Episode 364: Five Inconsequential Questions about Final Fantasy VII Remake

Heya. *just like Aerith in Final Fantasy VII Remake*

Congratulations to me as I just finished Final Fantasy VII Remake! I know it’s not a big deal and hundreds upon hundreds of gamers, if not thousands, have done the exact same thing a month ago. However, considering I only had this game for around a week and have played, according to the game itself, for 65 hours already, that’s a big accomplishment for me! Not only did I finish a game in a span of just a week, I also dedicated almost 40% of my week to playing and finishing Final Fantasy VII Remake!

The biggest contributor to how much time I spent on playing Square Enix’s remake of their classic JRPG is how good Final Fantasy VII Remake’s story is. Granted, I presumably didn’t grasp all of the nuances of the grandiose tale since I didn’t play the original PlayStation version. I’ll bet a lot of the stuff I didn’t understand was answered there. However, I bet there are some questions that Square Enix nor the 1997 didn’t answer! So, I’ll be asking a few of these rather inconsequential questions now.

Oh, and since I’ll be talking about some particular plot points here and there, I’m putting up the obligatory SPOILER warning!

#1 How legal are weapons in Midgar?

Is it normal for someone in Midgar to be walking around with a gun arm? I mean, the hoodlums had such a difficult time looking for Barret.

I guess when you live in the dilapidated areas of Midgar slums, there are going to be some people who are armed to the teeth with weapons. After all, there are going to be monsters that just pop out of areas now and again. I still don’t understand how casual everyone is about how people like Cloud and Barret, a couple of ordinary civilians, can walk around the streets of Midgar while brandishing a giant sword and a gatling gun and everyone doesn’t really think about it.

Heck, no one on the train seems to mind that most of the Avalanche members have guns and shotguns right on their backs! Even the Shinra employees who defend their company are, at the start, brave enough to talk back to Barret, even though it’s very obvious he’s brandishing a weapon right on his person! They only start fearing for their life once Barret gets mad. I mean, if I saw someone who just has a butcher’s knife on the train, I’d be ready to get off at the next station!

The only ones besides the Avalanche team members and our heroes who seem to do so are the neighborhood watch and you never see them just walking around since their just guarding their posts!So, how normal is it for a citizen of Midgar to brandish a weapon in a public space? No need to conceal them as well?

Speaking of guns and swords…

#2 Why do swords and punches do more damage than guns?

I really think Barret should really check the bullets on his guns.

The first time I took control of Barret in combat, I didn’t like him. Sure, he’s cool looking especially since he’s got a huge gun attached to his arm but he was rather slow to move around. Okay, fine. That normally means he does more damage, right? However, when I got to the end of Chapter 1 and Cloud and Barret took on the Sentinel Scorpion boss, I was rather dismayed at all the little 1s and 2s Barret’s bullets were doing to it. However, each slash of Cloud’s Buster Sword was doing much, much, much more than the Avalanche cell leader.

I really found this odd because, well, aren’t guns supposed to do so much more damage, especially when you shoot at people with them? I guess this is more of a gameplay element since Barret’s gun attachments are rapid fire and do more damage per second than per hit.

However, it does make some scenes look a little silly whenever Barret holds someone up since, well, I know it only does a bee sting’s worth of damage per bullet based on my time with him It also makes some cutscenes involving guns look very non-threatening. Case in point, that scene when Don Corneo turns the table on Leslie and the Don points the gun at Leslie right at his head. Sure, it might hurt a little but… look at how small that handgun is compared to Barret’s! Okay, it can take out an eye but I guess you can put some ice on it and it’ll heal quite nicely after a day or two!

Yes, I know I’m kind of nitpicking but, for me, it just made it difficult for me to take guns seriously in the world of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Maybe that’s why the Shinra people on the train weren’t that afraid of Barret?

#3 What’s with Tifa’s cowboy outfit?

I kind of wish this was one of Tifa’s Don Corneo’s costumes.

In one of Cloud’s flashbacks, he remembers going back to his hometown of Nibelheim. He recalls his childhood friend, now all grown up, crying over someone’s body and grabbing what seems to be Sephiroth’s sword before entering the mako reactor of the town. I know this is a reference to the events of Crisis Core, a prequel to the original Final Fantasy VII.

