Episode 329: Seven Weird Super Combo Attacks in Fighting Games


I generally love fighting games, although I’m not good at a lot of them. They are fun to watch with all the flashy attacks and super damaging combos. One thing I love about modern fighting games is the ability to use a super powerful attack known as a Super Combo. It is known by different names depending on the fighting game. The Vs. series call them Hyper Combos. Mortal Kombat players known them as X-Rays. The King of Fighters series has the Desperation Moves. Whatever you call them, these flashy attacks can turn the tide of battle in a spectacular way.

Not all Super Combos are all brutal attacks, however. In fact, a lot of fighting games look rather weird and strange. It’s there for laughs, sure, but it is crazy to see something really silly during what is supposed to be a silly fight. There are a lot of them but here are 7 of my favorite weird Super Combos, in no particular order.

#1 Dizzy’s Emotional Gamma Ray (Guilty Gear Xrd)

Guilty Gear Xrd’s Instant Kill attacks are mostly hilarious and over the top ways to take out your opponent. There’s one where a doctor does plastic surgery on the opponent and one where a sky pirate fires her foe into the sky, anime-style. Probably the best one, however, is Dizzy’s Emotional Gamma Ray as it actually doesn’t harm her opponent… but it looks like the attack would absolutely destroy her foe if it did connect!

Anyway, one of Dizzy’s wings, Necro, fires a huge Gamma Ray at the opponent. Dizzy realizes what’s going to happen and pushes Necro away at the last moment, causing the Emotional Gamma Ray to barely miss. Realizing what would’ve happened if it hit, the opponent immediately surrenders. It’s weird and the opponent’s reaction to the Emotional Gamma Ray is always a laugh riot because you can see their fear. Also, the opponent is never Destroyed as they just Surrender. It’s just beautiful.

#2 Ginyuu’s Body Change (Dragon Ball FighterZ)

You got to feel sorry for Ginyuu. He’s one of the weakest fighters in the entire roster of Dragon Ball FighterZ and the only thing he has going for him is that he has the Ginyuu Force lending him a helping hand during the battle. It’s also weird that the game acknowledges the fact that he’ll probably get his life meter wiped out as he has a Super Move that allows him to switch his body with his undoubtedly more powerful opponent when the chips are down!

This is a move that is straight from the Dragon Ball Z anime itself but it’s still weird that it’s an actual attack in a fighting game. It hard to connect as there is a lot of startup. It also doesn’t actually do any damage but, if your Ginyuu’s life is down and you do connect it, you instantly have a comeback with this one move!

#3 Nagare Namikawa’s Synchonized Attack (Project Justice)

Project Justice is a game that I managed to get a glimpse on when I was very young in the arcade. It did look amazing but the thing that caught my eye were the Team-Up Attacks, flashy attacks that involve 2 of your teammates. A lot of these attacks can fill up most of the slots here as Project Justice’s Team Up attacks have girls bringing up bringing up a chart to heal your character, a large man jumping in to take punches before swatting the foe away and the like. The weirdest one has to be the one with the swimmer Nagare called Synchonized Attack

With Nagare’s Synchonized Attack, his partner knocks the opponent for the loop and they start to do a choreographed swimming routine with a change of background music… on the ground! After a while, the opponent just gets smashed by some invisible force that does massive damage. It’s already strange as Nagare manages to convince his foe to start swimming on land but the big hit from nowhere is just the kicker to how super strange this attack is.

#4: Dan’s Legendary Taunt (Street Fighter series)

Most Super Combos are there to enable a comeback or tack on enormous damage. Some Super Combos enhance a character’s abilities or damage output. In other words, most Super Combos are there to hurt your opponent physically. There is one Super Combo that doesn’t drain your opponent’s health bar. However, it can cause mental damage to the other player. That attack is Dan’s Legendary Taunt.

There is some use for Dan’s Legendary Taunt as you can cancel it into his Ultra Combos, making it combo friendly. You’re still using up all of your Super Meter and, if you don’t have your Ultra Meter filled, doing Dan’s Legendary Taunt is simply a way to show your opponent that, hey, I don’t need any of my meter to beat you and I’ll even give you a free hit!

#5 Phoenix Wright’s The Ace Attorney (Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3)

Who would’ve thought that mild-mannered lawyer Phoenix Wright could stand up to the likes of Doctor Doom, Ryu, Magneto and Albert Wesker? Well, he can but not really. Most of his attacks are actually him fumbling around while he gathers evidence or lets Maya or a dog do the actual fighting. However, when Phoenix manages to find all the evidence he needs, he can totally devastate his opponent by accusing his foe of a crime that he certainly did with The Ace Attorney Hyper Combo!

It can be a pain to access Phoenix Wright’s The Ace Attorney Level 3 Hyper Combo. You have to gather all the correct evidence while your opponent is trying to beat you silly. Then you have to activate Turnabout mode, which does power up the lawyer’s potent accusing finger. The payoff of activating The Ace Attorney, however, is really worth it as it’s hilarious to see guys like Doctor Doom just shuddering after being accused!

#6. The Flash’s Time Changer (Injustice 2)

Injustice 2 is known for their extremely cinematic Super Moves and they’re all ridiculous in their own right. We have Harley Quinn take out metahumans with a explosive pie to the crotch. Doomsday punching his foe clear through the other side of the planet and Aquaman summoning sea creatures even if they’re way out in space. Even with all of that, the weirdest Super Move in Injustice 2 has got to be The Flash’s Time Changer.

Ever wondered what happened to the Sphinx’s nose and what killed the dinosaurs? Well, according to Injustice 2, it just might be The Flash as he needed to slam into these objects to do some damage to his foe. Not only that, The Flash actually creates a time paradox of sorts as he returns just milliseconds before the present time. He still gets one good hit in as he slams his opponent into himself before you see the the other Flash take his opponent back in time!

#7: Violet’s Rage Art (Tekken 7)

Despite being a somewhat serious fighting game, there were a few silly Rage Arts in Tekken 7 that could’ve made this list. There is Kuma swatting his opponent with a large salmon. There’s also Panda using her foe like a volleyball. What ultimately won in my list of Tekken 7 weird Rage Art attacks was Violet’s version. Take note, I said “Violet,” not Lee just because I think Violet’s last comment just makes it extra weird!

Technically, both Lee and Violet have the same Rage Art. They are the same person after all. However, Violet is a little more flamboyant. The Rage Art still has Violet/Lee smacking his opponent with his machine gun kicks. He then throws a rose at his opponent… that explodes! I just have to specify that Violet’s “Excellent” comment just makes things just a little bit more hilarious.

BONUS: Special Blanche Brutality (Mortal Kombat X)

The reason why this didn’t make the official list is because the Special Blanche Brutality isn’t a Super Combo and it isn’t unique to any character. However, it does deserve special mention because of how silly it is!

Mortal Kombat X added stage interactables. On the Marketplace stage, there is a little old lady dubbed Blanche by the players and you can throw the hapless crone into your opponent for damage. However, if you do some sequence, this happens!

Rock on, Blanche! Rock on!


What is the weirdest Super Combo you’ve seen in a fighting game? Let me know in the comments section below!

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