Five More Games that Deserve the Remake Treatment

Even with a worldwide lockdown, nothing is going to stop probably the two biggest games, Resident Evil 3 Remake and Final Fantasy VII Remake from breaking records. These are two of the most highly anticipated games of the year and you can bet fans are not going to let something like a global pandemic from stopping them from playing.

Of course, it’s easy to point out that those games are remakes of very popular titles so it’s a no-brainer that fans want to play their modern equivalent. I already dreamt up a list of five obscure games that need to be remastered. Well, guess what? I just thought of five more games that need to get this updated remake treatment!


I would also be happy with it being available on the PlayStation Store… but a remake of Xenogears would definitely be appreciated

I would generally call Xenogears as one of SquareSoft’s lost RPGs. They already had a huge hit with Final Fantasy but they didn’t rest on their laurels as they continued to try to make new franchises like Chrono Trigger, Vagrant Story and Secret of Mana. However, none of those games captured my imagination like Xenogears. Maybe it was it’s use of a futuristic world with giant mecha and a superb battle system. Maybe it was the brilliant mix of sprite animation with 3D models. Maybe it was the wonky story that I didn’t fully understand at the time but felt so heavy and emotional. It’s probably all of those factors and more.

Xenogears is one of those games that deserves a modern remake because, while it looked gorgeous when it came out on the original PlayStation, I can’t imagine how Square Enix would make it look now, if Final Fantasy VII Remake is any indication! Imagine using cel-shaded 3D characters with super detailed anime-mecha designs! Also, I would definitely love to see the third act remastered to include a more cohesive story as, by the end, things did seem to spiral out of control with an overabundance of narration and exposition. Xenogears deserved a better conclusion with a better way the story was told.

Silent Hill 2

Nope, we don’t need a remake of the first Silent Hill. But we do need a modern remake for Silent Hill 2.

When Resident Evil became a smash hit, there was no doubt that other companies were going to jump on the survival-horror bandwagon. One of the best ones that came out during that era was Konami’s Silent Hill series. The series reached its pinnacle with its second entry as the scares didn’t necessarily come from the monsters or the spooky environment but the psychological horror. There were implications that the main character may not necessarily be a benevolent hero nor was he brought to the sleepy town of Silent Hill by accident.

Silent Hill 2 came out on the PlayStation 2 almost two decades ago but it still looks remarkably well even today. However, the character models do need a little punching up. The frame rate and resolution could definitely need some improvement. And while I did mention the graphics still look good by today’s standard, I would still want models with more polygons. However, the biggest thing I would want a remake of Silent Hill 2 to do is to change the camera angles to a more Resident Evil 2 Remake style. That would up the fear factor!

Fallout 1 and 2

Because not all games that need to be remade need to be from Japan!

Story time! When Fallout 3 came out, I played the heck out of that game. Same with Fallout: New Vegas. After I was done with both those games and played them multiple times to get the different endings as well as try out different stuff, I still wanted more Fallout in my life. So that’s why I purchased Fallout 1 and 2 on Steam. I only played something like an hour or two of the first game. I then promptly quit. It just wasn’t the same. Both Fallout 1 and 2 are two games that are technically on my bucket list that will never be ticked off because I have no intention of playing them.

I do get why the series did get a strong cult following. From what I played, the story looked really good. The problem is I got so used to playing Fallout 3 and New Vegas that retroactively going back to Fallout 1 and 2 felt like a slog! However, I would play both of them in a heartbeat if Bethesda revamps those games and use their modern gaming engine! After the failure of Fallout 76, I hope they do this. They need the brownie points!

Grand Theft Auto 3

Yeah, there was a 10th Anniversary version of Grand Theft Auto 3. But I’d still like a full-on remake with all the bells and whistles, please!

Grand Theft Auto 3 was a groundbreaking game that opened up the gaming world to the idea of the sandbox game. The game where you can do a whole bunch of things and you don’t have to really follow the story to have a good time. I personally think this is the second best game of the modern Grand Theft Auto games, only losing out to the fifth game by a hair. But that’s only because the last Grand Theft Auto felt like a real modern take of the original Grand Theft Auto 3.

I would personally love to the the third game made from the ground up. Still keep the silent protagonist and keep him nameless because that was part of his charm. Also keep the basic map of Liberty City but expand it outwards with maybe some outskirt areas as well as a few more missions that involves the new wilderness areas. Heck, they can even keep the silly physics and the same voice acting because they were right on the money then! But if they do remake Grand Theft Auto 3, they just have to bump up the graphic quality and maybe redo the radio soundtrack. That should be easy, right?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

If they’re not going to make another Mass Effect game anytime soon, can’t EA allow BioWare to dip into the well again and remake Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic?

Now, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was made before BioWare was known for huge hits like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, they were already starting to make very hot RPGs and this game is a prime example. But, I will admit, looking at it without my rose tinted nostalgia glasses, KOTOR isn’t all that ambitious, especially when you compare it to today’s standards. The morality system is too black and white. The fighting and animations are clunky now. And the writing and dialog, while impressive for its time, comes off as very stilted today. Which is why this game needs a remake, stat!

Hopefully, they could bring most of the original people who worked on the game but punch up the script a bit. Make some of the Light Side choices feel like the good choice but may have some dire consequences for either your characters or the galaxy. Make the Dark Side choices really feel like an evil thing to do instead of just making your character look like a dick. Of course, it goes without saying to up the graphics to today’s standards, especially the animations. Don’t forget to look at the battle system because maybe the game would be much better if you actually controlled your lightsaber-wielding character instead of just commanding him or her to attack.

BONUS: Wing Commander

Because, why not resurrect one of the best forgotten space sim shooters from the past?

There was a time when the Wing Commander series was a dominant force in the gaming universe. It spawned five games, several spin-offs, an animated television show, a novel series and even a live-action film! Yet no one really remembers Wing Commander anymore. It’s rather sad.

You may say it would be better to simply make a new entry to the Wing Commander game and I understand the argument, which is why this is just a bonus feature. However, I feel a remaster is necessary as the original game establishes the war with the Kilrathi effortlessly as well as showing the idea of a branching path storyline early on. Oh, and the space dogfighting is really good, too!

What other games can you think of that deserve to be remastered? Let me know in the comments section below!

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