What I don’t get is what Tifa is wearing. I do know there is the equivalent of cowboys in that game universe since there are folks like Chocobo Sam who even speak like a caricature from an old spaghetti western. Why is she dressed up like a cowgirl? It seems particularly strange to me since we never see her dress like that in Cloud’s other flashbacks. Maybe it’s out of place for her to dress up all girly-girly now but it suited her back in the day. However, I can’t really understand why she did the whole nine yards with the cowboy cosplay. Was this even explained in Crisis Core?

Now, let’s talk about the other love interest in Cloud’s life…

#4 Does Aerith really have to go to Shinra voluntarily?

Maybe its all semantics but I really had trouble understanding this part. My money is more on sloppy writing.

At the later part of Final Fantasy VII Remake, Aerith returns to Shinra in order to save Marlene before the plate falls on Sector 7. It’s then revealed she’s really an Ancient, a race which knew how to control the flow of mako. Shinra hopes Aerith will lead them to the “promised land” where there is a boundless supply of the energy source. However, even though Shinra and the Turks knew exactly were she was, they apparently couldn’t force her back after her escape. Well, this is the explanation given anyway.

Okay, so Aerith does return to her captors “voluntarily” even though it sounds like blackmail to me. That’s more coercion than volunteering in my book! Also, if this was the way to do it, why did it take them so long to “convince” her to do it? I mean, they could’ve threatened they’d do terrible things to her adoptive mother, couldn’t they? They had so many years to come up with a way to do the very same thing!

Additionally, if Aerith being at Shira is more of a “voluntary” basis, that doesn’t mean she’ll actually do what they want her to do, right? So I really don’t understand this point. I guess this is just a really huge plot hole from the original game. Even then, the Turks knew exactly where Aerith was but they just didn’t just kidnap her! So, in the Remake, they shoehorned the “voluntary” reasoning just to try to explain why they didn’t do so before. It’s still a really bad explanation, in my opinion. Hopefully, the writers at Square Enix can come up with a revised explanation that makes sense in the sequel.

#5 What happened to Wedge at the end of Chapter 17?

Geez, the big man can’t catch a break, can he?

I was very relieved to find out Wedge survived getting crushed when the pillar to Sector 7 fell. I was already torn up by Biggs and, most especially, Jessie dying trying to protect the pillar. I honestly thought the comedy relief died somewhat pitifully trying to save just one of his cats… waitaminute. What about Wedge’s other cats? What about Biggamus Rex, Reginaldo and Mister Smalls?

Anyway, it turns out Wedge and *sniff* one of his cats (I really hope it’s Mister Smalls) survives as the gang takes him to Aerith’s home to recover. Near the end of the game, Wedge tries to help out the group when they go try to rescue Aerith. He notifies the other Avalanche teams so they can send a helicopter to pick them up and Wedge even enters the Shinra building himself.

Unfortunately for him, the building is then infested by the Whisper spirits and they drag Wedge throughout the building during the climax of the game. He tries to escape but he’s overpowered by the arbiters of fate. You really don’t see what happens to him as the scene fades to black but you do hear glass shattering around him while Wedge’s voice gets weaker.

So, what happened to Wedge? Did he finally die? I mean, Biggs managed to survive his ordeal at the pillar and someone even carried him over to Leaf House to recover. You don’t see Jessie so I’m presuming she really did die then. What they didn’t answer is Wedge’s fate. You don’t see him at the ending cutscene so it’s rather ambiguous. I really wanna know if the big guy made it.

Also, is Mister Smalls okay? Please tell me he’s okay!

BONUS: When is Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2?

No, really, Square Enix. When are you putting out the sequel? I really need to know!


Have any questions about Final Fantasy VII Remake’s story? Let me know what they are in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “Episode 364: Five Inconsequential Questions about Final Fantasy VII Remake

  1. #3 What’s with Tifa’s cowboy outfit?

    Remember when shoulder pads and mullets were all the rage? Fashion works in mysterious ways.
    And i’m not entirely sure that Biggs scene is set AFTER the final battle. The cutscene shows that at same time when Zack brings Cloud to Midgard, which is way before everything happen. Which leads to another question: how something can happen before and after the game at same time? This is easy: people assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a nonlinear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey… stuff.

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