Waiting For the PlayStation 4 Super Slim

Well, it looks like we’ll have to wait for a while before we get to see what’s Sony’s been cooking up. The PlayStation 5 reveal show was postponed due to what’s happening in the United States at the time (if you’re from the future, look up what a disaster 2020 has turned out to be). I was all eager to watch the scheduled one hour reveal show, too! But, when the show was cancelled, I did all of a sudden realize something Sony hasn’t done yet with what they’ve done with their other PlayStation consoles in the past.

They haven’t revealed a PlayStation 4 Super Slim version.

Oh, you can say Sony has already released a skinnier version of their current gen system. But, to tell you honestly, I still want a Super Slim version for the PlayStation 4 for various reasons.

One of those reasons would be because the PlayStation 4 Slim, well, isn’t really all that slim, in my opinion. Oh, Sony did do a good job at trimming down maybe an inch off the original’s length and height but it’s definitely not enough for me to say this is a “slim” model. Considering both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Slim models do the same things and the sizes are very comparable, I never felt the need to get the Slim model.

The same thing can be said for the PlayStation 4 Pro. I’ve heard that there is a very noticeable difference between the graphic processing power between the regular vs. the Pro system but, since I am a third world gamer for the most part, I’m just running my PlayStation 4 games on a standard 32-inch HDMI television so, despite 4K graphics being so alluring to look at, I’m going to wait a bit for the price points for those kinds of televisions to go down a bit before I take the plunge. Maybe when the PlayStation 5, sure, but not for this generation.

Additionally, I would imagine that Sony’s engineers have figured out to optimize a lot of the technology that was put into the PlayStation 4 originally and developed ways to make them smaller. I mean, there have been many improvements to processors since 2013, the year when the original PlayStation 4 was launched. It’s been a whole seven years since then! I would assume they’ve also done some advancements to the original board design and even worked a way to make most of the components to work more efficiently, which would make them draw less power and, more importantly, disperse less heat.

Another reason I would love Sony to give us a Super Slim version of the PlayStation 4 is, well, because I just don’t like the mechanical Blu-Ray drives the current systems have! It’s a pet peeve of mine but I just don’t like mechanical drives, Blu-Ray or otherwise! The main thing that really bugs me about mechanical drives are, basically, all the things that can go wrong with it since there are so many moving parts! I’m afraid, one of these days, a part like the rollers that slide the discs in will break down or something and I’ll have to manually screw out the disc.

Now, looking at how to remove a stuck disc on many videos like the one above, I do have to commend Sony for making the process pretty simple and you don’t have to tear down your PlayStation 4 all that much on my current model. They even made it much more simple with the Slim version since you don’t have to remove the cover or anything like that; you just have to insert the screwdriver in a hole underneath the unit.

That all cool and all but I can’t really see why Sony can’t use the more simple drives like the ones that came out with the PlayStation 3 Super Slim models! You know, the one with the sliding door on the roof, making it a top loader like the original PlayStation? Those Blu-Ray drives didn’t require some fancy sliding rollers to pull the discs in or anything like that. All the PlayStation 3 Super Slim needed was a plastic door on top that slides to the side to allow you to place your discs in! That was a huge selling point for me just for the peace of mind it gave me!

Honestly, I think the PlayStation 3 Super Slim actually spoiled me when it came to console redesigns. For me, that was the gold standard when it came to gaming console refreshes. Sony didn’t just shave a hair or two here and there. They really trimmed down the dimensions to a great degree. They reworked the internals so that they could squeeze in all the tech they put into the original PlayStation 3. It used less power yet still maintained the same performance level from the base model overall. To me, the PlayStation 3 Super Slim was a minor miracle of engineering. Oh, it’s a minor miracle.. but it’s still a miracle!

I will admit I was initially enticed to get a PlayStation 4 Slim when it was announce but immediately relented when I saw that it didn’t do anything radically different from the original PlayStation 4 look and overall look.

Actually, with the PlayStation 5 about to be released, I’m really hoping for Sony to some something for the PlayStation 4 on the same lines it did with the PlayStation 3 Super Slim. I know a lot of focus and marketing will be on the newest and more powerful and more expensive console and that’s fine. I want to be excited for the PlayStation 5 so show me what it can do! I want to see “the future of gaming” already.

But does that mean I want Sony to forget about “the present of gaming” now? No. I think the PlayStation 4 still has a couple of years of life, even with its successor about to supplant the system this year. But, if it has any chance of still living on, it definitely needs a refresh. It needs something to make consumers think it’s still a worthy buy even when the PlayStation 5 is released during the upcoming Holiday season. And the best way to do it is if Sony does give it a new look and, of course, make it even cheaper in the process. I mean, it worked wonders for the previous consoles that did get Slim versions.

Does that mean Sony will actually do it again? Will they make a Super Slim version of the PlayStation 4? I really hope so. I know the PlayStation 4 is already an aging piece of tech as it’s been on the market for almost seven years already. Even so, it seems like the system can still chug on for a year or two.

As long as it has a top loading Blu-Ray drive, you have an easy sale with me!

Would you want Sony to develop a PlayStation 4 Super Slim model? Let me know in the comments section below!

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