Five Inconsequential Questions from Captain Marvel

So… did anyone else watch Captain Marvel?

No, I’m actually kind of curious as there are so many people on the Internet claiming that they won’t see it for political/personal/ethical reasons. Yet I’m seeing reports that the film already made around $20 million in the United States from early screenings and made over $150 million over the weekend that neck of the woods. I will say that I didn’t contribute anything to that figure as I’m in the Philippines; I’m one of the shlubs that helped it make $1.7 million in the Philippines. I’ve already gave my thoughts on Captain Marvel and I thought it was just fine. It wasn’t the worst movie I’ve seen from Marvel nor was it the worst (That “honor” goes to Thor: The Dark World). But I will say it’s somewhere in the bottom of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But since the film has been out for a good number of days, I’m assuming the people who wanted to see it have already seen it and the people who aren’t going to see it aren’t going to anytime soon. So, I’m assuming that everyone’s okay if I start talking SPOILERS and discuss some of the more inconsequential questions from Captain Marvel!

How did Mar-Vell get the Tesseract into her alien Kree spaceship?

I’m honestly really frustrated about this because it doesn’t make a whole lick of sense to me. Let’s talk about the history of the Tesseract before I go rant about this plot thread…

The Tesseract is a powerful object that houses one of the Infinity Stones. Odin managed to get his hands on it but he left it on Earth because… reasons. Anyway, some Nordic dudes protect it until Red Skull comes across it and he uses it to create all sorts of fancy weapons for Hydra. Captain America comes along and he stops Red Skull but both he and the Tesseract sink to the bottom of the Artic. Howard Stark, trying to find Cap rediscovers the Tesseract as seen in a post credits scenes from, what else, Captain America.

And then Stark gives the Tesseract… to Mar-Vell?

Look, I can buy that Mar-Vell went undercover on Earth as Dr. Wendy Lawson and managed to slip past all the background checks necessary to join a top-secret organization like Project Pegasus. I can also suppose she managed to convince the top brass to use the Tesseract to power whatever lightspeed engine she was developing. I’m fine with all of that.

But how the heck did she manage to con the government, who know about the destructive power of the Tesseract, to bring it off base? I mean, she got approval for the test flight with Carol Danvers, didn’t she? That means the people behind Project Pegasus knows that the Tesseract isn’t on the base! How the heck did she even sneak one of the most powerful artifacts in the known world out of the top secret facility without raising a few eyebrows?

Speaking of aliens staying in Project Pegasus…

Was Goose the Cat living in the Project Pegasus base all this time?

Most everyone agrees, well, the ones that went to see Captain Marvel anyway, that Goose the Cat is adorable. But the way he’s introduced does bring up a rather odd and inconsequential question…

During the middle of the film, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers and Nick Fury infiltrate the Project Pegasus facility. While searching for Dr. Wendy Lawson, the duo comes across one of the most adorable creatures of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Goose the Cat.

But it is kind of odd that Goose is just running around an off-the-books secret facility. What makes that doubly odd is that Goose isn’t your typical cat. Heck, he isn’t even a cat at all! Goose is actually a Flerken, an alien creature that can swallow practically anything whole with its tentacle-laced mouth!

It’s probably safe to assume that Goose the Cat/Flerken was actually Mar-Vell’s pet or something along those lines. But with her alter-ego’s passing, why is Goose the Cat still on the Project Pegasus floor, let alone running around freely? If they thought Goose was just a regular cat, how come no one adopted him? If they knew he was a Flerken which, let me remind you, eats anything and everything, how come it’s still alive? They would’ve tried to kill this kitty for the past six years since Dr. Wendy Lawson’s passing!

Speaking of this six year gap…

What was the Kree plan regarding Carol Danvers’ Tesseract powered body?

As Captain Marvel is an origin story, the film explains how Carol Danvers got her superpowers and, like most Marvel heroes, it’s from something radioactive… sorta.

Blasted by radiation? How cliche!

During the test flight of the lightspeed engine, Mar-vell and Carol Danvers run afoul the Kree, specifically Yon-Rogg, as they want to get the device for themselves. Danvers shoots the lightspeed engine and the resulting explosion engulfs her body. But, like all superheroes, the radiation doesn’t kill her or give her cancer. Instead, she’s infused by the Tesseract’s energy. Yon-Rogg then decides to put a power dampener on her and train her as a Kree soldier for six years… which makes sense why?

I would understand if the Kree took Danvers in an attempt to extract the Tesseract energy from her. Maybe even use her as some kind of energy source. But no. For some strange reason, they decide to give her Kree blood and train her to fight… but not to use her full power. Once again, why? If their goal was to make her a super Kree, shouldn’t they have been training her to use her full potential? Also, this makes them and especially the “Supreme Intelligence” just idiots as they basically trained their greatest enemy to kick their asses!

Speaking of the Kree…

What happened to most of the Kree in present time?

Captain Marvel is set during the ’90s, making this the second film chronologically in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To cement this home, the film has a lot of ’90s nostagia and music… and a young looking Nick Fury and Phil Coulson.

Anyway, during this period, the Kree are implied to be one of the most powerful races in the galaxy. However, in present time, as seen in the first Guardians of the Galaxy, the Kree are almost nonexistent. The only Kree you see Guardians of the Galaxy are Ronan the Accuser and Korath. No
Yon-Rogg. No Supreme Intelligence. Nada.

So what happened? Did something happen? I guess Captain Marvel did say she was going to take them all down but we didn’t see that in the film. Maybe it happened during the years in between the time periods. But, if that were the case, how come Ronan and Korath are still running free? I would assume that Ronan would’ve proactively hunted Captain Marvel down because she got Tesseract powers and she was escorting dozens of Skrulls across the galaxy to find a home!

Speaking of Skrulls…

How did the Skrull refugees survive on Mar-Vell’s warship for six years without supplies?

I will admit, I liked the twist that the Skrulls are actually innocents being hunted down by the superior Kree. It’s not “SHIELD has been Hydra all this time” level but it was unexpected and I like that.

As the Skrulls are just fighting to survive and not the terrorists the Kree claim they are, Mar-Vell sneaks a few Skrull refugees on her warship. She was developing the lightspeed engine for them so they could find a new homeworld. Obviously, being killed by Yon-Rogg put a damper on that plan and the Skrull families were stuck on Mar-vell’s ship for six whole yea… are you kidding me?

Look, I have no real information about Skrull physiology. I don’t know if they need to eat and drink or even breathe an atmosphere. But six whole years without any new supplies? How is that even possible? Even if the ship had replicator technology like in Star Trek, I think six years is still a long time, especially without outside contact! Are you telling me no one even tried to find out what happened to Mar-Vell, their benefactor? What a bunch of dicks!

BONUS: Where can I get a Flerken?

Look, I know they’re deadly and can eat me at a moment’s notice. But look at how cute it is!

Who wouldn’t want one of those adorable things in their house? And they’d be great for security for your home as well! Who’s the cutest devourer of intruders? Yes, you are! Yes, you are!

Any other inconsequential questions you have after watching Captain Marvel? Let me know in the comments section below!


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