Episode 378: Five Wrestling Storylines (That Are As Bad As Katie Vick)


Every wrestling fan knows about the Katie Vick storyline. During the tail end of the WWE’s Attitude Era, Triple H was in a feud with Kane. In order to torment the Devil’s Favorite Demon, The Cerebral Assassin brought up Katie Vick, who was supposedly Kane’s girlfriend when he was a teenager. She died in a car crash and, to top things off, Triple H claimed Kane committed an act of necrophilia on her corpse. As this was the Attitude Era, the WWE had cameras to film the entire thing.

Of course, it was just Triple H in a Kane mask but it was still bad. The angle was done in such poor taste and the WWE immediately distanced themselves and wrapped the entire thing. The damage had been done and, while all the participants managed to move past it, the Katie Vick storyline still looms over their heads as one of the worst storylines in wrestling history.

However, just because many fans thinks it’s one of the worst, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have any challengers to its crown. So, with that in mind, here are five other storylines in wrestling history which are just as bad as the Katie Vick storyline.

The entire Snitsky “It’s not my fault” and Lita’s miscarriage

Oh, Kane. While you’re not directly linked to this, you’re still a part of the reason why this storyline happened in the first place.

Basically, in this storyline, Kane managed to “impregnate” Lita to continue his “legacy.” This led to their eventual (kinda forced) marriage. During Kane’s match with the debuting Snitsky, the Big Red Monster accidentally fell on Lita after Snitsky hit him with a chair. Lita then suffered a miscarriage and lost the baby. Snitsky then kept saying “it’s not my fault,” referring to the accident… yet still continued to torment Lita by, of all things, kicking a fake baby like a football.

This was bad in so many levels as it didn’t really help anyone. Snitsky acted both too cowardly and too much of a bully. This resulted him in not really developing a character. Lita, who was a badass wrestler, was relegated to a damsel in distress role. What’s worse, Kane was taken out of the picture early in the storyline because he was “injured” by Snitsky. He did get his revenge eventually but it was so delayed that it didn’t matter anymore.

David Arquette becomes the WCW Heavyweight Champion

While a lot of new fans will say Jinder Mahal is the worst Heavyweight Champion ever, they’re flat out wrong because, well, there’s David Arquette’s 2-week reign as the top guy in WCW.

Yes, that did happen.

In short, it was just a dumb publicity stunt to promote the WCW-centric movie Ready to Rumble, which had a lot of WCW wrestlers and David Arquette in it. Winning the WCW Heavyweight Title wasn’t the end of it, though, because things, somehow, got a whole lot worse.

As the video shows, David Arquette won the belt in a Fatal Four Way against Diamond Dallas Page, Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bichoff. At the time, he was best buds with DDP because, well, wrestling. Two weeks later, Arquette had to defend his WCW Heavyweight Championship in a Tripe Threat match in a Triple Cage match, the same match shown in the climax of Ready to Rumble. This time, Arquette turned on Page to give the title to Jeff Jarrett. The reason? It was because Eric Bishoff wanted to screw with the fans, which just means the writers couldn’t really think of a good enough reason.

I will actually give David Arquette some credit as, even if his tenure and title run in WCW is considered to be one of the lowest points in wrestling, he used it to fuel his passion and actually become a part-time wrestler!

Good for him! That doesn’t still make his WCW reign any better but good for him!

The oWn vs The nWo

Let’s get one thing straight: I like the Ultimate Warrior. He’s just super fun as he just steamrolls over his opponents like a freight train on steroids. His WCW run? Eeh. Not so much.

When the Ultimate Warrior went to WCW, the nWo was in full swing so it only made sense for him to go after Hulk Hogan. What happened next was a flurry of un-Warrior-like moves like kidnapping Hogan’s “Disciple” and converting him to join the One Warrior Nation AKA the oWn, using smoke to knock out nWo members as well as to disappear and appearing in mirrors which, for some reason, Hogan, the commentators and the audience could see but not any of the other nWo members.

This entire feud didn’t go anywhere as well since the Ultimate Warrior only wrestled a handful of matches and, sadly, his most “memorable” match was a terrible botch job involving magic flaming paper that didn’t go off at the right time and blatant cheating by the nWo. This was a very sad, sad storyline but, in hindsight, was due to poor execution. That still doesn’t excuse it for being super bad.

“I wish you died in the womb!” with the Bella Twins

Maybe this is my personal bias against the Bella Twins, more specifically Nikki Bella, coming out but this was just cringeworthy to the nth degree.

For some odd reason, the Bella Twins broke up when Nikki Bella decided to turn on her twin sister Brie and sided with Stephanie McMahon. They reason given? Nikki was jealous of Brie or some nonsense. No one really remembers why but everyone does remember the super cringey “I wish you died in the womb!” line Nikki belted out.

This was supposed to be a huge feud as the Bella Twins were favorites in the WWE. However, what killed it for a lot of fan was how bad the acting was! No, really! It was horrible and, considering they’ve been in the WWE and the wrestling business for so long, you would expect at least one of the Bella Twins to be a teensy bit good.

What makes it worse is there was literally no payoff to the entire thing! Nikki beat Brie in a “Loser Becomes a Personal Assistant for a Month” match (that was a real thing, apparently) and belittled her for a few weeks. They made up off screen and reformed the Bella Twins because the WWE decided to give up on the angle, I guess. Yeesh.

The Nexus’ Rise and Immediate Fall

Why, WWE? You had gold when you had the Nexus crush everyone in their debut? Why did you have to kill of the stable in such a disastrous way?

The entire Nexus storyline had a lot of promise. The wrestlers who were featured in the first iteration of NXT banded together and simply wanted to destroy everyone and show what a force they are when they ban together when they interrupted a match between John Cena and CM Punk. To say they wrecked them is an understatement as the Nexus not only did just that but everyone outside the ring as well as the ring itself!

It looked like the Nexus was going to be the next big stable in the WWE… but it didn’t happen. Soon after this, for whatever reason, the Nexus members started to fall for various reasons. Eventually, the Nexus, a seemingly destructive force started to look like a blip in the radar. I really had high hopes for the Nexus but the WWE just squandered their potential.

BONUS: Brock Lesnar breaks The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Streak

Okay, this is not as bad as the Katie Vick or the other storylines listed above on a writing perspective. This isn’t even a storyline as it’s more like a historic moment in wrestling! However, Brock Lesnar breaking The Undertaker’s unbeaten winning streak at Wrestlemania was a poor decision.

On a certain level, I do understand the logic behind it. This made Brock Lesnar to be more of a monster than ever before as he did the impossible. However, the WWE simply destroyed one of the most pure things in “sports entertainment” by doing so. The Undertaker’s Streak, while by pure accident and wasn’t planned from the start, was something genuinely beloved by everyone. The Undertaker’s Streak could’ve been a legendary icon in wresting history.

Sure, 23 wins and 2 losses is nothing to be sneezed at but the Deadman’s subsequent matches at Wrestlemania just felt hollow because he wasn’t defending The Streak anymore. His matches were just ordinary matches with no stakes. At least, that’s what it felt to me. I just didn’t care all that much anymore if he won or lost.


Know other terrible wrestling storylines that are as bad as the infamous Katie Vick storyline? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!

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