Remake as well as the original Final Fantasy VII on the original PlayStation.

#1 You can’t equip Barrett with a melee weapon during the attack on the Sector 7 plate cutscene

This might have been obvious but it was something I wanted to see for myself as there are some cutscenes when, if you have Barret equip a melee weapon like the Wrecking Ball and Steel Pinchers, he’ll still point it at people like it’s still his trademark arm cannon. This does look incredibly silly and Square Enix never bothered to change the animation nor the dialogue to suit what he has equipped.

So, during one playthrough, I decided to see if they made the same error in judgement during Chapter 12 when Barret and the rest of Avalance try to prevent the Sector 7 Pillar’s collapse. It turns out they did think of this and, if you do have either the Wrecking Ball or Steel Pinchers on Barret, the cutscene will have him with his original Gatling Gun. Once you do battle Reno and Rude on the top of the Pillar, Barret will sport whatever weapon you have on him.

#2 A couple of Aerith’s lines in Remake mirror in some of Cloud’s lines from the original PlayStation game

It’s hinted throughout Final Fantasy VII Remake that Aerith has an idea of what’s happening and knows what specific events will transpire. She correctly “guesses” Cloud is a mercenary at the start of Chapter 8 and knows about Marlene without Tifa really talking about her. There are even a couple of lines which seem to directly reference the events and dialogue from the original Final Fantasy VII game. They’re not 1-to-1 but sound eerily alike.

One of the lines is when Aerith and Cloud begin leaping through the rooftops after their encounter with Reno. Aerith asks Cloud if they “shall mosey on over?” Cloud does say “Let’s mosey” in the original game, a really odd and nonchalant thing to say before the final boss battle. Also, during Chapter 18, Aerith gives a monologue about Sephiroth’s motivations and how “he won’t cry… or shout… or anything.” This does sound a lot like the scene in the original Final Fantasy VII while Cloud is mourning Aerith’s death and he exclaims she “will no longer talk, no longer laugh, cry… or get angry.”

Like I said, it’s not a direct copy but similar enough for me to connect them together.

#3 Madam M’s cussing is too much for the Japanese audio

Final Fantasy VII Remake does add a lot of new content to this old game. Some background characters, such as Johnny, have their roles expanded on greatly and Square Enix even added a few new NPCs you can talk to. One of the better additions is Madam M, one of Don Corneo’s Trio and the owner of a “reputable” hand massage parlor in Wall Market.

Madam M does have a habit of blowing her top often, leading to very loud outbursts with some rather colorful language. It does appear some of the words she angrily blurts out was too much for the Japanese language as it’s actually bleeped out!

This caught me by surprise but I found this actually much funnier than the English version where you can hear every explicit word she spouts out. Not knowing what she said exactly does leave it to my dirty imagination to fill in the bleeps, which means Madam M really needs to wash her mouth out with soap a couple of times!

#4 Square Enix has yet to make Chocobo Chick, Carbuncle and Cactuar available for all gamers

I’m rather shocked Square Enix hadn’t jumped on the DLC bandwagon for Final Fantasy VII Remake. They could make a mint by enabling gamers equip Tifa and Aerith’s wedding dresses throughout the entire game or, better yet, have Cloud in a dress playable! They did make some free DLC but they were for some crappy armor. I do appreciate the gesture, though.

There are a couple of DLC Final Fantasy VII Remake does have but Square Enix only made them available for the people who preordered the game. They would be the Chocobo Chick, Carbuncle and Cactuar summons.

My copy of Final Fantasy VII Remake did have a code for the Chocobo Chick summon materia but I would love to get my hands on the Carbuncle and Cactuar summons some time in the future just to round out my collection. Bahamut is great and all but… just look at how cute Carbuncle is! I want one!

#5 Aerith’s Theme Song is not available in the Jukebox

The music in Final Fantasy VII Remake is splendid. The new tracks work really well with whatever scenario they were composed for but the reworked and remixed tracks from the old game as just excellent. My favorite song in the game is, hands down, Aerith’s Theme song. There’s just something ethereal about how it’s composed and how melancholy it comes across. I totally understand why some gamers react strongly to it when they hear those three memorable starting notes.

This is the best song in the game or, at the very least, one of the most recognizable pieces of music in Final Fantasy VII. So I find it really weird Square Enix didn’t make it a disc you can collect and play in the jukeboxes found throughout Remake. What makes it double strange is they have a remix of Tifa’s Theme and Barret’s Theme. Why didn’t they make a jazzy remix of Aerith’s Theme? I know if they did, I would’ve walked all around Midgar and playing it on every jukebox I could find!

BONUS: No original PlayStation cursor sound effects?

Really, Square Enix? You didn’t include any of the original sound effects from the original Final Fantasy games on the PlayStation? You didn’t put in any of those iconic blips and bloops that makes any gamer instantaneously know it’s a Final Fantasy game?

Not that the new sound effects are bad but there’s just something about the original sound effects that scream Final Fantasy on the top of its lungs. It’s instantly recognizable yet you didn’t put them in your huge Remake? For shame, Square Enix! For shame!


Any other weird things you noticed about Final Fantasy VII Remake? Let me know in the comments section below!


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