Five Toyline Suggestions for The Toys That Made Us

I was incredibly late to the entire “Netflix and Chill” trend. We have only been using the service for around a year and, wouldn’t you know it? Shortly after, we have guys like Disney, HBO and everyone’s mother getting into the streaming service idea! I really do hope that Netflix makes it out okay since they do make a number of exclusive shows that I have grown to enjoy. One of them is the documentary series that’s all about the toys I grew up with. I’m talking about The Toys That Made Us. I loved the initial two seasons of the show and the third one was also pretty good. I mean, they managed to make Hello Kitty interesting!

Right now, I’m kind of afraid that Netflix will pull the run from under The Toys That Made Us. They’ve killed wonderful shows like American Vandal in the past and the producers have already moved on to movies with, what else, The Movies That Made Us. Cancelling The Toys That Made Us would be a crying shame because there are still so many other toylines they can still tackle! In fact, I have a few ideas…

#1 Superheroes

The Toys That Made Us has already done broad topics before. They’ve tackled Wrestling, where they go into detail about how the various pro wrestling companies tried their hand in licensing their brand to create toys. It would be so easy to do the same for one of the biggest pop culture items ever, superheroes!

The history of superhero toys would be incredibly broad. Of course, they would have to start by talking about how superhero comics got popular in the first place before they do talk about the toys. They can even talk about DC and Marvel’s feud and how they expanded their war into the toy aisle with Kenner’s Super Powers vs. Mattel’s Secret Wars!

That wouldn’t be the only thing The Toys That Made Us could talk about. They can delve deeper into history and talk about the Mego line and go into today with the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Marvel Legends line as well as the DC Superhero figures as well. Basically, you’ve got toys. You’ve got comics. You’ve got superheroes. This would be a must-watch for every geek out there!

#2 Nintendo

Superhero toys might seem like a broad topic but it’s definitely not as broad as the entire video game genre! Fortunately, if the producers of The Toys That Made Us need to discuss about video games, they don’t have to talk about the entire thing. They just need to talk about Nintendo. But even then, that would be a incredibly expansive thing, especially since Nintendo has been a part of video games almost since it’s creation and then some!

Talking about Nintendo’s history would be a very deep topic since the company was founded more than a century ago! They can go briefly how Nintendo started out as a humble playing card manufacturer into one of the biggest companies in the world! They can also discuss the entire video game crash, which would touch on companies like Atari and Intellivision. They can also talk about their war with SEGA as well as how they inadvertently created the PlayStation by stabbing Sony in the back.

The Toys That Made Us could delve into Nintendo’s successes with the Game Boy and the Wii as well as their missteps with the Virtua Boy and the Wii U. Nintendo would be an incredibly long but fun subject matter for gamers like myself who grew up with their video game systems. Besides, when you have to talk about toys that made my generation, you have to talk about Nintendo!

#3 Beanie Babies

I will preface this entry with the fact that I have no idea about Beanie Babies or it’s extensive history. Honestly, that part of the reason why I would want to see The Toys That Made Us go into Beanie Babies’ history: I want to know what the fuss is all about and why some of them have become so collectible!

What I know about these stuffed toys is that they’re stuffed toys and they have a rabid collectible community, with some of them spending small fortunes in a possibly vain attempt to collect them all. I also know they weren’t a massive hit due to them looking understuffed and cheaply made. But, for some odd reason, the secondary market just blew up, leading to a large collectible market.

I’m not really sure if there’s an interesting history with the Beanie Babies story. It doesn’t look like there was any real drama behind the scenes or anything like that. I do want to know if there was, however. I also would want to see if the scarcity of some Beanie Babies was totally intentional. It may prove to be an interesting topic. If they can make Hello Kitty’s history interesting, The Toys That Made Us can make Beanie Babies’ history interesting as well!

#4 Gundam Model Kits

This is mostly for me because, while I’m not the biggest collector out there, I have a few Gundam models myself, including a Gundam Wing Zero Endless Waltz Perfect Grade! What an awesome build!

Now, I’m not totally sure of how popular Gundam is or was back then in the West, but here in Asia and the Philippines, these plastic model kits are everywhere! Even if it isn’t that big of a hit in the West, you can’t underestimate’s Gundam’s worldwide popularity and appeal. It’s one of the most long-lived franchises out there, spanning four decades! After all, Japan made a life-sized Gundam statue! You can’t deny the fandom involved to make one of those!

And the Gundam model kits, my God! They are so fun to build! I would love to see how the kits are conceptualized and how the people behind the anime work in tandem with the team that design the Gundam kits. Heck, I would just love to see how they go about molding the kits themselves and how they manage to make them all snap together without any glue and whatnot! I would also want to see the impact Gundam has made worldwide and the people that giant robotic hand has touched!

#5 Hot Wheels

There are many popular toys and The Toys That Made Us have talked about some of the big ones out there. So I do find it odd that they shined a spotlight on Hot Wheels.

It was a brand that actually took the fight to Matchbox, then the leading name of little die-cast toy cars… only for the company to be bought out by the company that owns Matchbox. Right then and there, you have a good story of history. I’m not all that familiar with Hot Wheels’ history but, judging from its success and its ability to outshine its competition with innovative ideas throughout the years, I’m guessing there’s a good bit of history and drama that happened behind the scenes. Hot Wheels is a legacy toy line so I have no doubt it would make for a great episode for The Toys That Made Us.

Bonus: Hasbro

Yes, not a toy but a toy company. That would be a first for The Toys That Made Us but it would be an interesting one. Why? Because it’s kind of like the Disney of the toy scene. It’s a company that eats up other companies to assimilate it! It definitely would be interesting to see Hasbro’s humble beginnings and how it evolved into the juggernaut it is today!

Of course, I would just be happy in Netflix makes another season of The Toys That Made Us. Or maybe a couple more.

What toylines would you want to see in The Toys That Made Us? Let me know in the comments section below!

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