Episode 366: Robin’s Favorite Moments in Final Fantasy VII Remake


This might be my final post talking about Final Fantasy VII Remake. As much as I love the game (I’m still playing it even up to now) and I can probably find more things to write about it, it’s time to move on to different things and talk about them. It’s only fair to shine the spotlight on other topics, even though I have no idea what they might be because I still have Final Fantasy VII Remake on the mind.

This is why, to sort of purge my thoughts and feelings on the game, I made the decision to write about the specific moments I loved while playing the game. There is so much stuff that I really love about it so I do have to narrow it down to the 5 favorite moments from Final Fantasy VII Remake. It was a painful thing to do as I didn’t want to leave out anything but, if I had a gun to my head, this is how I would rank them.

Oh, and since I’m talking about specific parts of the game, I will be talking SPOILERS, just so you know. Now, on with the list!

#5 Jessie’s Dream Bike Ride

I still have to get that kiss from Jessie, though.

There are a couple of times when you get to control Cloud Strife on a motorbike. The second time has you and the party escaping from the Shinra Headquarters and that was a really fun moment. I do have to say my first bike ride to the upper plate with Avalanche members Jessie, Biggs and Wedge was better for a couple of reasons.

This entire sequence adds more personality to the second stringers so you feel more for them once they meet their ultimate fate when the plate falls. They also added a really over the top miniboss character in the motorcycle riding SOLDIER Roche. A part of me is really disappointed he only appears in this stretch of the game. Still, he adds that little extra spice which makes this bike ride super fun.

Like I said at the start of this entry, I still have to really perfect my bike ride as I have yet to make it to the end and get that kiss from Jessie. I really hope we find out she managed to survive the plate’s destruction like Biggs and Wedge did.

#4 Arm in Arm with Tifa and Aerith

I squeed when I saw this scene because of how cute it was!

After escaping from the sewers, Cloud, Tifa and Aerith wind up in the train graveyard in the hopes of getting back to Sector 7 in order to prevent Shinra from dropping the upper plate. Unfortunately, the rumors that the train graveyard is haunted are true and Tifa is scared of ghosts. So when the ghosts to invite them in, Tifa is hesitant but Aerith’s fine with it and probably does my favorite bit of voice acting in the entire game!

The way her voice actress, Brianna White spouts off they’ll be fine because they have Cloud as a bodyguard is super cute. Also having her proclaim Cloud is hers made me giggle. The icing on the cake was seeing both Aerith and Tifa clinging on to Cloud’s arms like it was prom night! I really wish they walked in arm in arm but that’s just a nitpick to such a cute scene!

#3 The Battle on the Support Pillar Against Reno and Rude

Wait… I win the fight but I still lose?

One thing Square Enix got really right are the boss battles in Final Fantasy VII Remake. All of them have the right amount of difficulty and, since the battle system is always enjoyable, I know I’m in for a joyful time with them.

My favorite boss fight, oddly enough, isn’t the final battle with Sephiroth but the one against the Turks, Reno and Rude, on top of the Sector 7 support pillar. The entire fight is just filled with personality and character. Cloud already had to contend with each of the Turks individually but, this time around, he, Tifa and Barret have to take down Reno and Rude at the same time. Even if it is 3 vs 2, it’s still a tough fight!

Like all boss fights, there are several phases but my favorite phase is when Cloud and the party take down the helicopter Rude was in and, for a moment, Reno thinks his partner is dead. Rude emerges from the wreckage and Reno’s sly smile says it all. It’s a great moment and an incredible boss fight.

#2 Aerith’s “Don’t Fall In Love with Me” Dream Sequence

Although Tifa is “best girl,” Aerith dream sequence is much more touching. I’m sorry, Tifa!

I have yet to actually get this path as, try as I might, I still can’t turn myself away from her. I have seen all the the character specific scenes. While Tifa’s cutscene in Chapter 14 is lovely and kind of bittersweet, Aerith’s version is much more touching, melancholic and heartbreaking. The entire thing is beautifully scripted as well, with Aerith trying to make it seem she’s okay being trapped in Shinra HQ.

The truly teary-eyed causing scene is when Aerith tells Cloud he can’t fall in love with her. There’s a sadness in it and, just maybe, Aerith is aware that she will have to die to save the planet, which is why she doesn’t want Cloud to develop feelings for her. This, combined with the melancholic tone of Aerith’s theme as it swells at just that specific moment. The fact that Cloud wants to touch Aerith but can’t and stating he wants a say in this before he wakes up does hint it’s too late for that, though. It’s just a beautiful scene.

#1 Wall Market… the entire Wall Market

Honestly, if I didn’t lump all of the Wall Market moments together, this list would be dominated by them.

I didn’t know how much I would love my entire time in Wall Market and I will say it’s the best part of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Everything else takes a backseat to the insanity of pure fun I had exploring area, doing every quest and interacting with everyone in Wall Market! There’s just a ton of stuff to love here!

You have the Madam M hand massage parlor. The Corneo Cup sequence. The battle with the Hell House. The quest with Johnny to find The Sauce. The squat contest at the gym. The reveal of Aerith’s “gaudy” dress. Tifa and Aerith kicking all kinds of butt at the Corneo mansion. Cloud crossdressing transformation. Of course, there’s the entire dance sequence at the Honeybee Inn with Andrea. What’s not to love?

The only real bad quest throughout my stay in Wall Market would be one you might not even get. It’s the one where you have to clear the name of the Angel of the Slums, which Beck’s Badasses have tried to frame with an obviously fake card. The quest is super easily accomplished since all you have to do is defeat the bandits again but you do have to contend with a grunge bandit and you’re fighting solo. Even so, it’s rather disappointing, especially when you compare with with your journey with Johnny to find the inspiration and The Sauce.

Still, Wall Market has just too much stuff to love so, yes. It’s just one, giant item on this list because it would be unfair to the other moments as it would dominate this list.

BONUS: Cloud’s Learns How To High Five

This was more of the payoff than the actual high five. Let me explain…

After the second bombing run, Cloud becomes Aerith’s reluctant bodyguard. The merc does try to slip away in the night at Aerith’s adoptive mother’s request but the local florist catches up to Cloud. As they both make their way through Sector 6, Aerith tries to get Cloud to do a high five with her. After several attempts, she eventually does!

It’s a super cute moment and really shows the super serious mercenary slowing putting down his defenses with this weird, quirky girl. I really do love the super slow high five when you have you hold the triangle button to get Cloud to actually do it!

While that payoff is already satisfying, it becomes even more so after Cloud and Aerith take on the Hell House and defeat it. The boss battle is already super fun and the commentary throughout the battle is hilarious. What makes it special is, after the duo take demolish the Hell House, they do a high five as well!

There’s no awkward pause or delay. Cloud just immediately does a high five with Aerith without hesitation! It’s a wonderful scene that shows them building a super solid bond! That’s the most satisfying high five I’ve ever seen ever because I saw Cloud from not knowing what to do to doing it on instinct.


What’s your favorite moment in Final Fantasy VII Remake? Let me know what it is in the comments section below!


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