Episode 297: Five Superstar the WWE Need to Push


I may be a die-hard professional wrestling and WWE fan but, at the same time, I can be their harshest critic. The WWE has really made more than just a few bonehead moves over the years. I may be glad to see Roman Reigns back in the ring but I still can’t fathom why the WWE spent so much time trying to push The Big Dog as the face of the company when the fans didn’t want him then. We also have veteran Superstars like Kofi Kingston making the most of a golden opportunity in both a Gauntlet match and a stunning performance in the Elimination Chamber only to get pushed aside for a returning Kevin Owens.

This is nothing new as it took a lot of time for the WWE to acknowledge that the fans wanted to see someone like Becky Lynch rise to the top. Like with Becky Lynch, they eventually recognize what the WWE Universe wants but she seems to be the exception to the rule. There are so many Superstars that have languished in the midcard. So much so that any early potential they might have had has been snuffed out from lack of exposure.

So, with Wrestlemania looming over our heads, I’d like to take some time to mention some of the WWE Superstars that the WWE should push after The Showcase of the Immortals. After all, they’ll need some time for the scripwriters WWE Creative to work in the stories, right?

Sonya Deville

Why is she the sidekick to Mandy Rose when she should be the star?

It seems only fair to start with the female WWE performers as the hype for the division is reaching never before seen heights as of late thanks to Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch. The sad side effect to this is how some of the women Superstars have to be relegated to jobber status. It’s the jobber’s fate to be fed to the bigger and more popular Superstars to lose. Unfortunately, one of those poor souls is Sonya Deville, which is a damn shame because she’s got the tools to be a huge star.

Sonya Deville, well, there’s just something unique about her and the WWE isn’t capitalizing on it. I’m not even going to mention that she’s the company’s first ever lesbian on the roster. It’s also not her being a former MMA practitioner in the WWE since that’s not all that special anymore as well. What she does have is a rather unique look. She looks like someone you don’t want to tangle with in a fight! I’m sure she’s a nice gal but that’s not something she should portray on screen. I say let her run loose a little bit instead of playing second fiddle to Mandy Rose and let her be the badass she can be.

The Riott Squad

Ahh, The Riott Squad. What wasted potential.

When the came into the scene, The Riott Squad was a force to be reckoned with. The idea that they were delinquents who caused chaos because they liked it. Sure, it isn’t all that original as there have been wrestling stables that have done this kind of thing before (and done it much better). But it was different because it was a trio of females that were doing the delinquent acts this time around.

The Riott Squad could be so much better if the WWE actually differentiated them a little bit. This is precisely why I’m devoting an entire slot to them: they don’t feel distinct enough. They do look unique from each other but they could be much different. Make Liv Morgan the hyper crazy one all the time. Give Sarah Logan the enforcer job (and actually make her seem scary like, at the very least, Tamina scary) and Ruby Riott the leader but not under beating her fellow teammates around. Do this and they’ll get a better crowd reaction

“Glorious” Bobby Roode

With a gimmick and entrance like that, how is he languishing in the midcard?

I don’t understand why the WWE would force a fantastic singles wrestler to form a tag team with someone for no reason. Whenever they do this, it might mean that the Superstar is already past his prime and needs someone to carry the workload so he won’t get too banged up. Then we have the likes of “Glorious” Bobby Roode who WWE Creative have no idea what to do with so they stick him in a tag team.

The biggest problem I see with how the WWE is pushing “Glorious” Bobby Roode isn’t because he’s in a tag team with Chad Gable and he has little chemistry with. No, the issue I have is insisting that he’s a good guy. With a gimmick like that, “Glorious” Bobby Roode should be one of the best bad guys in the WWE’s roster! I get that the fans are backing him because of the awesome gimmick but they should still make him be a heel! Get him to turn on Chad Gable and get him to go after the Intercontinental Championship or something, stat!

Titus Worldwide

It’s sad that the name will always be linked to that hilarious slide during the Greatest Royal Rumble. Sad… but funny!

I do have to hand it to Titus O’Neil for sticking it out and trying to make something out of that unfortunate mishap. But since the WWE isn’t doing anything remotely good with Titus Worldwide, all that effort is for naught. The sad thing is Titus O’Neil and his partner, Apollo Crews, has some legit talent! O’Neil is pretty good at giving promos, something Crews isn’t good at. Crews has the athletic ability and can do amazing stuff in the ring, something Crews can’t do. Together, they should have been taking Titus Worldwide worldwide! But, like I said, the WWE aren’t doing anything with them and it looks like they have no plans for them in the future as well.

One thing they can do is “expand” Titus Worldwide. New wrestlers should join the group to make it a legitimate stable. The WWE should also consider making them something like the modern day APA (Acolyte Protection Agency) by making them guns for hire for other wrestlers. After all, Titus Worldwide is concerned with making money, right? So, restructuring the group into a team that’s willing to take a hit for other wrestlers wiling to pay them would work for them. This, in turn, will give them more screen time and legitimize them a little bit if they can take the beatings.

Dana Brooke

Speaking of Titus Worldwide, what about their former analyst? She was a dangerous competitor in her NXT days! What the heck happened?

When I first saw Dana Brooke, she looked like one of the most fearsome women on the NXT roster. She had it all. She had enough power to lift her opponents off the mat with ease. She had the crazy athletic prowess in that she could cartwheel without using her arms for leverage. Dana Brooke looked like she could do anything. Yet, when she made it to the main roster, she slowly became a joke.

I do think that the WWE can still push Dana Brooke as that one monster heel in the women’s roster. One thing they’d have to do is give her that old monster persona back. Right now, all I can see when I look at Dana Brooke is the loser she’s been booked as. They can turn that around by prominently showing that she has the power and agility to take out other female wrestlers without breaking a sweat. Make her more focused on winning and the fans should get behind her soon.


Are there any other personal favorites you think the WWE is underutilizing? Let me know who they are in the comments section below!

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