Episode 324: Five Inconsequential Questions about It: Chapter 2


I loved It: Chapter 1. I usually avoid horror films because I’m a big scaredy cat but I decided to watch it because of all the good buzz it was getting. Although I didn’t find It: Chapter 1 frightening, I still enjoyed myself because the film told a very engaging story. It definitely made me want to watch the adventures of the Losers as adults in the sequel, It: Chapter 2.

Well, I did see it and I intend to write up a review for it. However, I left the movie with more than a couple of questions in my head that wouldn’t fit in a review. So I decided to go write up one of those “inconsequential questions” lists that the other guys on this site have written. So, without further ado, here are 5 inconsequential questions I came up after watching It: Chapter 2!

Oh, SPOILERS incoming!

Question #1: Where are all the people in Derry?

I get that Derry, Maine is supposed to be a small town in the Midwest and the population gets culled in half by Pennywise the Clown every 27 years or so. But why does it seem so empty a lot of the time?

Welcome to Silent Hil… I mean, Derry, Maine.

You may retort that there are some scenes wherein you can see the townsfolk interact with each other. There’s the carnival, something that’s akin to main street and even a Stephen King cameo as an antique shopkeeper. You’d be correct but there is a curious lack of people in a lot of the scenes in It: Chapter 2.

Take the inn that the Losers all stay in. I’m assuming that there has to be someone running it and that person actually checked them all in. Did you ever see him? That person is never seen in the film! Also, there are a lot of moments where the adult Losers are walking around the town with all the streets bereft of any foot traffic. It really doesn’t make sense why there aren’t more people walking around town! Are you telling me that everyone is at the fair? As in literally everyone? That seems highly unlikely to me!

Question #2: What was Bill’s token going to be if he didn’t get Georgie’s sailboat?

After the Losers get called back to Derry, Mike tells them that, in order to finally defeat It/Pennywise, they have to do this ancient ritual which involves them gathering tokens from their past. While I do question how the heck some of the tokens, such as Richie’s arcade token, still exist throughout the town, there was one specific token that shouldn’t: Georgie’s sailboat.

In the first movie, Georgie’s sailboat drifted down a street drain and the kid was eaten by Pennywise. I would assume that the sailboat was destroyed or discarded by It by then. After all, what would an intergalatic eater of worlds want with a paper boat? Somehow, Bill goes tot the same storm drain and manages to retrieve the same sailboat because… I don’t know why. Did Pennywise give it to him?

So my question is, if he didn’t get the sailboat, what would’ve been Bill’s token from the past be? I guess it could’ve been the bike he bought from Stephen King but that doesn’t really make sense because it’s too damn big to be a “token.” Maybe a piece of the bike would work but, if that’s the case, he wouldn’t be “burning the past” because he would still have the bike!

Question #3: What happened to Henry Bowers zombie friend and car?

I haven’t read the book because… that thing is freaking thick! It’s very intimidating if you ask me. So most of my knowledge going into It: Chapter 2 comes from the first film. In the first film, the Losers were being bullied by a kid named Henry Bowers and his friends. One of Bowers’ friends is killed early on by It/Pennywise. In the first film, Bowers attacks them near the well but Mike kills him in self-defense by pushing him down the well.

Or so I thought.

It turns out he actually survived the plunge but, when he returns home, he is promptly arrested by the police for killing his father. 27 years later, Henry Bowers is in a mental asylum but breaks out with the help of It, or, more specifically, his dead buddy that died in the middle of the first film and drives a pristine muscle car.

Henry Bowers and zombie friend (I can’t be bothered to look up that guy’s name) do have a couple of scenes together and the zombie friend is the getaway driver of sorts. However, when Bowers is finally killed by Richie, the zombie friend and, more importantly, his pristine muscle car never shows up.

This really irked me because It/Pennywise could’ve used zombie friend to try to kill the Losers while they were all walking around that desolate town. I mean, why put all of his eggs on Henry Bowers getting the job done when he can send an undead killer to run them over with the super-powerful car? For an interdimensional conquerer of worlds, It can be very, very stupid and shortsighted!

Question #4: Was Pennywise really a clown in a carnival? Or was it just a lie?

I am kind of disappointed with the reveal that It is your generic alien who like eating people. Whenever something is spelled out to you and there’s no mystery left, it just seems to suck out the mystique of the character. For some crazy reason, however, they try to confuse things by adding something to the mystery of Pennywise.

I the first trailer, they have Beverly Marsh returning to her old home to retrieve the token. She talks to the old lady that is presumably now living in her former apartment. It’s all a trick by Pennywise, though. The apartment building has long been abandoned and what Beverly Marsh is just an illusion.

While Beverly was talking to the “woman,” the elder woman talked about her father who worked in the carnival. Beverly then spies a photo of the woman’s “father” who looks strangely like Pennywise. When she tries to escape, Beverly sees the “father” putting on some clownish makeup as a final taunt.

So, how much of this story is true? It’s easy to blow it off as an elaborate backstory that Pennywise dreamed up but… why? In the previous film, it’s shown that Pennywise does appear in older photos, showing how long the creature has lived in Derry. Why would there be a need to show him putting on clown makeup and why would that be frightening? It also makes me wonder if this is how Pennywise decided to go with the entire “dancing clown” gimmick to get close to children. I would like an explanation to this, please!

Question #5: How did Mike know all of their contact information?

At the end of It: Chapter 1, the Loser make a pact to return to Derry if It/Pennywise returns. This is why Mike calls the rest of the Losers at the start of It: Chapter 2 some 27 years later. The instant that he calls them, each of the Losers have some of their memories of their time in Derry come rushing back.

Now, tell me the heck how does Mike know each and everyone’s cellphone number?

I mean, it’s not like they kept in touch because the film specifically mentions that the people who leave Derry start forgetting things about the atrocities of the town. Not only that, Mike has all of their personal cellphone numbers, even the now celebrity Richie and the uber-rich architech Ben! Is no one screening these important people’s calls?

Besides that, how many people do you know that still have their old numbers? That number is very, very low so I’m guessing Mike is really, really, really good at stalking people on the Internet as he manages to call all of the Losers in one night without doing a lick of research! You even see him crossing out the people he called on a freaking yellow pad, that doesn’t have a single erasure from updating numbers, mind you!

BONUS: How did the other kid pick Joe in Street Fighter 1?

Probably only Street Fighter fans noticed this huge goof. During Richie’s flashback, he’s shown playing against another kid with Street Fighter 1. Richie’s Ryu loses to the other kid’s… Joe?

It is literally impossible to pick Joe in the first Street Fighter 1! Yes, it was a 2-player game but the second player will always be Ken, who is basically a palatte swap of Ryu! Joe and the rest of the roster are computer controlled characters! Yet It: Chapter 2 clearly shows Richie losing to another kid’s Joe!

You would think a multi-million movie production would’ve at least did their research on the video game they wanted to put on the big screen!


Have any other questions you have after watching It: Chapter 2? Let me know in the comments section below!

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